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Welcome to Creating Intelligent Bots with Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise Audience Creating Intelligent Bots with Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise is intended for developers who want to use bots to automate user interactions with backend data Documentation Accessibility


Oracle Cloud Creating Intelligent Bots with Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise 18 2 5. Copyright 2018 Oracle and or its affiliates All rights reserved. Primary Author John Bassett, This software and related documentation are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on. use and disclosure and are protected by intellectual property laws Except as expressly permitted in your. license agreement or allowed by law you may not use copy reproduce translate broadcast modify. license transmit distribute exhibit perform publish or display any part in any form or by any means. Reverse engineering disassembly or decompilation of this software unless required by law for. interoperability is prohibited, The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error free If. you find any errors please report them to us in writing. If this is software or related documentation that is delivered to the U S Government or anyone licensing it on. behalf of the U S Government then the following notice is applicable. U S GOVERNMENT END USERS Oracle programs including any operating system integrated software. any programs installed on the hardware and or documentation delivered to U S Government end users are. commercial computer software pursuant to the applicable Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency. specific supplemental regulations As such use duplication disclosure modification and adaptation of the. programs including any operating system integrated software any programs installed on the hardware. and or documentation shall be subject to license terms and license restrictions applicable to the programs. No other rights are granted to the U S Government, This software or hardware is developed for general use in a variety of information management applications. It is not developed or intended for use in any inherently dangerous applications including applications that. may create a risk of personal injury If you use this software or hardware in dangerous applications then you. shall be responsible to take all appropriate fail safe backup redundancy and other measures to ensure its. safe use Oracle Corporation and its affiliates disclaim any liability for any damages caused by use of this. software or hardware in dangerous applications, Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and or its affiliates Other names may be trademarks of. their respective owners, Intel and Intel Xeon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation All SPARC trademarks are.
used under license and are trademarks or registered trademarks of SPARC International Inc AMD Opteron. the AMD logo and the AMD Opteron logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Advanced Micro. Devices UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. This software or hardware and documentation may provide access to or information about content products. and services from third parties Oracle Corporation and its affiliates are not responsible for and expressly. disclaim all warranties of any kind with respect to third party content products and services unless otherwise. set forth in an applicable agreement between you and Oracle Oracle Corporation and its affiliates will not be. responsible for any loss costs or damages incurred due to your access to or use of third party content. products or services except as set forth in an applicable agreement between you and Oracle. Audience ix,Documentation Accessibility ix,Conventions ix. 1 Overview,What Are Intelligent Bots 1 1,Why Use Oracle Intelligent Bots 1 1. 2 The Basics,Concepts 2 1,How Do I Create a Bot 2 1. 3 Quick Reference,Touring the Bot Builder User Interface 3 1. Managing Your Bots 3 3,4 The Sample Bots,Create an Intent 5 1.
Add Entities to Intents 5 4,Import Intents from a CSV File 5 6. Export Intents to a CSV File 5 7,Intent Training and Testing 5 7. Test Sets 5 7,The Intent Tester 5 7,Which Training Model Should I Use 5 12. Guidelines for Building Your Training Corpus 5 13,Reference Intents in the Dialog Flow 5 15. 6 Entities,Built In Entities 6 1,Simple Entities 6 2.
Complex Entities 6 2,Custom Entities 6 5,Custom Entity Types 6 5. Create Entities 6 6,Import Value List Entities from a CSV File 6 10. Export Value List Entities to a CSV File 6 11,Create a Composite Bag Entity 6 11. 7 The Dialog Flow Definition,The Dialog Flow Structure 7 1. How Do I Write Dialog Flows in OBotML 7 4,Dialog Flow Syntax 7 6.
Flow Navigation 7 9, Conifguring the Dialog Flow for Unexpected Actions 7 9. Accessing Variable Values with Apache FreeMarker FTL 7 12. User Scoped Variables 7 14,Defining User Scoped Variables 7 16. Getting the User Context 7 16,Test the Dialog Flow 7 17. 8 Localization,Resource Bundles 8 1,Create a Resource Bundle 8 1. Reference Resource Bundles in the Dialog Flow 8 3,Resource Bundle Entry Resolution 8 5.
Autotranslation 8 5,Enable Autotranslation 8 6,How Do I Add Q A 9 1. Create the Data Source File 9 4,The Data Source Guidelines 9 6. Managing Q A Modules and Data Sources 9 7,Adding More Data Sources 9 7. Editing the Q A Data Source Configuration Parameters 9 7. Adding Questions and Answers One by One 9 8,Editing Questions and Answers One by One 9 9. Exporting the Q A Data Set 9 11, Optimizing Your Q A Accuracy by Adding Abbreviations and Ignored Words 9 11.
Adding Ignored Words Synonyms and Abbreviations 9 12. Q A Testing 9 13,Single Unit Testing for Q A Matches 9 13. Creating the CSV File for Batch Testing 9 14,Batch Testing the Q A Module 9 14. Configuring the Dialog Flow for Q A 9 18,Creating a Bot with Intent and Q A Flows 9 19. Q A Dialog Examples 9 20,Configuring the Intent and Q A Routing 9 23. 10 Agent Integration,The Agent Integration Framework in Action 10 1.
Integrate the Bot with a Human Agent 10 1,Configure the Agent Integration 10 2. Configure the Dialog Flow for User Agents 10 2,11 Components. The Custom Component Service 11 1,Create a Service 11 2. How Do Custom Components Work 11 4,The Component Service 11 5. The Shell 11 5,The Registry 11 6,Component Modules 11 6.
The SDK 11 8,The Message Model 11 8, How Do I Implement the Component Service in AMCe 11 8. 12 Channels,Running Your Bot on Facebook Messenger 12 1. Step 1 Set Up Facebook Messenger 12 2,Step 2 Add the Facebook Keys 12 3. Step 3 Configure the Facebook Messenger Webhook 12 5. Step 4 Enable the Facebook Channel 12 8, Step 5 Testing Your Bot on Facebook Messenger 12 8. Running Your Bot on Other Messaging Services 12 9, Running Your Bot Within Client Messaging Apps and Web Pages 12 17.
The Client SDKs 12 18,The Client SDK for Android 12 18. The Client SDK for iOS 12 23,The Client SDK for JavaScript 12 31. 13 Quality Reports,How Do I Use the Data Quality Reports 13 1. Utterances 13 1,Run an Utterance Quality Report 13 2. Suggestions 13 5,History 13 6,How Do I Run a History Report 13 7.
14 Instant Apps,Creating an Instant App from Scratch 14 4. App Settings 14 4,Laying Out an Instant App 14 5,Panes 14 5. Elements 14 6,Events and Actions 14 25,App Events 14 26. Actions 14 28,Parameters 14 45, Using Brace Notation in Element and Parameter Values 14 47. Modes 14 48,Preview Mode 14 48,Test Mode 14 49,JSON 14 51.
Starting an Instant App from a Template 14 51,Instant App Lifecycle 14 52. Editing 14 52,Publishing 14 53,Deactivating 14 53,Deleting and Restoring 14 53. Exporting and Importing 14 54,15 Reference, Built In Components Properties Transitions and Usage 15 1. Control Components 15 1,System ConditionEquals 15 1. System ConditionExists 15 4,System Switch 15 4,Language 15 6.
System Intent 15 7,System MatchEntity 15 14,System DetectLanguage 15 16. System TranslateInput 15 16,System TranslateOutput 15 17. System Qna 15 17,Security 15 21,System OAuthAccountLink 15 21. User Interface Components 15 24,System Text 15 24,System List 15 27. System Output 15 32,System CommonResponse 15 35,System Interactive 15 53.
Agent Integration Components 15 57,System resolveEntities 15 58. Transitions 15 59,Message Handling for Output Components 15 60. Limiting the Number of User Prompts 15 63,Variable Components 15 64. System SetVariable 15 64,System ResetVariables 15 65. System CopyVariables 15 65,Apache FreeMarker Reference 15 65.
Built In String FreeMarker Operations 15 66, Example Improving the Confidence Level with Casing 15 67. Example Transforming Case with the System Switch Component 15 68. Example Concatenating FTL Expressions 15 69,Built In FreeMarker Number Operations 15 69. Built In FreeMarker Array Operations 15 70,Example Iterating Arrays 15 73. Built In FreeMarker Date Operations 15 73,Example Extracting Dates from User Input 15 75. Example Setting a Default Date When No Date Value Is Set 15 76. The SDK Helper Methods 15 79,Navigation with keepTurn and transition 15 82.
The Custom Component Payload 15 85, Welcome to Creating Intelligent Bots with Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud. Enterprise, Creating Intelligent Bots with Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise is intended. for developers who want to use bots to automate user interactions with backend data. Documentation Accessibility, For information about Oracle s commitment to accessibility visit the Oracle. Accessibility Program website at http www oracle com pls topic lookup. ctx acc id docacc,Access to Oracle Support, Oracle customers that have purchased support have access to electronic support. through My Oracle Support For information visit http www oracle com pls topic. lookup ctx acc id info or visit http www oracle com pls topic lookup ctx acc id trs. if you are hearing impaired,Conventions, The following text conventions are used in this document.
Convention Meaning, boldface Boldface type indicates graphical user interface elements associated. with an action or terms defined in text or the glossary. italic Italic type indicates book titles emphasis or placeholder variables for. which you supply particular values, monospace Monospace type indicates commands within a paragraph URLs code. in examples text that appears on the screen or text that you enter. What Are Intelligent Bots, It might be good to start off with a quick description of what an intelligent bot is You. can think of a bot as a virtual personal assistant one that completes a task through a. combination of text messages and simple UI elements like select lists While a bot can. open your enterprise to messaging it s not a replacement for a mobile or web app It. instead provides a new channel,Why Use Oracle Intelligent Bots. Intelligent Bots enables you to build a bot that connects your users to enterprise while. engaging them in naturalistic conversations Intelligent Bots manages the entire. conversation Throughout this user session that is the conversation from start to. finish Intelligent Bots enables your bot to keep pace with its user it executes the. Why Use Oracle Intelligent Bots, functions that drive dialog all the while keeping track of the choices that the user s.
made so far the context and where the user is within the dialog the current state. Intelligent Bots can scale to the B2C level while still managing millions of user. sessions and their states securely While users are probably aware that they re. chatting with a bot they won t need to use or endure mannered stilted language. because of the language intelligence framework which produces natural language. interactions from machine learning,The Basics, Intents Categories of actions or tasks users expect your bot to perform for them. Entities Variables that identify key pieces of information from user input that. enable the bot to fulfill a task, Both intents and entities are common NLP Natural Language Processing. concepts NLP is the science of extracting the intention of text and relevant. information from text, Components Provide your bot with various functions so that it can respond to. users These can be generic functions like outputting text or they can return. information from a backend and perform custom logic. Dialog Flow The definition for the bot user interaction The dialog flow describes. how your bot responds and behaves according to user input. Channels Bots aren t apps that you download from an app marketplace like. iTunes Instead users access them through messaging platforms or through client. messaging apps Channels which are platform specific configurations allow this. access A single bot can have several channels configured for it so that it can run. on different services simultaneously, Instant Apps Instant Apps are self contained wizard like modules that enable bot. users to complete some task a purchase that requires users to complete a form. with specific field formats for example or an escalation. Q A Your bot can also act as the interface to your FAQs or other knowledge. base documents The Bot Builder lets you integrate a Q A service by importing. sets of question and answer pairs, Bot Builder Not only does the Intelligent Bots platform provide its own A I.
framework that allows your bot to parse and interpret user input it also provides. you with the Bot Builder a UI for creating and managing all aspects of your bot. from building its cognition to publishing it to a messaging platform. How Do I Create a Bot,Here s a bird s eye view of bot development. How Do I Create a Bot, 1 Create Intents Start off by creating intents Intents illustrate your use case by. describing the various actions that your bot helps its users complete If your bot. enables users to perform various banking transactions for example then you. could create intents like CheckBalance or TransferMoney Intents not only. describe what your bot can do they are also the key to your bot s intelligence they. enable it to recognize user input because each intent has a set of typical user. statements known as utterances associated with it While these phrases share the. same meaning they make your bot resilient because they re also varied for. example What s my savings account balance and How much is in my checking. account See Intents, 2 Train the Bot To enable your bot to reference intents when it parses the user. input you need to train it Specifically you need to train it with the intents and their. utterances collectively the training data so that it can resolve the user input to. one of the intents By training your bot you leverage the language intelligence. which is at the core of the Bots platform its algorithms enable your bot to not only. recognize the sample phrases that belong to each intent but similar phrases as. well See Intent Training and Testing, 3 Create Entities In some cases you may need to provide some context to. enable your bot to complete a user request While some user requests might. resolve to the same intent What s my savings account balance and How much is. in my checking account would both resolve to the CheckBalance intent for. example they are nonetheless asking for different things To clarify the request. you would add an entity Using the banking bot example an entity called. AccountType which defines values called checking and saving would enable the. bot to parse the user request and respond appropriately See Entities. 4 Integrate Custom Components At this point your bot can recognize input but. it can t respond to it To put your bot s intelligence to work you need to add. components and then later create a dialog flow Components enable your bot to. do its job There are two types of components the ones provided by Intelligent. Bots that perform functions ranging from holding the resolved intent to outputting. text and the ones that you provide The components belonging to this latter. category are known was custom components Unlike the built in components that. you can use in any bot that you build with the Intelligent Bots platform the custom. components perform tasks that are specific to a single bot like checking a user s. age or returning account information Custom components don t reside within the. Intelligent Bots platform so for your bot to use them you need to access them. through a REST service See The Custom Component Service. 5 Create the Dialog Flow Next you need to give the bot the wherewithal to. express its intelligence to its users by creating the dialog flow The dialog flow. describes how you bot reacts as different intents are resolved It defines what your. bot says to its users how it prompts them for input and how it returns data Think. of the dialog flow as a flow chart that s been transposed to a simple markdown. language In Intelligent Bots this markdown language is a version of YAML called. OBotML See The Dialog Flow Definition, 6 Test the Bot Once you ve started your dialog flow you can chat with your bot to.
test it out, 7 Configure Channels Users subscribe to your bot through messaging platforms. such as Facebook Messenger You don t have to rewrite your bot for each. messaging platform but you do need to configure a channel for each one. Intelligent Bots enables you to integrate with Facebook Messenger quickly through. its Facebook Channel You don t need to craft any REST calls to run your bot on. How Do I Create a Bot, Facebook Instead you complete a UI using artifacts that are generated by both. Facebook and Intelligent Bots See Running Your Bot on Facebook Messenger. To integrate your bot with other services Intelligent Bots provides the Webhook. channel You build your own webhooks for these non Facebook integrations To. help you out you can use the sample chat server that we provide with the. Developer Resources or create your own,Quick Reference. Touring the Bot Builder User Interface, Let s take a quick look at the main features of the Bot Builder. Name Description,1 The left navbar Tools for building the bot.
Icon Use this to,Create intents and add edit,and delete their utterances.

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