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Creating a 2D Platform Game Sergii Shepelenko University of Tartu sergii ut ee Abstract The creation of computer games require a lot of knowledge and experience Nowadays exists a lot of frameworks that allows developers to create the games in faster and easiest way This work presents the approach of creating screen


pedagogy methods In the author s model which occur The simulation of a game scenario is. article I am reviewing authors connect every defined by complex of principles that determine. game session with at least one pedagogic events the interactivity physical and temporal properties. from the Gagne s nine events of instructions 2 of the virtual world Simulation of the game has. These events ordered in sequence are 1 gaining game game dimension game tempo and game. attention 2 informing learning objectives 3 physics that provide it a form. recalling prior learning 4 presenting learning Dimension of the game relates to the virtual space. content 5 providing learning guidance 6 where simulation of the game occurs Therefore. eliciting performance 7 provide feedback 8 it can be 2D or 3D 2D restricts the viewing of a. assess performance and 9 enhance retention game scene from the side view platformer or side. and transfer 1 scroller top view or an angled view while in 3D. To call the transition among the game sessions game you can observe game scene from all. and the game events within the game scenario we angles. need to use event triggers The latter can be Game tempo defines measurement of the pace of. categorized as time, user input is detected by input trigger through The physicality of the game is determined by the. hardware interface or graphical user interface game physics It embodies the collision world and. GUI environment forces The collision world will, time trigger is substantially a countdown inform the corresponding game object and. timer that has time interval with frequency of simulation if a collision has been found and. once to repeat infinitely or finitely response to that event could be an action from. proximity trigger has a hotspot which finds game object or to award a score based on the. collision of a certain game object a class of determined interaction principle In addition the. game object or a group of game objects type of environment forces act on all game. among other classes objects should be specified in the game physics. game mechanics trigger is related to a, sequence of game application linked of 2 1 4 Game Rule. events for instance game event media event, and simulation event A game principle states the relation among game. Every event trigger is related to a command world and game objects also the interaction. which shows the transition among game sections effect In the considered model game principle. or game event activation can be a Game Scoring Rule or Game Interaction. 2 1 2 Game Presentation A game scoring rule is merely applicable to game. player and it determines what to be awarded to, Presentation of the game is a virtual canvas the game player when a scoring condition is.
which keeps media elements as well as GUI satisfied. elements to make menu of the game a game Game interaction rule dictates the outcome of the. notification or cut scene to introduce information interaction from two game objects Each game. regarding the game and let them to navigate interaction rule has an actor which can be a game. across the structure of the game object a class of game object or a group of game. A classic game menu presentation consists of a objects from different classes a subject which. virtual canvas which contains a background represents a game object a class of game object. image or animation GUI element that refers to a group of game objects from different classes or. other game sections and maybe a sound loop the game world and an interaction condition. which refer to the state of actor or the state of the. 2 1 3 Game Simulation game world 1,Game simulation is an instrument which. reconstructs scenarios virtually for game play to,The game environment represents the. 2 1 5 Game Scenario composition of the virtual world by populating. the virtual space with game objects checkpoints, Game scenario is a depiction of a situation that and proximity triggers. ask player to beat some amount of challenges to A virtual camera is the viewport to the game. reach certain goals world 1 In the scope of game development one. Game environment a set of virtual camera a set part that matters is the location of the virtual. of game event a difficulty indicator and a set of camera in the game Camera can be set to an. game goals introduce a game scenario avatar to give a first person view or hovering. above the player s avatar to display a third person. view Camera can have fixed position or it can be determined in the objects and emerge as reference. animated along a path to provide a cinematic to the file. 2 2 Conclusion,2 1 6 Game Objects,In the reviewed article authors had analyzed the. Game objects are virtual things that settle the available game design models and emphasized. game world and can be developed to have a set of the challenges regarding it partial. capabilities for example making a decision representation of a game and the lack of. moving reacting to environment and player s formalism Obviously that a new game design. input simulating their presence at the game An model is required specifically for the use in. object holds as a set of object attributes an author s game model driven serious games. appearance intelligence it can carry out actions development framework 3 Authors of article. and have a description which characterizes the that is considered as related work for my seminar. esthetic image of it Game objects can be task have borrowed ideas from available game. classified into 2 groups depending on their design model and elaborate a totally new model. behaviors interactive and non interactive game the Game Content Model GCM. 2 1 7 Game Player 3 ACHIEVED WORK, Player is the game user that provides inputs to the 3 1 Rendering virtual world Tile Map.
game system Game player is introduced like an, entity that has an avatar an inventory game Map of a whole level or the game map is. attributes control and records typically a few screens wide in a 2D platform. Game player is introduced by an avatar that is a game Some maps are 20 screens wide however. game object Avatar has straightforward relations others can be 100 or more Map scrolls when the. to the game control like input events of game player walks across the screen Having one big. control interface are mapped onto the avatar image for the game map it is not the best solution. actions it leads to consuming a lot of memory so in some. Existence and accomplishment of a player are cases machines would not be able of loading the. introduced by data that are game attributes These map. data represented as a vital number of chances to As an alternative of using a big image for the. play the game or a score whole map you can make a tile based map Tile. Game control gives player the channel to control based maps divide the map into a grid Every cell. game objects Player s input is taken through in the grid keeps a little tile image or nothing. game control interface that can be a hardware The tile map keeps links to which image belongs. interface keyboard mouse gamepad to each cell in the grid Thereby you should have. motionsensor camera or GUI merely several little images for the tiles and you. are able to create the maps as large as you want, 2 1 8 Game Theme without concerning too much about memory. limitations, Game theme depicts majority of the art The file which contain the available images for. requirements connected to the game via drawing the tile map present as a sprite sheet see. significant written text Visual aural and even Figure 2. language of the narrative are involved These are,media content on its own that are created by. qualified people and correspond to the format of,the game technology This information is.
These parameters specified in constructor of Tile,public TileMap int tileSize. numbRowsToDraw GamePanel HEIGHT,tileSize 2, Fig 2 Sprites for Tile Map numbColomnsToDraw GamePanel WIDTH. tileSize 2,It consists from two rows,the tiles in the first row are normal the player. can go through this tile,3 2 Physics Engine, the tiles in the second row are blocked Substantial thing that physics engine does. The tile size can be different and it depends of, sprites which are used in the game However it Simulate movement resistive forces such as.
this game the tile size is 30x30 pixels Every tile gravity also applied forces such as jumping. from the sprite sheet is stored in tile array running friction. accordingly Detect and resolve collisions among the. Tile based games constantly have greater than,player and other objects in the level. one map or level The small representation of tile,map file presented at Figure 3. You will require a simple method to make, multiple maps so that just as the player completes. one level the player can afterwards start the next. Fig3 Tile Map,Fig 5 Player physics,Only small part of the map is displayed on the. screen at a time because tile map is much bigger In physics engine player will possess the. than the screen To keep gaming process the movement describing variables moveSpeed. game view scrolls to hold the player in the center maxSpeed fallSpeed maxFallSpeed jumpStart. of the screen when he makes any movements stoptJumpSpeed. With help of these variables each movement that,you apply to the Player will follow next steps.
1 Is the jump or move action chosen,2 If yes apply one of the above actions to the. 3 Gravity should be applied to the player too,4 Determine the resulting speed for the player. Fig 4 5 Determine the jump force,6 Apply the resulting speed to the player and. Based on tile map size and gamepanel size we can update his location. specify how many tiles in row and columns we 7 Collision among the player and other objects. have to draw However before you draw the tiles should be checked. you need to figure out the position of the map on 8 If a collision happens it should be resolved by. screen Start off by keeping the player in the moving the player pretty back so that the collision. middle of the screen, is no longer taking place or by causing damage it s appearance as well as an indication of if the. to the poor player tile is a wall open area or something else. In the game gravity is always pushing the player Given we have a way of finding collision among. down and across the ground but the collision 2 rectangles finding collision among an object. resolution step will place him back on top of the and a tilemap can be as elementary as matching a. ground in every frame see Figure 6 rectangle that is represent the object and every. single wall tile rectangle,4 FUTURE WORK,To continue this game we need add.
bad players,create a super power of player like,fireball attack etc. number of player lives,more obstacles in the level. 5 CONCLUSION,Fig 6 Collision resolution step,In this paper I have presented the idea of how to. To determine collision in the game we may design 2D scroll game There is an. consider a rectangle that is defined by 4 values a implementation of working physics engine and. left a right a top and a bottom In majority 2D creation a game world base on tile map approach. game coordinates left and right are x values left,value lower than the right top and bottom are y. values top value numerically lower than the 6 REFERENCES. 1 Stephen Tang and Martin Hanneghan,Game Content Model An Ontology for.
Documenting Serious Game Design,2 R M Gagne The Conditions of. Learning and Theory of Instruction 2nd,ed New York Holt Rinehart. Fig 7 3 S Tang and M Hanneghan A,Model Driven Framework to Support. To find collision among two rectangles we may Development of Serious Games for. examine if the two rectangles x values left and Game based Learning in 3rd. right overlay Moreover it can be checked if the International Conference on. rectangles y values top and bottom overlay In Developments in e Systems Engineering. case when there is an overlay among both x and DESE2010 London UK 2010 pp. y values the two rectangles are overlaying else 95 100. they are not 4 David Brackeen Bret Barker, When we are considering 2D game a tilemap is Developing Games in Java 1st edition. usually a grid of even sized rectangular mostly 5 2D Tilemap Collision. square tiles Every tile may keep data regarding http jonathanwhiting com tutorial colli.

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