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SELWOOD D150R CC PERKINS 403D 15 Operating amp Service Manual The products of Selwood Limited are designed developed and produced in the company s Chandler s Ford factory Many features are covered by worldwide patents Product names such as Spate Simplite and Seltorque are registered trademarks As all products are subject to continuous development the company reserves the right to alter


Selwood D150R CC Manual,volumes of liquid These lines must be isolated. and drained down before commencing work, SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Sudden release of this liquid can cause serious. injury to an operator either directly or indirectly. through the rotational motion it can induce,WARNING 15 WARNING Delivery hose and any. ALL ITEMS IN THIS SECTION IF NOT STRICTLY,associated pipe work should be capable of. OBSERVED COULD RESULT IN SEVERE, withstanding the maximum system operating pressure.
PERSONAL INJURY OR LOSS OF LIFE,Selwood recommend the minimum pressure rating of. 10Bar hose Suction hose should be of the non, 1 Use only lifting equipment of suitable capacity for collapsible variety. the size and weight of the equipment being lifted,2 The equipment must always be lifted using safe. working practices and in accordance with any 16 WARNING The pump should only be. local and national guidelines or statutes It is operated within the speed and pressure limits. intended for guidance only If in doubt consult detailed in Section 2 of this manual. Selwood Pumps or a local lifting expert, 3 Whilst lifting the unit keep personnel well away 1 If there is a danger of freezing the fluid normally. and never allow people underneath retained within the pump between operating. cycles should be drained off through the drain tap. 4 Personnel working on the pump must always wear provided. clean correctly fitting clothing and safety footwear. Clothing impregnated with oil or fuel can constitute. a health hazard through prolonged contact with 2 WARNING Never start or run the pump. the skin and may also constitute a fire hazard against a closed delivery valve except the pump. 5 Check the type of liquid that the pump has been non return valve Failure to comply may result in. employed on before working on them Residues damage to the unit or personal injury. could be hazardous to your health If in doubt,flush thoroughly with clean water before.
commencing work 3 WARNING Noise level at operator, 6 Rotating equipment presents a hazard in itself position Start Panel is over 80 dB A Hearing. Alert surrounding personnel before starting and protection must be worn at all times within the. post notifications whilst in operation canopy when the unit is running Failure to comply. may result in hearing damage or loss,7 Moving parts are guarded to protect you Guards. removed for maintenance must be replaced before,starting the pump. 8 Never insert anything into the pump body whilst,the pump is running and the suction or delivery. hoses are disconnected, 9 Use all flange bolt holes and ensure the correct.
bolt size and quality is utilised when connecting,suction and delivery hoses. 10 Collapsible hoses must never be used on the,suction side of the pump. 11 Keep the hose end suction area free from debris. Although the pump can handle solids up to the, size indicated in the Technical Data section of this. manual larger or irregular solids may cause,blockage with damage to pump components. 12 Always allow adequate ventilation for the pump,driver Diesel engines require air for both.
combustion and cooling This air must never be,allowed to re circulate. 13 Be aware of burn and fire risks from items such as. exhaust pipes and silencers Never place,flammable items around the unit. 14 Liquid pressure may still be present even after. shutdown of the pump Particular attention should,be paid to delivery lines that are long or rise. through any height as these can contain large,Selwood D150R CC Manual. 5 4 3 Bearings 19,SELWOOD D150R CC PERKINS 5 4 4 Main Shaft 20.
5 5 Chassis Maintenance 20,403D 15 5 6 Canopy Canopy Removal 20. 5 7 Canopy Fuel Tank Removal 20,5 8 Canopy Fuel Tank Refitting 21. CONTENTS 5 9 Pump removal 21,5 10 Engine removal 21. 5 11 Engine pump re fitment 21,Title Page 5 12 Canopy Canopy Refitting 21. 6 WORKSHOP TOOLS 22,6 1 Care of Servicing Tools 22.
Safety Precautions 2,7 USE OF SERVICE TOOLS 22, 1 GENERAL INFORMATION 4 7 1 Fitting of Actuator Neck Seal 22. 1 1 Installation 4 7 2 Removal of Mechanical Seal Stationary. 1 2 Operation 4 Seat and Joint Ring 22, 1 3 Maintenance 4 7 3 Removal of Linear Bearing Seal Assembly 23. 1 4 I C Engines 4 7 4 Fit Air Pump Pedestal with Seals to Air. 1 5 Fitting Instructions for Centaflex Couplings Pump Bearing Housing 23. Diesel Engines 5 7 5 Remove Pedestal Bush 23, 1 5 1 Preparation of the Centaflex Coupling for 7 6 Fit New Pedestal Bush 23. Pump Removal 5 7 7 Impeller Spacer Removal 24, 1 5 2 Centaflex Coupling Assembly Sequence 5 7 8 Fit New Mechanical Seal Stationary Seat. 1 5 3 Replacement of the Steel Hub and and Joint Ring 24. Rubber Element 5, 1 6 Selwood D150R CC Data 6 8 FAULT FINDING GUIDE 25.
2 ROUTINE MAINTENANCE 6 9 PARTS LIST 29,9 1 Air Pump Drive Assembly 1502021000 29. 3 LUBRICATION AND FASTENING TORQUES 7 9 2 Air Pump Parts 1502021000 31. 3 1 Pump Lubrication 7 9 3 Delivery Valve Parts 1589107000 33. 3 1 1 Commissioning Period 7 9 4 Bearing Housing Assembly 1509295000 35. 3 1 2 After Commissioning Period 7 9 5 Separator Parts 1589162000 37. 3 1 3 Main Pump Bearings 7 9 6 Bearing Housing and Pedestal Assembly 39. 3 2 Fastening Torques 8 9 7 D150 Pump Unit 41, 4 CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY 8 9 8 D150 Close Coupled Pump Unit. 1511056000 43, 5 MAJOR SERVICING 9 9 9 D150R CC CORE BUILD 1511039000 45. 5 1 Air Pump Maintenance 9, 5 1 1 Delivery and Suction Valves 9 10 Plastic fuel tank assembly 1502478000 47. 5 1 2 Actuator Valve 9 11 D150R CC PERKINS 403D 15 Rapid. 5 1 3 Actuator Seal 9 Response 1511038000 49,5 1 4 Actuator Neck Seal 10.
5 1 5 Pedestal bush and Seals 10 12 2 WHEEL TRAILER ASSY 9729 00022 53. 5 1 6 Air Pump Mechanism 11,5 1 7 Eccentric Shaft 11 13 WIRING DIAGRAMS 56. 5 1 8 Lip Seal 12 13 1 Fast Tow Trailer Lighting Circuit 56. 5 1 9 Roller Bearings 12,5 1 10 Con Rod and Drive Rod 12. 5 1 11 Drive Belt 12,5 1 12 Drive Belt Tension 12,5 1 13 Air Pump Assembly 12. 5 2 Separator Maintenance 13,5 2 1 Float 13,5 2 2 Peel Valve 13. 5 2 3 Deposits of Solids 14,5 3 Impeller Mechanical Seal Wear Plate and.
Delivery Valve Maintenance 14,5 3 1 Impeller 14,5 3 2 Setting Impeller Clearances 15. 5 3 3 Mechanical Seal 15,5 3 4 Front Wear Plate 16. 5 3 5 Rear Wear Plate 16,5 3 6 Delivery Valve 17,5 4 Maintenance of Lip seals Headland V Seal. Bearings and Main shaft 18,5 4 1 Lip Seals 18,5 4 2 Headland V Seal 18. Selwood D150R CC Manual,2 Exhaust and Exhaust Pipes If there is a risk of.
1 GENERAL INFORMATION accidental contact by operators the exhaust. system should be lagged or screened and the,outlet directed away from operators or other. 1 1 Installation persons likely to be nearby Direct contact with. 1 The pump unit and its associated base plate or flammable materials of all types must be avoided. trolley mounting should be positioned on a firm The importance of adequate ventilation to ensure. horizontal platform and in the case of portable removal of exhaust fumes when engines are. units restrained from accidental movement operated in enclosed or covered accommodation. cannot be over stressed Engines should not be, 2 If the pump is fitted with push on type suction and run in hazardous explosive atmospheres. delivery spigots the hoses must be firmly secured, on these spigots with heavy duty clamps or clips 3 Access and Operation Ensure that the operator. capable of withstanding the system operating can start control and stop the engine easily by. pressure making all controls readily accessible Fit remote. controls if access is difficult Follow the, 3 The integrity of the hose clamping arrangements instructions laid down in the Engine. should be checked at regular daily intervals in the Manufacturer s Operators Handbook for starting. case of static installations or whenever the pump operating and stopping procedures. is repositioned in the case of portable units, 4 Fuel In addition to the fire hazard associated with.
4 Similar precautions should be taken with clamps fuel and lubricating oils preventative action is. securing multiple lengths of hose on installation necessary with respect to leakage contamination. where long delivery and suction lines are involved and bodily contact. 5 Delivery hose and any associated pipe work,should be capable of withstanding the maximum. system operating pressure Suction hose should,be of the non collapsible variety. 1 2 Operation,1 The pump should only be operated within the. speed and pressure limits detailed in this,operating handbook for the model in question. 2 If there is a danger of freezing the fluid normally. retained within the pump between operating, cycles should be drained off through the drain taps.
3 Where protective caps are used to prevent,damage to the suction and delivery spigots during. storage or in transit they must be removed before,the pump is started up. 1 3 Maintenance,1 Inspection and maintenance procedures are. detailed in the operating and servicing manual for. the model in question,2 Replacement parts Only the manufacturers or. factory approved components should be used as,replacement parts and where necessary they.
should be fitted with the assistance of the special. purpose tools indicated in the operating and,servicing manual. 3 All maintenance work must be carried out with the. pump and engine motor stationary,1 4 I C Engines,1 Where I C engines are used to power the pump. they have been mounted in accordance with the,engine manufacturers recommendations and. adequate guarding provided between the pump,and engine. Selwood D150R CC Manual,1 5 2 Centaflex Coupling Assembly.
1 5 Fitting Instructions for Sequence,Centaflex Couplings Diesel. 1 The capscrews connecting the back plate to the, Engines flywheel and the capscrews in the taper locking. IMPORTANT NOTES OBSERVE STRICTLY for the rubber element hub must all be tightened. to the torque given in the table below using a, The most likely component to require replacement will torque wrench. be the rubber element and servicing of this item is. explained in Section 1 5 3 below Centaflex Tightening Torque. Size Screw, The coupling assembly consists of a central steel hub Size. CM 0120 Nm mKp,whose outside diameter locates within a bore of a.
rubber element and is bonded to the element In turn FLYWHEEL M8 23 2 3. the rubber element locates onto horizontal pins, attached to the coupling back plate equally disposed. TAPER M6 9 5 0 95, on a PCD The cap screws in the rear of the central. hub incorporated in a taper locking sleeve are torque. tightened to the values shown in the table in Section 2 Tightening with a torque wrench is particularly. 1 4 2 below important Tightening by feel will not do as. experience has proved the tightening torques in,such cases are far too low Tightening torques. which are too low will inevitably lead to slackening. of the screws in service and consequently to the,destruction of the coupling. 1 5 3 Replacement of the Steel Hub and,Rubber Element.
1 If it becomes necessary to replace the rubber,element and hub the pump must be removed to. gain access to the six radial capscrews taper,locking the hub to the pump shaft Mark the hub. position on the pump shaft before removing, 2 If it becomes necessary to replace the steel back. plate and pins the pump must be removed to gain,access to the six radial capscrews securing the. backplate to the flywheel,1 5 1 Preparation of the Centaflex Coupling.
for Pump Removal,1 No preparation is required The rubber element. and central hub are locked to the pump shaft and,will be removed with the pump to gain access to. the hub taper locking capscrews,Selwood D150R CC Manual. line fittings associated with the pump should be,checked periodically for air tightness. 1 6 Selwood D150R CC Data 7 It is most important to use the correct fuel oil in the. engine Make sure that it is appropriate for the, Capacity max 315M h weather conditions summer or winter and that it.
69 290 UK gal h is clean and free from water and foreign matter. Delivery Head max 27m Unsatisfactory running performance excessive. 88 5ft wear and damage can all result from the use of an. Incorrect or contaminated fuel,Impeller Dia 231mm, 8 Periodically check the tension of all nuts and bolts. Self Priming Lift max 8 8m H20 especially those securing the engine and pump to. 29ft H20 the chassis, Solids Size max 45mm 9 Pump servicing must always be carried out in. 1 75in accordance with the instructions given in this. Air Handling Capacity manual Only components supplied and approved. Single 24l s by Selwood Ltd should be used It is advisable to. 50ft min hold a small stock of spare parts to cover. breakdown circumstances The Company will be, Pump Speed 1800rpm Max pleased to give advice in this connection. Port Size BS 4504 Table 6 150mm 10 Engine servicing must always be carried out in. 6in accordance with the instructions given in the,manufacturer s manual Do not hesitate to contact. 2 ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Selwood Ltd if the need for further advice arises. 11 Please contact Selwood Ltd in the event of,Lack of routine maintenance is the most frequent.
reason for the breakdown of pumps We earnestly experiencing difficulty when servicing The. advise users to ensure that at least the following company will also be very pleased to give advice. in connection with the machine s installation,actions are taken. operation and maintenance,1 Check these three oil levels daily. 12 All practical work must be carried out in, a Engine oil compliance with the Health and Safety at Work. b Air pump bearing housing oil Act 1975 Always start the engine in accordance. with the manufacturer s instructions,c Flushing chamber oil. NOTE If the above advice is followed the likelihood. 2 Always drain water from the pump in cold weather of an expensive break down will be greatly diminished. when it is not running Drain The pump should give a long and trouble free life if. a Pump body these measures are put into effect,b Delivery valve chamber.
c Both sides of air pump, 3 Do NOT run the pump if significant quantities of. water escape through the exhaust valve of the air,pump This pump is designed to handle moisture. laden air but not to pump a high percentage of,water Refer to servicing instructions for further. 4 Do NOT run the pump if malfunction is suspected,in any of its parts In particular it must. immediately be serviced if the level of oil in the. flushing chamber varies daily or if the oil becomes. contaminated with the pumped fluid, 5 A hose strainer should always be fitted to the free.
end of the suction line if there is a possibility of. oversized solids entering the pump The,dimensions of rocks pebbles etc must not. exceed 45mm Larger soft solids however of the, type found in abattoir duties for example will pass. freely through the pump Refer to Selwood Ltd if,in need of advice in this connection. 6 As loss of prime and indeed loss of on stream,performance can easily arise as the result of. leaking pipe work joints we recommend that all,Selwood D150R CC Manual.
3 LUBRICATION AND 3 1 1 Commissioning Period, FASTENING TORQUES Drain both pump chambers and engine within 100. running hours of commissioning either a new or rebuilt. pump and refill with new oil to dipsticks level mark. 3 1 Pump Lubrication Air Pump bearing housing 1 2litres. It is most important to maintain the correct levels of oil Mechanical seal chamber 1 8litres. in the flushing chamber and bearing housing and to and Oil Reservoir. ensure that the oil is of the recommended quality and. is free from contamination Selwood recommend the Engine sump Refer to Engine Instruction Book. use of the following BP Castrol or Shell products, which should be applied as per the following table In 3 1 2 After Commissioning Period. some territories the following grades may be known. under differing trade names please contact Selwood if If the pump is driven by a diesel engine the oil in both. problems occur in identifying the correct product pump chambers should be drained and renewed. simultaneously with the time schedule laid down by the. engine manufacturer Under no circumstances should, COMPONENT BP GRADE the period for the pump exceed 750 running hours. ENGINES Vanellus C5 Global, Bearing Housing BP Energrease LS EP2 3 1 3 Main Pump Bearings. Flushing Chamber C5 Global,1 Run pump to warm up bearings and keep running.
Actuator Bore Castrol Rustilo 431, Air Pump Bearing Hsg C5 Global 2 Remove 1 8 BSP vent plugs from bearing. Paper Gaskets BP Energrease LS EP2 housing, Axle Shafts BP Energrease LS EP2 3 Charge each grease point with 20 grams of BP. M10 Screws Port Plate Castrol Optimoly Paste Energrease LS EP2. to Diffuser HT, 4 Leave pump running for about 30 minutes to allow. COMPONENT SHELL GRADE any excess grease to escape through vents. ENGINES Rimula X 15w 40 5 Replace 1 8 BSP plugs, Bearing Housing Alvania EP LF 2 NOTE Do not exceed recommended quantities of. Flushing Chamber Rimula X 15w 40 grease as overheating will occur leading to. Actuator Bore Shell Ensis SDB premature bearing failure. Air Pump Bearing Hsg Rimula X 15w 40 If excess grease should cause overheating it will. Paper Gaskets Alvania EP LF 2 be necessary to remove the excess by first. Axle Shafts Alvania EP LF 2 removing the bearing covers see General. M10 Screws Port Plate Maintenance,No Shell equivalent.
to Diffuser Under normal conditions the bearing housing. DRAIN INTERVAL temperature should be sufficient to maintain hand. COMPARTMENT CHANGE,Engine Sump Isuzu 250 Hours Daily. Air Pump Bearing,750 Hours Daily,Flushing Chamber 750 Hours. Actuator Bore,Impeller Bore,Shaft Sleeve Bore,Paper Gaskets. Axle Shafts 6 12,Axle Pivot Assembly,M10 Screws Port Plate ON. to Diffuser ASSEMBLY,Selwood D150R CC Manual,3 2 Fastening Torques.
Failure to tighten threaded fasteners correctly can. easily lead to assembly breakdown It is very, important therefore when carrying out the instructions. in this manual to achieve the appropriate tensioning. torques In some cases specific requirements are, described in the instructions which must always be. implemented The following torques in particular,must be applied. Item Torque lbf ft,M12 Actuator capscrew 81 3 60,M12 Air pump inner body to 95 0 70. pedestal capscrew,M16 Impeller to shaft capscrew 122 0 90.
3 Torque all fasteners as follows unless otherwise. Diameter Torque Nm lbf ft,M6 11 7 8 6,M8 28 20 7,M10 56 41 3. M12 98 72 3,M16 244 180,4 CONDITIONS OF, For a period of twelve months from delivery of any. Selwood pump to the first user thereof or eighteen. months from the despatch of any such pump by,Selwood whichsoever period is the shorter Selwood. will repair or at its option replace any component. which in the opinion of Selwood has failed due to,defective workmanship or materials. For full terms and conditions please contact Selwood. Selwood D150R CC Manual,and nuts by sequentially turning each screw a.
small amount until they are all fully tensioned, 5 MAJOR SERVICING NOTE It is important that the outer diameter of the. actuator seal should be evenly clamped,5 1 Air Pump Maintenance. 5 1 3 Actuator Seal, 5 1 1 Delivery and Suction Valves A further reason for the pump set failing to prime. efficiently or to handle the expected volume of air could. Failure of the pump set to prime quickly or to discharge. be a faulty actuator seal, the expected volume of air may simply be due to faulty. valve operation To inspect and service proceed as follows. To inspect and service proceed as follows 1 Remove outer pump body complete with delivery. valve assembly Remove actuator screw,1 Remove air hose single prime item from suction.
valve box after loosening relevant hose clips 2 Set actuator to top dead centre maximum. distance from inner pump body by rotating, 2 Note the orientation of the suction valve box and engine shaft with starting handle Using a tool that. exhaust cover before commencing Remove will not cut the rubber such as a blunt. exhaust cover and suction valve box by releasing screwdriver and a lubricant soap solution. nuts and spring washers remove actuator seal by prising it from the inner. NOTE The above actions allow the condition of the pump body. two valve rubbers to be checked Do NOT attempt to,3 Remove actuator complete with seal from drive. remove valve studs If valve rubbers are damaged, replace with new components Pull old valves off stud. heads and discard 4 To renew actuator seal, 3 Check and if necessary clean valve seats in a Remove the failed component from the. outer pump body and valve box Smear heads actuator. and grooves of studs with soft soap and push on b Insert firstly one side and then the other into. new valves ensuring that they seat correctly the actuator groove using a blunt tool that will. 4 The valve assemblies can now be replaced by not cut the rubber. reversing Instructions 1 and 2 of this procedure It NOTES The seal is handed and will not enter the. is advisable to fit new gaskets inner pump body if fitted the wrong way round The. correct assembly position for actuator seal is with the. 5 1 2 Actuator Valve smaller diameter of its conical outer surface towards. the inner pump body It will be seen that the housing. Another reason for the pump set failing to prime in the body is tapered in the same direction as the. efficiently or to handle the expected volume of air external surface of the seal. could be malfunction of the actuator valve,5 At this stage it is advisable to examine the.
To inspect and service proceed as follows condition of actuator neck seal This component. 1 Remove nuts spring washers washers and should be replaced if any splits are evident on its. screws allowing outer pump body to be removed visible surface Refer to Section 5 1 4 Actuator. complete with attached delivery valve assembly Neck Seal. The actuator valve may now be examined If it 6 Smear soft soap on the outside section of new. fails to seat efficiently on actuator or is in any way actuator seal Lightly grease actuator bore. damaged it should be pulled off the actuator nut Position actuator seal assembly on drive rod. and discarded locate actuator screw and tighten to 60lb ft 8 3kgf. 2 Whilst the actuator valve is removed it is m torque. advisable to examine the condition of the valve 7 Replace actuator valve if removed first smearing. seat in the actuator and also to check the security soft soap on the conical end and groove of. of the actuator screw This should be checked actuator screw The new valve should be eased. and tightened to 60lbf ft 8 3kgf m torque into position by hand. 3 To replace actuator valve 8 Before fitting outer pump body reciprocate the. a Smear soft soap on the conical end and actuator by fitting and rotating the engine s starting. groove of actuator screw handle about ten times to encourage centralisation. of the connecting rod bearings During this, b Ease new valve rubber into position ensuring procedure the actuator seal is likely to rotate. that it seats correctly slightly in the inner pump body Stop shaft. NOTE It is advisable to examine the condition of rotation when actuator is at bottom dead centre. actuator seal whilst it is exposed Refer to Section minimum distance from inner pump body. 5 1 3 Actuator Seal for servicing instructions 9 Seat outside section of actuator seal in inner. 4 To replace outer pump body assembly fit and pump body recess by gently tapping with a non. evenly tighten screws washers spring washers metallic mallet. Selwood D150R CC Manual, 10 Replace outer pump body assembly and fit and ordered and fitted in accordance with the following. evenly tighten screws washers spring washers instructions. and nuts by sequentially turning each screw a, 5 To replace Pedestal bush carefully remove circlip. small amount until they are all fully tightened It is. allowing seal components to be pushed from, important that the outside diameter of the actuator. pedestal with blunt punch or drift from bearing,seal should be clamped evenly.
end The drive rod bearing can now be removed,using bearing drift Part No 0015168000 and the. 5 1 4 Actuator Neck Seal new component pressed into position so that one. face is flush with base of bearing location within. Another reason for the pump set failing to prime the pedestal. efficiently or to handle the expected volume of air. could be failure of the actuator neck seal 6 Ensure that seal components are assembled in. accordance with the following instructions,To investigate and service proceed as follows. a The wiper seal is first assembled to the seal,1 Remove outer pump body complete with delivery. carrier using wiper seal insertion tool Part,valve assembly and actuator with actuator seal as. No 0010103000 with wiper lip uppermost, directed in Section 5 1 3 Actuator Seal Instructions.
1 and 2 b Then lubricate seal housing and press in. internal distributor seal with lip nearest,2 Release hose clip allowing air hose to be. bearing Push into place with seal carrier, disconnected from suction valve box Screws together with wiper seal and the whole. should then be removed leaving washers in the pressed into place with the wiper seal. inner pump body insertion tool Part No 0010103000 Care. 3 The inner pump body can now be pulled by hand must be exercised when replacing circlip to. from the air pump bearing housing if necessary ensure that the lip of the wiper seal is not. twisting to overcome any tendency of the seal to damaged by the hand tools used Refer to. stick to the drive rod Remove and discard failed Section 5. 7 Before replacing air pump pedestal assembly, 4 Smear new actuator neck seal with soft soap to check condition of drive rod particularly if new. assist fitting position in inner pump body and push bush has been fitted If surface is significantly. both components over drive rod using assembly worn the drive rod should be replaced in. tool Part No 0015102000 smeared with soft accordance with instructions given in Section. soap Check that washers are in place and fit 5 1 10. and fully tighten screws The heads of these,8 Assembly tool Part No 0015101000 must be. screws should be fully contained within the,used when replacing bearing seal housing.
recesses in the inner pump body,assembly to ensure that the wiping edges of the. 5 Reassemble remaining components in seals are not damaged The drive rod must be. accordance with Actuator Seal 5 1 3 Instructions 6 smeared with clean oil to assist this procedure. to 10 inclusively See Section 6 5 Gasket must be renewed. Always use a component supplied by Selwood,Ltd Ensure that ports in the air pump pedestal. 5 1 5 Pedestal bush and Seals are in the 3 and 9 o clock positions. If oil leaks from ports in air pump pedestal it is 9 Reassemble remaining pump components in. probable that seals are excessively worn Such a accordance with Section 5 1 4 Actuator Neck Seal. condition may also indicate that pedestal bush should Instruction 4 and 5 1 3 Actuator Seal Instructions 6. be replaced to 10 inclusively, To inspect and service proceed as follows 10 Replace drain plug together with sealing washer. 1 Drain oil from air pump bearing housing by and refill bearing housing with clean oil to max. removing drain plug and sealing washer level on dipstick plug Refer to Section 3 1 Pump. Lubrication for details of the oil required for the air. 2 Remove air pump components in accordance with pump bearing housing. Section 5 1 3 Actuator Seal Instructions 1 and 2,and to Section 5 1 4 Actuator Neck Seal. Instructions 2 and 3, 3 Being careful not to damage the flat sealing faces.
of air pump pedestal carefully withdraw pedestal,complete with its bearing and sealing components. from the air pump bearing housing and drive rod, 4 Carefully remove circlip and withdraw seal carrier. complete with seal Remove seal from housing,Use bearing drift Service Tool 0015168000 to. push out Pedestal bush linear bearing Examine,condition of wiper and distributor seals together. with bearing If either are worn or damaged we,recommend that new seals and bearing should be.
Selwood D150R CC Manual,8 Remove four M6 hexagon head screws and spring. washers from bearing cover, 5 1 6 Air Pump Mechanism 9 Remove bearing cover and gasket discard. Should actuator fail to reciprocate when the pump is. running or if other abnormal conditions are suspected 10 Bend back tabs on lock washer and remove. the air pump mechanism should be immediately bearing locknut use C spanner 1590180000. inspected to minimise the risk of consequential 11 Remove tab washer. 12 Remove four M6 hexagon head screws and spring,Proceed as follows washers from bearing cover. 1 Drain oil from air pump bearing housing and 13 Remove bearing cover complete with lip seal. flushing chamber by removing drain plug and,sealing washer 14 Remove gasket and discard. 2 Remove air pump components in accordance with 15 Carefully pull shaft from housing complete with. Section 5 1 3 Actuator Seal and Section 5 1 4 circlip washer and inner race of bearing. Actuator Neck Seal Instructions 2 and 3 discard NOTE It may assist dismantling if panel is. actuator neck seal if it has failed removed Take great care not to damage shaft. 3 Being careful not to damage the flat sealing faces drive rod and bearings. of pedestal carefully withdraw pedestal complete 16 Remove con rod drive rod assembly and inspect. with bearing and sealing components from air bearing bushes. pump bearing housing and drive rod,17 Remove circlip and washer.
4 Carry out Section 5 1 7 Eccentric Shaft removal, Instructions 8 to 18 inclusively 18 Use a bearing puller to remove inner race of. bearing from shaft, 5 Carefully remove drive rod and connecting rod If. second priming pump is fitted repeat these Fitting. operations ensuring that the connecting rod 1 Apply a few drops of Loctite 641 to the shaft and. fulcrum pin and drive rod components are kept as slide inner race of bearing onto its seat. sets and can later be reassembled in their original. positions 4 Fit washer and circlip, 6 Examine condition of all components and renew 5 Carefully slide shaft and bearing assembly into. failed or significantly worn items A replacement housing through the con rod assembly and. connecting rod complete with bushes should be engage shaft end in bearing. ordered against sub assembly Part No 6 Fit tab washer engaging locating tab in shaft. 1589102000 groove, 7 To rebuild mechanism carry out Section 5 1 7 7 Fit bearing locknut and tighten with C spanner. Eccentric Shaft fitting Instructions 1 to 16 bend lock washer tab into groove. inclusively,8 Fit bearing cover with new gasket secure with.
four M6 hexagon head screws and spring,5 1 7 Eccentric Shaft washers. Removal 9 Fit bearing cover complete with lip seal and new. gasket secure with four M6 hexagon head screws,1 Remove air pump components in accordance with. and spring washers,Section 5 1 3 Actuator Seal instructions 1 and 2. and to Section 5 1 4 Actuator Neck Seal 10 Fit new gasket. instructions 2 and 3,11 Fit Service Tool 0015101000 to drive rod and. 2 Remove belt guard and pulley by releasing taper carefully lower the air pump pedestal complete. lock with seals and linear bearing over Locate,pedestal flange over dowels and secure with four.
3 Remove key,M8 hexagon socket head capscrews and spring. 4 Remove 3 8 BSP drain plug and sealing washer washers. drain and discard oil,12 Reassemble remaining air pump components in. 5 Remove four M8 hexagon socket head capscrews accordance with Section 5 1 4 Actuator Neck Seal. and spring washers instruction 4 and Section 5 1 3 Actuator Seal. instructions 6 to 10 inclusively,6 Use two M8 tapped holes in air pump pedestal. flange to jack off dowels 13 Refit key pulley taper lock bush and belt. 7 Carefully remove the air pump pedestal complete 14 Align pulley with pulley on main shaft and tighten. with seals and linear bearing remove and discard taper lock. gasket Take special care not to damage the drive,15 Refit belt guard. rod surface,16 Refill bearing housing with oil,Selwood D150R CC Manual.
5 1 8 Lip Seal 5 1 11 Drive Belt, Removal Another reason for the pump set failing to prime. efficiently or handle the expected volume of air could. 1 Remove drain plug and sealing washer drain and be the poor condition of the air pump drive belt or. discard oil pulleys, 2 Remove belt guard To investigate and service proceed as follows. 3 Release taper lock bush and remove with pulley 1 Remove air pump pulley guard. remove key,2 Remove one half of coupling guard,4 Remove four M6 hexagon head screws and spring. washers from bearing cover 3 Remove rubber coupling element. 5 Remove bearing cover complete with lip seal 4 Release taper lock bush on the air pump shaft. 6 Remove and discard gasket 5 Carefully remove belt and examine for tooth. damage and cracking If faulty replace with new,7 Pull lip seal from housing and discard belt. Fitting 6 Check pulleys for damage Change if required in. accordance with pulley manufacturers instructions, 1 Clean and lubricate seal housing Press in lip seal.
fully against abutment lip nearest the bearing 7 Thread the toothed belt between the flywheel plate. and pump shaft end and over the pulleys,2 Lubricate shaft sealing surface. 8 Line up air pump pulley with main shaft pulley and. 3 Fit new gasket on bearing cover and slide tighten the taper lock bush. assembly over shaft Engage spigot and align, screw holes 9 Check belt tension and adjust if necessary See. Section 5 1 12,4 Secure to bearing housing with four M6 hexagon. head screws and spring washers 10 Reassemble coupling and guards. 5 Refit key taper lock bush pulley and belt,5 1 12 Drive Belt Tension. 6 Align pulley with main shaft pulley and tighten,taper lock bush Required Tension.
7 Replace belt guard A load of 7 14N 3 0Ibf applied across the belt at mid. 8 Fill bearing housing with oil span should give a deflection at that point of 3 5mm. 0 12ins This may be measured using a spring,balance bar and dial indicator. 5 1 9 Roller Bearings, To investigate and service proceed as follows Adjustment. The belt tension is set by varying the distance between. 1 Remove air pump components in accordance with,pump and air pump shaft centres using shims. Section 5 1 3 Actuator Seal instructions 1 and 2, and Section 5 1 4 Actuator Neck Seal instructions Jacking screw holes are provided in the pump bearing. housing flanges to raise and lower the air pump during. adjustment,17 Remove air pump drive components in,accordance with Section 5 1 7 Eccentric Shaft.
removal instructions 1 to 18 inclusively,5 1 13 Air Pump Assembly. 18 Examine bearings for excessive wear and replace Sometimes it is more practical to service the air pump. both if either or both are worn away from the main pump assembly. 19 Fit new bearings to drive shaft and refit into To allow remote service proceed as follows. bearing housing in accordance with Section 5 1 7 1 Remove drive belt as directed in Section 5 1 11. Eccentric Shaft fitting instructions 1 to 16 Drive Belt instructions 1 to 5. inclusively,2 Disconnect separator hose and silencer hose. 20 Reassemble remaining air pump components in, accordance with Section 5 1 4 Actuator Neck Seal 3 Remove four M12 hexagon socket capscrews and. instruction 4 and Section 5 1 3 Actuator Seal spring washers. instructions 6 to 10 inclusively 4 Insert two screws in the tapped holes midway. along the pump bearing housing flanges and jack, 5 1 10 Con Rod and Drive Rod the air pump assembly off the dowels. 5 Retain shims and note positions, These items can only be purchased with the bearings.
finish machined and reamed 6 Carryout the relevant servicing required. To investigate and service use fitting and removal 7 Replace shims or reselect new shims by following. procedures Section 5 1 9 the adjustment procedure Section 5 1 12 Drive. Belt Tension,Selwood D150R CC Manual, 8 Fit air pump bearing housing flange over dowels 5 To fit new peel valve rubber. fit four spring washers and four M12 hexagon,a Carefully clean existing parts thoroughly. socket capscrews Pull the air pump down evenly,especially surfaces of port plate and clamp. 9 Reassemble belt as Section 5 1 11 bars and position new rubber on plate. 10 Check belt tension as Section 5 1 12 b Assemble screws clamp bar clamp bar seal. washer and nuts in sequence shown on,11 Refit guards and air pump hoses. drawing Alternately tighten each nut a small,amount to ensure that even clamping.
5 2 Separator Maintenance pressure is produced Correctly tightened. nuts will not cause the clamp bar to distort the,5 2 1 Float rubber. If water in significant quantities continuously passes 6 Carefully attach the ends of the valve rubber to. through the exhaust valve of the air pump it is the operating plate noting that the components. probable that the float is in need of replacement and method of assembly are identical to those. described in Instruction 5 of this Section except,To inspect and service proceed as follows. that clamp bar seal is omitted Again ensure that, 1 Disconnect air hose by loosening hose clip the nuts are not over tightened. 2 Remove nuts and washers and lift off separator 7 After completing Instructions 5 and 6 of this. cap complete with peel valve upper diffuser Section check that the peel valve rubber is. assembly capable of closing all of the air holes in port plate. when operating rod is square to the plate and fully. 3 Examine condition of float and replace with new lifted. component if punctured or significantly worn,8 Check condition of bush in upper diffuser and. 4 Check condition of peel valve rubber and bush,replace together with clip and nitrile washer if.
replacing them if necessary in accordance with,significantly worn. Section 5 2 2 Peel Valve Also check for deposits, of solids likely to interfere with the smooth working NOTE The operating rod is normally a slack fit in the. of the float system bush, 5 When fitting a new float ensure that it is securely 9 Position port plate sub assembly on upper. tightened against nut During this procedure the diffuser fit washers after checking that they will. float should be positioned on the rod so that the seal efficiently and fully tighten screws. operating plate with its associated peel valve Reassemble nut and screw float on to operating. fasteners is just clear of the central clamp bar rod and tighten securely in accordance with. screws when the float is located in the upper Section 5 2 1 Float Instruction 5. diffuser cone, 10 Recheck operation of peel valve rubber to ensure. 6 If all components are seen to be in satisfactory that it fully covers air ports in plate when the float. condition replace separator cap assembly is located in the upper diffuser cone In this. washers and nuts Alternately tighten each nut a position there should be a gap of. small amount to ensure that the cap is pulled 3 5 mm between the heads of the centre clamp. down evenly Do not over tighten Replace air bar screws and the operating plate If the. hose and re tension hose clip dimension is incorrect adjust position of float on. operating rod, 5 2 2 Peel Valve 11 Examine condition of gasket and renew if.
necessary before installing between port plate, If significant quantities of water are discharged from and separator cap Fit spring washers and. the exhaust valve of the air pump and the float is in screws each of which should be sequentially. satisfactory condition it is probable that a fault exists in turned a small amount until fully tightened. the peel valve assembly Gasket must be evenly compressed. To inspect and service proceed as follows 12 Replace separator cap sub assembly in. 1 Remove separator cap sub assembly to and accordance with Section 5 2 1 Float Instruction 6. unscrew float and nut,2 Release screws and spring washers to allow. upper diffuser valve assembly to be withdrawn,3 Remove screws and sealing washers to allow. upper diffuser to be removed from the port plate,sub assembly. 4 Examine condition of peel valve rubber and air,ports In plate which it should completely cover.
when the float is fully raised If the rubber does,not seat correctly is distorted or in any way. damaged it must be removed and discarded by,releasing screws. Selwood D150R CC Manual,must be replaced in accordance with Section 5 3 3. Mechanical Seal, 5 2 3 Deposits of Solids 2 Remove air hose item from separator cap after. loosening relevant hose clip, When handling liquids containing solids capable of.
adhering to product wetted surfaces it is advisable 3 Remove nuts and washers and lift off separator. periodically to check the valve system in the separator cap complete with peel valve upper diffuser. To inspect and service proceed as follows, 4 Lift separator body complete with lower diffuser off. 1 Remove separator cap sub assembly in suction tube. accordance with Section 5 2 1 Float Instructions 1. and 2 allowing separator body together with 5 Remove the twelve M12 nuts and spring washers. lower diffuser to be lifted off the suction tube joining the suction tube and volute. 2 Remove any deposits of scale from lower diffuser 6 Jack the suction tube away from the volute using. and check condition of welds securing its circular two M12 bolts in the two tapped holes in the. bottom to the perforated cylinder Remove any suction tube flange. solids that may have accumulated in the suction NOTE The suction tube and separator may be. tube renew gasket and reposition separator removed as an assembly with suitable lifting gear. body lower diffuser assembly on suction tube weight 84kg. 3 Remove deposited materials from surfaces of 7 Take care not to damage the shims O ring or. upper diffuser and note in particular condition of wear plate. welds securing cone and disc to perforated, diffuser body Also examine diffuser bush and 8 Release the M16 capscrew R H thread The. operating rod and replace if significantly worn in impeller may be held stationary by placing a piece. accordance with Section 5 2 2 Peel Valve of wood between an impeller blade and the. Instructions 3 to 11 Remove all deposited solids cutwater. that would interfere with the free movement of the NOTE Take care when disengaging the impeller. mechanism obstruct the passage of air across the capscrew as the compressed mechanical seal. port plate holes or inhibit the flow of water spring will push the impeller off the shaft. through the holes in the upper diffuser for,example 9 Remove the impeller complete with M16. capscrew impeller collar Dowty seal O ring and, 4 Once it is established that all components are in a the mechanical seal spring The impeller spacer. satisfactory condition and are free from scale O ring may also come away with the impeller. replace separator cap sub assembly in, accordance with Section 5 2 1 Float Instruction 6 10 Grease and fit a new spacer O ring.
Any re assembly work carried out on the peel 11 Engage mechanical seal spring on the rotating. valve assembly should be in accordance with face carrier. Section 5 2 2 Peel Valve commencing Instruction,1 12 Oil impeller bore. 13 Slide impeller onto shaft ensuring that the hub. passes inside the spring,5 3 Impeller Mechanical Seal. Wear Plate and Delivery Valve 14 Fit impeller collar with new O ring. Maintenance 15 Fit impeller,16 Fit M16 capscrew with a new greased Dowty. washer Apply Loctite Nutlock 242 to the thread,5 3 1 Impeller. 17 Compress mechanical seal spring and tighten, Generally speaking it is only necessary to remove the M16 capscrew to 90 lbf ft 122 Nm torque It is.
impeller if the existing component has become essential that this screw is correctly tensioned. severely abraded or if access to other rotating parts is During this operation it will be necessary to lock. required the impeller by means of a wooden block wedged. To remove and replace proceed as follows between the impeller blades and volute casing. Remove block after use,1 Drain oil from the mechanical seal chamber and. reservoir by removing the 3 8 BSP plug The 18 Check the impeller back clearance is 0 5mm For. condition of the oil will indicate whether or not the adjustment see Section 5 3 2 Setting Impeller. mechanical seal has been functioning correctly If Clearances instructions 1 to 4 inclusively. contamination is evident the mechanical seal 19 Inspect suction tube O ring and replace if. 20 Remove jacking screws from suction tube flange,Use lower Diffuser Part No 1594161000 for sludge. handling duties This is recognised by holes in the base as 21 Check the impeller front clearance is 0 5mm For. well as around the side adjustment see Section 5 3 2 Setting Impeller. Use lower Diffuser Part No 00 15 038000 for other Clearances instructions 5 to 12 inclusively. applications where no solids are present which can adhere to. the internal surfaces,Selwood D150R CC Manual, 22 Fit suction tube to volute with the necessary of fluid out of the breather cap Under extreme. shims and secure with twelve M12 nuts and conditions pumped fluid may be seen escaping out of. spring washers the vent at the bottom of flushing chamber. 23 Reposition separator body sub assembly on In the event of abrasive materials being detected in the. suction tube and fit separator cap assembly oil it is likely that lip seal will have become worn and. Assemble washers and nuts and alternatively necessitate replacement in accordance with Section. tighten each nut a small amount to ensure that the 5 4 1 Lip Seals. cap is pulled down evenly Do NOT over tighten, Daily checks on oil condition should ensure that seal. 24 Reposition air hose on spigot of separator cap failure is detected before damage occurs to related. and tighten hose clip components If the mechanical seal leaks proceed as. 25 Refill oil reservoir with 10W30 oil to dipstick level. 1 Remove impeller in accordance with Section 5 3 1. Impellor Instructions 2 to 9 inclusively,5 3 2 Setting Impeller Clearances.
2 Remove spacer complete with mechanical seal, General rotating element using Service Tool 1590170000. Clearances at the front and back of the impeller must engaged in the spacer slots. be maintained at 0 5mm maximum Increasing the 3 Remove impeller spacer shims from the shaft. clearance will result in loss of hydraulic efficiency and. reduced bearing life Both front and back clearances 4 Using seat removal tool Part No 0015166000. are established by shims withdraw mechanical seal stationary seat and. rubber ring from recess in mounting pedestal,Back Clearance. 5 The rotating parts of mechanical seal should now. This should be checked using feeler gauges with be discarded. access through volute discharge If adjustment is, required 6 Once removed examine condition of spacer and. replace with new component if unacceptably, 1 Remove impeller in accordance with Section 5 3 1 corroded or worn. Impellor instructions 1 to 9 inclusively,2 Remove spacer with the mechanical seal rotating.
face attached using Service Tool 1590170000 IMPORTANT ADVICE. engaged in the spacer slots,New mechanical seal components must. 3 Add or remove shims 0 25mm and 0 1mm to give be handled with great care in. the required clearance Ensure that the shims are particular the seal faces must not be. correctly seated on the shaft shoulder touched by hand and must only come. 4 Refit impeller in accordance with Section 5 3 1 into contact with clean soft paper that is. Impellor instructions 10 to 25 inclusively and free from abrasive materials. recheck clearance Premature seal failure is likely to occur. if this advice is not heeded,Front Clearance, 5 Remove the suction tube from the volute casing in 7 To replace the mechanical seal repair ring fitted. accordance with Section 5 3 1 Impellor from pump serial number 150SA 377 proceed as. instructions 1 to 6 inclusively follows, 6 Remove shims 8 To gain access to the seat remove lip seal. 7 Refit suction tube and front wear plate assembly components in accordance with Section 5 4 1 Lip. Seals instructions 1 to 11 inclusively,8 Lightly tighten four equi spaced M12 nuts on. 9 Remove the four screws that secure the repair, volute studs sufficiently to just nip the impeller.
ring to the pedestal Apply heat to the old repair, 9 Use feelers to measure the clearance between the ring to break down the Loctite retainer bond. suction tube flange and the volute Using a suitable drift or block of wood tap out the. 10 Calculate the shims required to give a maximum old repair ring. clearance of 0 5mm 10 Clean up the housing with Scotchbrite or similar. 11 Fit shims 0 25mm or 0 15mm taking care not to and apply Loctite retainer 638 to the new repair. damage the O ring ring, 12 Refit suction tube in accordance with Section 5 3 1 11 Insert the repair ring into the pedestal ensuring. Impellor instructions 22 to 25 inclusively that the screw holes are correctly aligned Apply. Loctite screwlock 222 to the four screws and,tighten evenly Leave for 15 30 minutes for the. 5 3 3 Mechanical Seal bond to begin curing and to reach handling. The mechanical seal should be replaced if the flushing. chamber oil continuously leaks into the pumped fluid. or if the oil becomes contaminated with the product. This latter condition is sometimes indicated by leakage.

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