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2 How to Write a CV Copyright 2019 McGill Career Planning Service We see a lot of CVs at CaPS Every year we read and review literally thousands of them for job intern


Copyright 2019 McGill Career Planning Service,HOW TO WRITE A CV. We see a lot of CVs at CaPS Every year we read and review literally thousands of them for job intern. ship grad school and funding applications They are from students of all levels representing each of. the faculties and schools at McGill While there is definitely room for individual variation some things. clearly work better than others Use the information tips and samples in this guide to start writing. and organizing your CV then come to a CaPS CV drop in or make an appointment for an individual. consultation to ensure that your applications are as professional and customized as they can be. GETTING STARTED,What s the point of a CV, A CV provides a potential employer with a quick summary overview of your experience background and. skills to help them decide if you are a good candidate to invite for an interview CVs are also often. required as part of graduate professional school applications. General guidelines, 1 Writing a CV is an art not a science The goal is not to force your content into a particular template but. rather to find a format and style that highlights your experience and strengths The order and emphasis. of your sections should also reflect the level of priority of your reader. 2 Put yourself in the shoes of your reader Can they easily find the information they are looking for Is it. clear why you would be a good fit for the job, 3 Use concrete examples when describing your experience What did you do accomplish. 4 Your CV needs to be consistent and clear in terms of its style and format professional in its content. and overall presentation and as much as possible specifically targeted to the position company field. you are applying to, 5 Do your research For your applications to be effective you need to demonstrate knowledge of the em.
ployer and what they are looking for Be intentional and informed not generic. 6 Length In Canada outside of academia your CV can be up to two pages There are a few exceptions in. cluding the management business sector which tends to prefer one page Ask at CaPS if you are unsure. about norms for your particular field geographic area. The Master CV Your first draft, To make customizing your CV for each application easier we recommend compiling a master CV that. includes everything This document will likely be several pages long but since it s just for you that s OK The. idea is to have a comprehensive record of your activities experiences and accomplishments that you can. draw on for future applications Use the Common CV Components list on the next page to get started. 2 How to Write a CV,Copyright 2019 McGill Career Planning Service. COMMON CV COMPONENTS, These are the basic components of a CV for a current undergraduate student or recent graduate While your. Contact Information always comes first the other sections can and should be presented in whichever order. is most relevant to the position for which you are applying. Contact Information Experience, Include your full name phone number and a There are many ways to organize this informa. professional email in an attractive header tion Early on general section headings such. While a mailing address is conventionally in as Volunteer Experience work well However. once you have more experience and want to,cluded use your best judgement depending.
on your situation highlight patterns you have identified try to. Include your website and or edited LinkedIn strategically use headers for your experience. section s in order to incorporate key skills from,URL if relevant the job description. In North America personal information such, as age height and citizenship is not included General options include. Languages Work Experience,Volunteer Experience, If you speak more than one language list Extracurricular Experience. Career Related Experience,these in order of relevance to the workplace. Indicate your level of proficiency i e basic Additional Experience. intermediate fluent Sample targeted headings, Computer Technical Laboratory Skills Tutoring Experience.
Sales and Customer Service Experience, List the specific programs software or lab Outreach and Marketing Experience. techniques you are familiar with Writing and Editing Experience. Research Experience,Leadership Experience,Performance Experience. List all degrees you hold or are working on Administrative Experience. most recent first, Include any specializations major minor Certifications Affiliations Memberships. thesis or honours work Additional Training,You can include scholarships and awards as. details here or in a separate Awards section List any additional certifications or active. memberships you hold along with the dates,Awards and Scholarships.
Interests and Activities, List titles reason for the award if not clear Make sure this section is organized and rela. from the title dates and monetary values if,tively detailed specific. significant,How to Write a CV 3,Copyright 2019 McGill Career Planning Service. LANGUAGE STYLE FORMAT, Use a simple clear format such as the example below. What your degree or job title date date,Where school or company and location.
Details if relevant,General guidelines Describing your experience. Use formatting techniques such as in Aim for a factual confident and profes. denting uppercase and bold consistent sional tone avoid embellishment. ly throughout to increase readability Use active skills based language. Use bullet points for your details long and specific examples to highlight your. dense paragraphs are hard to read quick accomplishments. ly and CVs are usually skimmed in a few,seconds not read word for word. Start each bullet with an action verb,instead of using pronouns i e I we. List education and experience in reverse Pay attention to verb tenses if you. chronological order most recent first are no longer working somewhere the. Simple straightforward layouts tend to verbs should be in past tense for a cur. work best avoid tables boxes templates rent activity use the present tense. Choose a standard professional font and Add a descriptor for clarity if your title. ensure the size is legible when printed was Volunteer or Intern i e Volunteer. Ensure your email address voicemail Peer Tutor Administrative Intern. message and any URLs are professional, in tone see the list of Action Verbs at the end of. PROOFREAD your CV carefully for typos this guide,spelling mistakes and poor grammar.
TARGETING YOUR CV, Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your CV is specifically tailored for each application. Read the job description carefully and research the organization to identify the key skills needed. Use targeted headings see examples on page 3 which speak to the main requirements of the position. Include additional descriptive bullet points for relevant past experiences. Consider the order of your sections to make sure the most important experiences appear early on. 4 How to Write a CV,Copyright 2019 McGill Career Planning Service. SAMPLE ONE PAGE CV,Jane Student,243 Maple Street Vancouver BC V2G 3B4. Jane student mail mcgill ca 514 111 9999,Bachelor of Arts Sociology Major 2017 Present. McGill University Montr al QC,James McGill Entrance Scholarship 10 000 2017.
Volunteer and Extra Curricular,Peer Educator 2017 Present. McGill Career Planning Service CaPS Montr al QC, Meet with students to review and offer feedback on their CVs. Organize classroom presentations to promote CaPS activities and services. To date peer outreach activites have resulted in a 10 increase in drop in appointments. VP Communications 2014 2017,High School Student Society Montr al QC. Managed all communications including monthly newsletter social media and website. Work Experience,Crew Member 2014 2016,Midnight Kitchen Montreal QC. Worked in a team of 8,Camp Counsellor Summer 2016,ABC Daycamp Vancouver BC.
Supervised and interacted with a group of 16 children aged 6 to 10 years. Developed weekly activities and agendas for campers. Created and led local outings to attractions such as Science World. Prepared and administered work schedule for all counsellors. Groundskeeper Summers 2012 2014,Jagre Ridge Golf Course Vernon BC. Groomed golf course each morning for clients,Collaborated with a team of 12. Certifications and Skills,CPR First Aid Certified May 2015 exp 2018. Microsoft Office Suite Word Excel Powerpoint and Adobe Photoshop. Activities and Interests, Music Over 10 years of experience as an active amateur musician in orchestras and bands. Achieved Grade 8 RCM standing in both trumpet and piano. Sports Avid runner cyclist and skier annual participant in the Terry Fox Run. How to Write a CV 5,Copyright 2015,2019 McGill Career Planning Service.
SAMPLE TWO PAGE CV,Jean Fran ois Student,4509 Faure Montr al QC H3B 2Y9. Jean francois student mail mcgill ca 514 330 1123,English and French Bilingual. Bachelor of Science Honours Anatomy and Cell Biology 2014 2017. McGill University Montr al QC, Minors in Anthropology and Social Studies of Medicine. Dean s Honour List, Diplome d Etudes Collegial DEC Health Sciences 2011 2013. C gep de Trois Rivi res Trois Rivi res QC,Research Experience.
Clinical Research Coordinator 2015 Present, Bone and Mineral Unit Royal Victoria Hospital Montr al QC. Coordinate two research projects investigating treatments for osteoporosis. Liaise between patients investigators hospital staff and sponsoring companies. Design and provide information and resources for patients diagnosed with osteoporosis. Successfully recruited hundreds of study participants using innovative advertising. Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014 2015, Professor McGill Lab McGill University Montr al QC. Welcomed and registered participants and explained study. Completed data entry administrative tasks and lab maintenance. Community Involvement,Friendly Visitor, Montr al General Hospital Montr al QC 2014 Present. Centre Hospitalier St Therese Shawinigan QC 2011 2013. Visit patients in the dialysis unit to provide conversation and support. Volunteer Service Participant 2013 2014, Katimavik Youth Leadership Program Hearst ON Prince Rupert BC Moncton NB. Lived with a group of 15 young people in three small Canadian communities for one year. Volunteered as an Activities Coordinator in a seniors residence as a Tree Planter in a deforested area. and as a Mentor in a community centre for at risk youth. 6 How to Write a CV,Copyright 2019 McGill Career Planning Service.
Additional Work Experience,Server part time 2014 Present. Bar le Barouf Montr al QC,Train new staff on service and cash. Awarded most efficient worker three months in a row. Nominated point person to deal with crisis situations. Sport Camp Counsellor Summers 2015 2016,McGill Sports Camp Montr al QC. Supervised a group of 10 children between the ages of 8 10. Created and ran multiple activities related to various sports. Encouraged and motivated children to participate and succeed in activities. Updated parents on daily activities and events,Extra Curricular Activities. McGill International Student Buddy 2015 Present, International Student Services McGill University Montr al QC.
Communicate with new McGill students from abroad prior to their arrival. advise and assist them during their entire first year. Orientation Leader Aug 2016,McGill University Montr al QC. Led a group of 20 new McGill students through orientation activities. Judo instructor 2010 2014,Centre de Judo Shawinigan Shawinigan QC. Coached children between the ages of 5 15, Judged judo competitions for the 5 8 year old category. Created an information sheet for all participants about schedules and equipment they will need. Activities and Interests,Varsity soccer McGill University 2013 Present. Judo black belt 2004 Present Won national championship in 2010 2011. Piano classical jazz 2003 Present,France England Spain Portugal and Australia.
How to Write a CV 7,Copyright 2015,2019 McGill Career Planning Service. SAMPLE ONE PAGE CV,Fatima Student, 3600 McTavish Montr al QC H3A 0G3 fatima student mail mcgill ca 514 398 3334. Bachelor of Arts and Science Economics and Mathematics 2014 2017. McGill University Montr al Canada,Minor in History. Exchange term at University of Edinburgh Winter 2015. International Baccalaureate Diploma 2014,XYZ International School Beirut Lebanon. CAREER RELATED EXPERIENCE,Research and Event Planning Intern Summer 2016.
United Nations New York USA, Researched the advantages of micro financing for female farmers in West Africa. Assisted with planning for annual agriculture conference. Translated English conference documents to French and Arabic. VP Finance 2015 2016,McGill Arab Students Association Montr al Canada. Managed the annual budget for one of McGill s largest student associations. Assistant Analyst Intern Summer 2015,ABC Bank Hong Kong China. Translated English financial documents to French and Arabic. Documented trade transactions and entered data into Excel. Receptionist 2012 2014,SFT Shipping Beirut Lebanon. Answered client inquiries on the phone and in person in a trilingual environment. Updated client accounts and entered import and export data. SKILLS AND INTERESTS, Languages English French and Arabic Fluent Hebrew Intermediate Mandarin Basic.
Software PowerPoint Excel and Word, Interests Reading Politics Technology Painting and Genealogy. Sports Basketball Team Captain in high school intramurals at McGill Ultimate Frisbee and Golf. World Travel Australia Germany France UK Israel Jordan Egypt USA and Canada. REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST,88 How to Write a CV. Copyright 2019 McGill Career Planning Service,ACTION VERBS. On the following two pages you will find a list of action verbs organized by skill area. Use these ideas to describe your past experiences and skills in your CV and Cover Letter. Make sure to check out all of the categories as many verbs apply to multiple skills. ANALYSIS COMMUNICATION, Accounted Critiqued Measured Scrutinized Addressed Counselled Interpreted Referred. Analyzed Deciphered Observed Studied Advocated Demonstrated Lectured Reported. Ascertained Deliberated Prioritized Synthesized Authored Discussed Listened Responded. Assessed Determined Programmed Tested Called Drafted Lobbied Spoke. Compared Estimated Projected Validated Clarified Edited Marketed Summarized. Computed Evaluated Questioned Verified Coached Educated Persuaded Taught. Conceptualized Examined Rated Communicated Elicited Presented Transcribed. Concluded Formulated Recommended Contacted Explained Promoted Translated. Confirmed Justified Researched Convinced Familiarized Publicized Tutored. Corresponded Informed Queried Wrote,CREATIVITY INITIATIVE.
Adapted Created Improvised Played Accelerated Created Improvised Played. Authored Designed Innovated Revised Accomplished Coordinated Initiated Revamped. Brainstormed Developed Invented Shaped Achieved Established Instituted Reviewed. Built Engineered Made Visualized Acted Founded Introduced Revitalized. Composed Envisioned Manufactured Advanced Generated Launched Solicited. Constructed Illustrated Produced Applied Handled Proposed Spearheaded. Attended Implemented Rejuvenated Utilized,How to Write a CV 9. Copyright 2019 McGill Career Planning Service,ACTION VERBS. LEADERSHIP PROBLEM SOLVING, Administered Delegated Headed Officiated Aided Fulfilled Reduced Solved. Advised Directed Hired Oversaw Alleviated Generated Refined Streamlined. Allocated Empowered Influenced Piloted Ameliorated Identified Reformed Strengthened. Anticipated Enabled Instructed Recruited Augmented Improved Remedied Supplemented. Appointed Encouraged Interviewed Sanctioned Customized Increased Remodeled Transformed. Approved Endorsed Led Selected Expanded Polished Repaired Troubleshot. Assigned Enforced Maintained Sponsored Extended Reconciled Restored Updated. Authorized Financed Managed Supervised Finalized Rectified Saved Upgraded. Chaired Fostered Monitored Trained,Decided Guided Motivated Unified. TEAMWORK AND MORE, Accommodated Contributed Integrated Related Activated Excelled Licensed Shipped.
Assisted Cooperated Mediated Respected Added Executed Navigated Sought. Balanced Facilitated Negotiated Shared Appraised Experimented Operated Staffed. Collaborated Harmonized Participated Approximated Familiarized Performed Submitted. Consulted Helped Partnered Audited Guaranteed Prepared Surveyed. Displayed Involved Realized Tailored,Dissected Issued Served.

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