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Library celebrates one year and 1 million The Henry Madden Library welcomed its one millionth patron just one week before its one year anniversary Associate dean of library services David Tyckoson presented the one millionth patron junior nursing major Amanda Tang with a gift basket Matt Weir The Collegian The Fresno State library staff will host an event next week celebrating the


Collegian That s What the People Are Saying,On populism. P opulism has had as many incarnations as it has,had provocations but its constant ingredient has. been resentment and hence whininess Populism does, not wax in tranquil times it is a cathartic response to. serious problems But it always wanes because it never. seems serious as a solution, Page 2 Opinion Editor Tony Petersen collegian opinion csufresno edu Friday February 19 2010 George Will The Washington Post. Thoughts for a pious campus Web Spe k Culled each week from discussions. on The Collegian Online, athaya Sai Baba is a religious or intelligible criterion for qualifying.
guru from India who has been religions belief or divine interven. sharing his spiritual guidance tion What follows from this is that all. for over 50 years beliefs should be accepted equally and. He claims to be the reincarnate of without prejudice in order to avoid. 19th Century miracle worker Sai Baba arbitrary favoritism The logical end Response. of Shirdi and will be reborn for the to this proposition is no claim can be Student wants apology. third and last time as Prema Sai Baba, His devotees accept this claim With All Due Respect justifiably rejected yet this is not the. present state of our discourse In both rlstock Cerda Get a. There have been hundreds of con Mike Boylan casual and professional conversations life Are you serious 47 signatures is. temporaneous eyewitness accounts we often do not hesitate to unequivo 002136 percent of the student body. of the many miracles Sai Baba has cally reject claims found to be nonsen You clearly cannot go big so just GO. performed including materializing occurs people stop listening These sical HOME. rainbows and portraits of Jesus with people are not taken seriously nor are If simply being useful and charita. the wave of his hand healing the sick they respected by anyone who war ble should suffice toleration for beliefs. and many others Even some who rants reciprocation of these courte. sies In other words these ideas natu,our kinship with Hamas the militant Response. reject his divinity accept the validity Islamic political organization in The art of the kiss cam. of these miracles rally flow to the margins of our society Palestine should be more transparent. He claims all the prayers in the Nobody is in outrage over this for they are as committed to terror and joshua4234 Lol calling it. world go through him the first and But this consensus contradicts Jihad as they are to charitable works winter break is a courtesy for those who. only true avatar While most Sai Baba the manner in which we revere and for the thousands of impoverished and do not celebrate Christmas for whatever. devotees are natives of southern India uphold widely practiced religions The indigent Palestinians Both Hamas reason I don t have a problem with just. and are of Hindu orientation he has compelling firsthand accounts of Sai and leading monotheisms partake in calling it Christmas break since it is a. converted many non Hindus from Baba s divinity is leaving members of similar endeavors acquiring author secular holiday otherwise it could not be. Europe and even the United States other faiths perfectly unstirred They ity over other people s lives guised as allowed to be a legal federal holiday any. These accounts are quite compel are not losing sleep over whether they angelic mercy faith and humility all in more than Good Friday Ramadan Yom. ling If one has doubts they can take have wasted their lives worshipping the name of God Kippur etc I understand how someone. comfort in knowing there are more false prophets and gods Christians A distressing reality is this enig like you Tony would not care about. than one million Sai Baba devotees for example are happily content with matic social dysfunction and hypoc being courteous to cultural diversity and. The 1 200 plane ticket is a small price their faith in first century miracles risy stem from a premise belief in that s your choice Anywho about the. to pay for the privilege of being in the that were not written until decades possessing absolute knowledge of actual article I half expected this to be. presence of a true avatar after Jesus death nor were they even God s will that is utterly deranged a rant about a gay couple getting on the. However it is not the man but rath firsthand accounts two things many Sathaya Sai Baba isn t afforded the kiss cam lol but yeah it turned out to be. er his obscurity and irrelevance to the biblical scholars have agreed on time of day from just about every cor something pretty lame that didn t bring. acclaimed monotheisms of our con The standards we hold for religious ner of the world yet the sustenance anything to mind that I could say. temporary world that is significant belief indicate that Sai Baba devotees of divine proclamations from the Iron. Not ever hearing of Sai Baba is are not merely as worthy but in fact and middle ages are closely supervised mynamehere2828 joshua chill out. not difficult to understand This is more worthy of social acceptance than and protected from the heresy and at least so the rest of us can enjoy this. because anytime someone espouses those who presuppose the divinity of apostasy that is slowly infiltrating the comical story Thanks. their devotion to Sai Baba with any certain books yet this is not the case masses Is there anyone who sees a. conviction something very natural There appears to be no identifiable problem with this. Fresno State fraternities,sororities launch Haiti,relief fund drive. colerojewski Way to go Fresno State,students do some pretty amazing things. COMMENT The Collegian is a,C forum for student expression.
http collegian csufresno edu,Agree with us Disagree Want to. We want your feedback,Send your letter to the editor col. legian csufresno edu,The letter must not exceed 250. words in length will be subject to,editing for length content spell. ing and grammar and must be,accompanied your full name so.
we know who you are, Editor in Chief Brian Maxey Local Advertising Manager Tatiana Dindia. THE Letters to the Editor collegian csufresno edu, All letters submitted to The Collegian must not exceed. News Editor,Features Editor,Thaddeus Miller,Michelle Furnier. Advertising Coordinator,National Advertising Executive. Shadia Salem,Landon Reda, 250 words in length must be type written and must be Arts Entertainment Editor Danielle Gilbert Business Development Executive Andrew Cabal.
accompanied by a full name and phone number to verify Sports Editor Brianna Campbell. content The Collegian reserves the right to edit all material for Opinion Editor Tony Petersen. Art Director Brandon Ocegueda, The Collegian is a student run The Collegian length content spelling and grammar as well as the right to Photo Editor Matt Weir. Assistant Art Director Edgar Vargas, publication that serves the California State University Fresno refuse publication of any material submitted All material Multimedia Director Anna Jacobsen. Distribution Manager Savannah West, 5201 N Maple Ave M S SA42 submitted to The Collegian becomes property of The Collegian Webmaster Elisa Jimenez. Fresno State community Accountancy Assistant Anthony Samarasekera. Presentation Graphics Developer Michael Uribes,on Mondays Wednesdays and Fresno CA 93740 8027. Online Features Reporter Lacee Solis, Fridays Views expressed Each member of the campus community is permitted one copy of.
News Line 559 278 2486 The Collegian Subscriptions are available for 25 on a semester Online Sports Reporter Allie Norton. in The Collegian do not Business Line 559 278 5735 basis Staff positions at The Collegian are open to students of all Videographer Sergio Cortes Business Manager Virginia Sellars Erxleben. necessarily reflect the views majors Contact the Editor in Chief for details Advertising Faculty Adviser Jan Edwards. of the staff or university http collegian csufresno edu All content Copyright 2009 The Collegian Editorial Board Brian Maxey Editorial Faculty Adviser Reaz Mahmood. Tony Petersen Online Faculty Adviser Don Priest, Friday February 19 2010 The Collegian Arts Entertainment Page 3. Arts Entertainment Editor Danielle Gilbert collegian features csufresno edu. The daily crossword Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis. Los Angeles Times,10 Fit to serve,11 Firebird maker. ACROSS 12 Guest letter,13 Siren for one,1 Unceremoniously breaks 18 Predicament. up with 23 Pride follower so they say,6 1996 film that won Best 25 It s not true. Original Screenplay 26 Breaks up,11 Pro bono TV ad 27 Baroque stringed instru.
14 As a friend to Fran ois ment,15 Greg Evans comic strip 28 Raison d. 16 Pumpjack output 32 No Exit dramatist,17 Newly certified coroner s 34 Half of MMCXX. assignment 36 What I look forward,19 Wash Nats division continued immaturity fol. 20 Daffy duo lowed by death Dave Barry,21 Generation 37 Hung neighbor. 22 In pursuit of 38 Coulees,24 Lord s ointment 39 Eternal and a hint to this.
29 Isn t wrong puzzle s phonetic theme, 30 Flood deterrents 40 Convinced Complete the grid so that every row column and. 31 Words spoken with a,yawn perhaps,Puzzle by Dan Naddor 41 Brewski. 43 Furthermore C 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively. SOLUTION http collegian csufresno edu,33 TV palomino 44 Unsatisfying response to. 34 Mutt with a conscience, 35 Annoying negotiator C PUZZLE SOLUTION http collegian csufresno edu. Copyright 2009 Tribune Media Services Inc,45 Positions.
Word of the Day, 38 Sitting Bull telling raun 47 Aqua Velva competitor. chy jokes 57 Seventh largest st 48 Exam given intradermally. 42 Cops may keep them on,58 Topping for schnitzel 1 Stand up for for short. 51 Like the nerve near an,63 Legal ending 2 Combat outfit. 46 Rabbitlike rodents 64 Bugs once sought by 3 Candy whose success is arm bone. 47 Gulf War reporter Peter cops out of this world 52 Rear A game played by tired people In short. 49 Peddle 65 Havens 4 Downing St bigwigs 54 South Park rating one person yawns and then the other per. 50 Taxi with no empty seats 59 H for one,53 Disappointed postgame. 66 Old map inits 5 Pose,60 Work unit,son does Should the original yawner yawn.
67 Steamed 6 Botanist s study, comment 68 Take forcibly 7 Hearing related 61 Plant twice before the second person yawns once. 55 Back muscle for short 8 Wiper 62 Rhine feeder player one has one point. 56 Nest builder DOWN 9 Migratory African critter Source UrbanDictionary com. Arts Entertainment, Page 4 Arts Entertainment Editor Danielle Gilbert collegian features csufresno edu Friday February 19 2010. A DIFFERENT The Herbalist The Goth,PATH Psychic,Portraits of Rudy Alderette or Rudy The Goth. Psychic as he is known to many,unusual people has been a prominent Tarot. card reader in the Central Valley for,years He s been known to practice.
occupations at Brass Unicorn in the Tower,District and also out of his home. While many people get into card,A s a baby I would sit on squivel. Danielle Gilbert The Collegian advice,By John Esquivel and. my grandmother s lap in one s life,Nestled in between Cuca s Mexican. Danielle Gilbert as she would read people s such as what relationships. restaurant and Paris caf in,are working verses those which aren t.
The Collegian Chinatown lies the Takshing Herb cards after Sunday mass what doors are going to open and which. Center The combination of dried,shall remain closed. fruits roots and insects may sound Rudy Alderette The Goth Psychic begins readings by. unappetizing however the contents, The Goth Psychic asking one to divide the stack of cards. of this historic building is anything,and select 15 using your unconscious. hand opposite from your writing,Owner Sen C Hopper. reading as an adult The Goth Psychic hand Various pictures expose. has called 909 F Street, was born into it information with the flip of each card.
home for more than 20, As a baby I would sit on my The Hanged Man The High Priestess. grandmother s lap as she would Wheel Of Fortune etc He explains. I ve been open longer than, read people s cards after Sunday how each card is linked together and. Welty s been president, mass Alderette said how they can play out in one s life. Hopper said followed by a, When he was 18 years old he While Alderette appreciates the local. contagious laugh, discovered Brass Unicorn a shop that support he has come across some who.
offers Tarot cards healing crystals only want to make money He has seen. and other products for alternative people give thousands of dollars to. I ve been open longer practices He has since become a psychics who give wrong information. known figure in the local psychic just to make money The Goth Psychic. then Welty s been community hopes he can give the profession a good. president A Tarot card reading can help offer name by offering quality readings. Sen C Hopper,Tekshing Herb Center,The Clerk The herb house features an. assortment of teas and remedies, As a sweaty red faced man sporting bought wholesale from China and. a fanny pack entered the store two San Francisco These products help. elderly women stood at the register detoxify the body as well as provide. with toys in hand relaxation and extract impurities. You better clear out my According to Hopper a common. underwear drawer before I die I solution for clearing skin is cooking. don t want my sister finding this dried beetles above 100 degrees for. announced one of the women more than 10 minutes, Next in line was a gentleman The shop is flavored with a. dressed in all white who appeared freewheeling atmosphere. to have just clocked out of work Virginia native Margaret Bowen. However all he had was a straight calls Chinatown home as well. face despite jokes from Thelma and I ve lived in Chinatown for eight. Louise and a hand full of DVDs years and have eaten so many egg. Although no photography rolls that I ve turned Chinese huh. was allowed and Suzie s Adult Bowen said to Hopper at full volume. Superstore staff was unavailable As the owner locked up shop a. for comment the conversations and woman by the name of Shadow. body language of the customers entered listing her current needs for. within the walls of the adult all to hear What were those needs. superstore said it all A ride to Oakland food and d. Friday February 19 2010 The Collegian Features Page 5. Features Editor Michelle Furnier collegian features csufresno edu. Visiting professor discusses, Judaism Early Christianity degree in theology specializ. and Armenian studies and ing in Christian origins, has published extensively in Terian said he is proud to.
these fields take on the role of the visit,Armenian history heritage. He has an undergraduate ing professor and collaborate. degree in history and biblical with the Armenian studies. languages a graduate degree program,in archaeology and history. of antiquity and a doctoral See TERIAN Page 6, P ro g r a m i s m a k i n g s u re program to raise awareness. By Tara Albert Fresno State students and the of the tragic event through a. The Collegian Fresno community are still series of lectures and a three. aware of what happened unit course,The Ar menian Genocide. Dr Abraham Terian was cho Terian was selected to be the. occurred nearly a century, sen by the Armenian studies eighth Henry S Khanzadian.
ago but the Armenian Studies,Kazan Visiting Professor. a position that was creat,ed in 1999 to keep students. informed about the Armenian,T h e d o n o r M r H e n r y. Kazan wanted to establish a,position at Fresno State where. the Armenian Genocide would,always be taught Barlow Der.
Mugrdechian the coordina,tor of the Armenian studies. program and director of the,Center for Armenian studies. at Fresno State said,T he endowment created,for this position allows the. Armenian studies program,to invite an internationally. recognized scholar in contem,porary Armenian affairs to.
Fresno State for one semester,each year Der Mugrdechian. Der Mugrdechian said he,hired Terian for the position. because his breadth of knowl,edge and experience made him. an ideal candidate,The Armenian studies pro,gram does an international. search for the position Der,Photo Courtesy of Abraham Terian.
Mugrdechian said Dr Terian, is well qualified for the posi Dr Abraham Terian and his wife Dr Sara K rkk inen currently live in. tion Fresno Terian was born in Jaffa Israel and raised in Jerusalem They. Te r i a n i s a r e c o g n i z e d have three children and four grandchildren. authority on Hellenistic,Page 6 The Collegian News Friday February 19 2010. News Editor Thaddeus Miller collegian news csufresno edu. TERIAN Remaining AWARENESS The rate of AIDS, lectures held March diagnosis in Fresno is 10 9 cases. 11 and April 29 per 100 000 people as of 2007,CONTINUED from page 5 CONTINUED from page 1. It is an honor to be the Terian s second lecture The HIV focused events in Fresno and it will not affect them vent getting infected Ibarra. eighth Henry S Khanzadian Loud Cry Early Responses are supposed to follow the doc Miguel Ibarra 38 a said I wish there would have. Kazan Visiting Professor and to the Genocide in Armenian ument s objective University Medical Center been someone to remind me. to be a part of the long stand Literature is on March 11 The Fresno County HIV patient said college stu the cost of ignoring safe sex. ing Ar menian studies pro The lecture will focus on the Department of Public Health dents are at greater risk of techniques. gram at Fresno State Terian immediate literary response to provides free rapid HIV test becoming infected with HIV Ibarra invited recently diag. said the Armenian Genocide and ing at Saints Rest Baptist Lack of maturity mul nosed students to join support. As the visiting professor the struggle to share knowl Church located at 1150 E tiple partnerships partying groups and seek help within. Terian will present three pub edge of the tragic event Reverend Chester Riggins and drinking are factors that their community. lic lectures on the Armenian H i s t h i rd l e c t u re T h e Ave increase promiscuous sexual There is help out there. Genocide the first of which Less Known Victims of the Alumna Java Ellis 28 said behavior Ibarra said HIV is not a death sentence. Ar menian Identity and Armenian Genocide is on much has changed since 2004 I b a r r a s ay s h e b e c a m e Ibarra said. the Genocide was held on April 29 The final lecture when she majored in business infected with the virus that. Wednesday The lecture was will focus on less known writ at Fresno State causes AIDS as a 27 year old. about the history of Armenian ers of the Genocide and how Org anizations on cam student at Fresno City College. people and Armenian the Genocide has influenced pus used to advocate for HIV I thought HIV was a disease. Christianity focusing on how people today Terian will dis awareness and developed ways that only affected drug addicts. that has shaped modern defi cuss the ways the Armenian to fight the stigma surround gays and prostitutes Ibarra. nitions of Armenian identity Genocide has impeded said COMMENT The Collegian is a. ing the disease Ellis said, Sergio La Porta the Haig and Armenian people s heritage Now even though I don t visit I did use condoms but I forum for student expression.
Isabel Berberian Professor and language Fresno State frequently I rare wasn t careful enough to pre http collegian csufresno edu. of Ar menian studies said All of Terian s lectures are ly hear of events reminding. Terian s first lecture was very free and open to the public students that HIV is real. informative and thought pro He is also teaching a class Ellis said educating students. voking ARMS120T Literature and is the best way to stop HIV. Professor Terian s lec the Armenian Genocide on from spreading. ture raised a lot of questions Monday nights The class It s all about knowledge and. which is always a good thing explores Armenian literature awareness Ellis said. La Porta said I thought it immediately before and after According to the CDC the. was great the Armenian Genocide rate of AIDS diagnosis in. La Porta also said he is Terian said he has been the city of Fresno is 10 9 per. thrilled that Terian was select enjoying Fresno State and 100 000 people totaling 1 555. ed to be this year s visiting that the students have made AIDS cases as of 2007 However. professor the biggest impact on him a study from Kennesaw State. I think it s wonderful that I am impressed by the University states that many. he was chosen La Porta said Fresno State students he college students hold a mistak. He brings with him a wealth said They seem to be studi en belief that there currently www peacecorps gov 800 424 8580 brai peacecorps gov. of experience ous dutiful and respectful exists a cure for the epidemic. La Porta has known Terian,for several years through. va r i o u s c o n f e re n c e s a n d,from teaching a few classes. at St Nersess Ar menian,Seminary in New York where. Terian was the professor of,Armenian Patristics and Early. Christianity as well as former,academic dean He said Terian.
is very approachable and easy,to talk to,He is a friendly person and. always willing to help out La,Porta said,La Porta said he is anticipat. ing Terian s next two lectures,I m really looking forward. to the next lectures and how,he is going to develop on what. he previously talked about,La Porta said,DWH 1LJKW 0XQFKLHV 0RQ 7KXUV.
6XQ 7KXUV SP DP UHH 0XQFKLHV 0RQ 7KXUV,1 HGDU HUQGRQ. XQFK LQQHU RFNWDLOV,LYH 0XVLF UL 6DW 1LJKW 1R RYHU KDUJH. Fibber McGee s promotes responsible drinking,www fibbermcgeesfresno com. Friday February 19 2010 The Collegian Sports Page 7. Sports Editor Brianna Campbell collegian features csufresno edu. WOMEN S BASKETBALL,SATURDAY FEBRUARY 20 AT 5 PM SAVE MART CENTER. Bulldog Game Day,Fresno State Bulldogs vs Nevada Wolf Pack.
21 5 12 0 WAC 15 11 9 3 WAC,By Ben Ingersoll,The Collegian. RADIO KMJ AM 580,Breakdown Bulldogs Breakdown Wolf Pack. The Fresno 3 pointers T h e Wo l f transfer guard Tahnee. State women s Ross is averaging Pack come in Robinson s 15 9 scoring. basketball team 18 3 points per game ranked second average. will look to con for the 21 5 Bulldogs in the Western Head coach Jane. tinue to extend who have not lost A t h l e t i c Albright s squad is. its school to a WAC opponent Conference coming off a 20 point. record to 13 since falling in a behind only victory over Hawai i in. straight wins on March 2 2009 game F re s n o S t at e its own Pink Game. Saturday s Pink to Louisiana Tech with a 9 3 confer winning 76 56 on 40 1 Matt Weir The Collegian. Zone Night as they take on the The Dogs defense will be key ence record and a 15 11 overall percent shooting. Nevada Wolf Pack at the Save Saturday after the last meet record Nevada s strength is on the. Mart Center ing with the Wolf Pack where Nevada looks to post its first boards where the Pack s 41 0 Player to watch. The Dogs defeated Nevada in they forced 20 turnovers and win over the Bulldogs since rebound average is 5 9 more Jaleesa Ross Guard. last month s Western Athletic held as much as a 17 point lead January 15 2007 when they than their 2009 10 opponents. Conference contest in a well at one point took home a seven point victo Forward Kayla Williams leads Ross is just three 3 point field. rounded 75 66 game Senior forward Joh Teena ry If Nevada wins Saturday it the Wolf Pack in that category goals away from breaking. Head coach Adrian Wiggins Filipe also had a big game will have tied a school record with 7 2 rebounds per game Lindsay Logan Ogden s school. saw five of his players score against the Wolf Pack last for conference wins with 10 The Pack is 4 2 in WAC road. record of 272 made, in double figures in the Jan 21 month tying her career high Three players average at games this season. matchup anchored by Jaleesa with 16 points least 10 points per game for. Ross 20 points 18 coming from the Pack led by junior college. Classifieds,Are you waiting for each print,edition to read the newest. classifieds Check them out,24 7 online at,http collegian csufresno edu.
Click on classifieds,The Collegian is not responsible. for nor does it assume any liability,for its advertisers We caution our. readers to check out the legitima,cy of all advertisers before doing. business with any of them,HELP WANTED,STUDENTPAYOUTS COM. Paid Survey Takers Needed In,Fresno 100 Free To Join Click.
On Surveys,Collegian This day in sports,February 19 1998. The US hockey team destroys their rooms at Olympic. village in Japan, Page 8 Sports Editor Brianna Campbell collegian sports csufresno edu Friday February 19 2010. Who will take Best of the West,The Bulldogs go head to head with tough. competitors in this year s tournament April 15 through 18 in Waco. By Lailand Oberschulte schools that have taken multiple Texas. The Collegian national championships the level of This will be my fourth. competition is rising year going to nationals and, We have seen exponential improve we re very excited Wells. The Fresno State equestrian team said,ment in our girls and I feel they are.
has the chance to prove that they are Keri Blackledge is the. ready Malmo said, the Best of the West again at this sea senior horsemanship cap. Over the years the tournament has,son s tournament tain has ridden on the team. turned into quite a production,The annual Best of the West tourna for four years. It has become our signature event, ment will be hosted at the Fresno State Blackledge is excited about. and our booster group The Saddle, equestrian center Feb 20 and 21 the tournament and said the.
Club has given us a huge support, This year the Bulldogs will be team is very competitive. base Malmo said,competing against Texas Christian Texas Christian. There will be tri tip sandwiches for, University University of Tennessee at University Sacred Heart. sale as well as T shirts and a large, Martin and Sacred Heart University of and University of Tennessee. silent auction to help raise money for, Connecticut The team has won all of at Martin will definitely be.
its previous tournaments competitive but I feel that. Two key riders in this year s tour, Rebecca Malmo head coach of the our team is the strongest it. nament are Lisa Wells and Keri, equestrian team said the tournament has been in a long time and. Blackledge Both are senior captains Matt Weir Collegian File Photo. stemmed from the desire to show we will do very well in the Keri Blackledge will be competing this weekend for. with Blackledge ranked in the top 10, case the smaller schools in National tour nament Blackledge her final year as a senior horsemanship captain. and Wells leading the team and nation, C o l l e g i at e A t h l e t i c A s s o c i at i o n said. at number one in the NCAA, NCAA Division I equestrian Blackledge said they have.
Wells the English over fences cap, Malmo said that the tour nament won the tournament in the The tournament will start at 9 a m on. tain said this is her fourth year riding, was originally called Best Little past and has confidence they can do it both Saturday and Sunday with both. in the tournament, Tournament in the West again English and Western events happening. Every year is a great experience and, This is the fourth year the tourna It s a really fun show Although it s concurrently. two days full of opportunities to put in, ment has taken place and Malmo said always a pretty long weekend it s the.
the best ride possible Wells said, it will soon grow even larger show that I look forward to the most all. Wells will also represen Fresno State, With the team competing against year long Blackledge said. at the National Championships on,Bulldogs takes the field. By Vongni Yang against Big 12 powerhouse first baseman Tyler Farst the 09 season Washington Huskies. The Collegian Nebraska Friday at 6 05 p m at Farst led the Cornerhuskers The Huskers also returned The Dogs then play host as. Beiden Field with a 333 batting average five of their top six pitchers they take on the Oregon Ducks. Head coach Mike Batesole is Traditionally a contender in while hitting three home runs from the previous year in a four game series at Beiden. taking note of Pat Hill s sched the Big 12 Nebraska has made and 36 RBIs in 2009 He also led Nebraska will look to be an Field. uling philosophy playing a three trips to the College World the team in hits doubles and early test for the Dogs The team ends their play. tough non conference sched Series this decade in 2001 runs scored with 36 The Fresno State baseball against the Pac 10 with a trip. ule before starting Western 2002 and 2005 Nebraska has Also retur ning for the team will also play three Pac to Berkeley Calif as they go. Athletic Conference WAC also made eight appearances Huskers will be senior out 10 programs as part of their bat for bat with the Bears. play in the NCAA Tournament dur fielder Adam Bailey T he non conference schedule The The diamond Dogs will also. The Fresno State baseball ing the decade senior hit a team leading 12 Dogs will travel to Seattle in be playing two ranked oppo. team will open up the 2010 sea Nebraska returns four start home runs and a team best 50 late February to take part in a nents this year in non confer. son with a four game series ers including All Big 12 senior RBIs while batting 325 during three game series against the ence play Cal State Fullerton. a n d C a l S t at e S a n D i e g o,are both ranked in the USA. Today ESPN Top 25 coaches,preseason poll at No 3 and No.
23 respectively,The Dogs are scheduled to,play the ranked teams in the. San Diego State Invitational,wh i ch a l s o i n cl u d e s S a n. Francisco State and San Diego,State who ended the Dogs 09. The team will continue its,tough non conference sched. ule as they face off against,regional power and Big West.
foe Cal Poly,The Do gs will travel to,Cal Poly in March and the. Mustangs will be making two,return trips to Beiden Field. in April and May Cal Poly,received three votes in the. coaches preseason poll,Ro u n d i n g o u t t h e n o n. conference schedule will be,four games against Cal State.
Bakersfield a four game series,against Loyola Marymount. two three game series with UC,Davis and Dallas Baptist and. a home game against Santa,Coach Batesole said the,tough non conference sched. ule will prepare the team to do,well in conference play.

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