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Transfer call to new number Press Transfer enter the number then press Transfer again Place an intercom call Press intercom button enter a number if necessary and speak after you hear the tone Start a standard ad hoc conference call Press more gt Confrn dial the participant then press Confrn again


Common Phone Tasks Softkey Definitions, View online help on Press AbbrDial Dial using a speed dial index. phone number, Place a call Go off hook before or Answer Answer a call. after dialing a number Back Return to the previous Help topic. QUICK REFERENCE, Redial a number Press Redial Or press the Barge Add yourself to a call on a shared. Navigation button while line,on hook to see your,CallBack Receive notification when a busy. Placed Calls log,extension becomes available, Switch to handset Pick up the handset Cancel Cancel an action or exit a screen.
during a call,without applying changes, Switch to speaker or Press or then cBarge Add yourself to a call on a shared. headset during a call hang up the handset line and establish a conference. Mute your phone Press CFwdALL Setup cancel call forwarding. Use your call logs Press to choose a Clear Delete records or settings. call log To dial highlight, a listing and go off hook Cisco Unified IP Phone Close Close the current window. Edit a number Press EditDial or, 7965G and 7945G Phone ConfList View conference participants. Hold resume a call Press Hold or Resume, Guide for Cisco Unified Confrn Create a conference call. Transfer call to new Press Transfer enter the, Communications Delete Remove characters to the right of.
the cursor when using EditDial,number number then press Manager 6 1. Details Open the Details record for a, Transfer again SCCP and SIP SCCP only multiparty call in the Missed Calls. Place an intercom call Press intercom button and Received Calls logs. enter a number if,Softkey Definitions Dial Dial a phone number. necessary and speak after, you hear the tone Phone Screen Icons DirTrfr Transfer two calls to each other. Start a standard ad Press more Confrn dial Button Icons. hoc conference call the participant then press DND Turn on off Do Not Disturb. Common Phone Tasks DND,Confrn again,EditDial Edit a number in a call log.
Cisco Cisco Systems the Cisco logo and the Cisco, Systems logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of. Cisco Systems Inc and or its affiliates in the United States EndCall Disconnect the current call or the. and certain other countries All other trademarks current intercom call. mentioned in this document or Website are the property of. their respective owners The use of the word partner does not imply a. partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company 0705R Erase Reset settings to their defaults. 2007 Cisco Systems Inc All rights reserved,OL 14622 01. Exit Return to the previous screen, GPickUp Answer a call ringing in another Phone Screen Icons Video enabled SCCP only. Line and Call Status Feature Access,iDivert Divert or redirect a call to a voice. message system Call Forwarding enabled Feature assigned to button. Join Join together existing calls to Mobility assigned to button. Call on hold,SCCP only create a conference,Hold assigned to button.
Links View related Help topics Connected call, Main Display the Help main menu Conference assigned to button. Incoming call,MeetMe Host a Meet Me conference call. Transfer assigned to button,more Display additional softkeys. New Call Make a new call On hook Phone service URL assigned to. OPickUp Answer a call ringing in an, Shared line in use URL entry in a call log is ready to. associated group,edit SIP only,Park Store a call using Call Park Message waiting.
Option selected, PickUp Answer a call in your group Authenticated call. Feature enabled,QRT Submit call problems to the system. administrator Encrypted call, Redial Redial the most recently dialed Busy line in a speed dial call log or. number directory listing BLF feature Button Icons, Remove Remove a conference participant Idle line in a speed dial call log or. Resume Resume a call on hold directory listing BLF feature. Speed dial call log or directory Services,RmLstC Drop the last party added to a.
listing line status unknown,conference call,Line in Do Not Disturb BLF feature Help. Save Save the chosen settings, Search Search for a directory listing Intercom line in idle state Directories. Select Select a menu item or call Intercom line in one way audio Settings. Transfer Transfer a call,Intercom line in two way audio Volume. Update Refresh content, VidMode Choose a video display mode Audio or Video Mode Speaker. SCCP only Handset in use,Delete entered characters.
Headset in use,Move through entered characters Headset. Speakerphone in use,Getting Started 1,Using this Guide 1. Finding Additional Information 2,Safety and Performance Information 2. Cisco Product Security Overview 3,Accessibility Features 3. Connecting Your Phone 4,An Overview of Your Phone 8.
Understanding Buttons and Hardware 8,Understanding Lines and Calls 12. Understanding Line and Call Icons 12,Understanding Phone Screen Features 14. Choosing Phone Screen Items 15,Cleaning and Maintaining the Phone Screen 15. Waking the Phone Screen from Sleep Mode 15,Understanding Feature Buttons and Menus 16. Accessing the Help System on Your Phone 16,Understanding Feature Availability 17.
Understanding SIP vs SCCP 18,Basic Call Handling 19. Placing a Call Basic Options 19,Placing a Call Additional Options 20. Answering a Call 22,Ending a Call 23,Using Hold and Resume 24. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G and 7945G Phone Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6 1 SCCP and SIP. Using Mute 25,Switching Between Multiple Calls 25,Switching an In Progress Call to Another Phone 26. Viewing Multiple Calls 26,Transferring Calls 27,Sending a Call to a Voice Message System 28.
Forwarding Calls to Another Number 28,Using Do Not Disturb 29. Making Conference Calls 30,Using Conference Features 30. Using Conference 31,Using Join 32,Using cBarge 32,Using Meet Me 33. Viewing or Removing Conference Participants 34,Starting or Joining a Meet Me Conference Call 34. Placing or Receiving Intercom Calls 35,Advanced Call Handling 37.
Speed Dialing 37,Picking Up a Redirected Call on Your Phone 38. Storing and Retrieving Parked Calls 39,Logging Out of Hunt Groups 40. Using a Shared Line 40,Understanding Shared Lines 41. Using Barge to Add Yourself to a Shared Line Call 41. Understanding Barge Features 41,Using Barge Features 42. Preventing Others from Viewing or Barging a Shared Line Call 43. Using BLF to Determine a Line State 44,Making and Receiving Secure Calls 44.
Tracing Suspicious Calls 45,Prioritizing Critical Calls 45. iv OL 14622 01,Using Cisco Extension Mobility 47, Managing Business Calls Using a Single Phone Number 47. Using a Handset Headset and Speakerphone 50,Obtaining a Headset 51. Using AutoAnswer 51,Changing Phone Settings 52,Customizing Rings and Message Indicators 52. Customizing the Phone Screen 53,Using Call Logs and Directories 54.
Using Call Logs 54,Directory Dialing 56,Using Corporate Directory on Your Phone 56. Using Personal Directory on Your Phone 57,Accessing Voice Messages 60. Using the User Options Web Pages 61,Accessing Your User Options Web Pages 61. Configuring Features and Services on the Web 62,Using Personal Directory on the Web 62. Using Your Personal Address Book on the Web 62,Configuring Fast Dials on the Web 63.
Using the Address Book Synchronization Tool 64,Setting Up Speed Dials on the Web 64. Setting Up Phone Services on the Web 65,Controlling User Settings on the Web 66. Controlling Line Settings on the Web 67, Setting Up Phones and Access Lists for Mobile Connect 69. Using Cisco WebDialer 72, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G and 7945G Phone Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6 1 SCCP and SIP. Understanding Additional Configuration Options 74,Troubleshooting Your Phone 76.
General Troubleshooting 76,Viewing Phone Administration Data 77. Using the Quality Reporting Tool 77,Cisco One Year Limited Hardware Warranty Terms 79. vi OL 14622 01,Getting Started,Using this Guide, This guide provides you with an overview of the features available on your phone You can read it. completely for a solid understanding of your phone s capabilities or refer to the table below for. pointers to commonly used sections,If you want to Then. Explore your phone on your own Press on the phone when you need assistance. Review safety information See Safety and Performance Information page 2. Connect your phone See Connecting Your Phone page 4. Use your phone after it is installed Start with An Overview of Your Phone page 8. Learn what the button lights mean See Understanding Buttons and Hardware page 8. Learn about the phone screen See Understanding Phone Screen Features page 14. Make calls See Placing a Call Basic Options page 19. Put calls on hold See Using Hold and Resume page 24. Mute calls See Using Mute page 25,Transfer calls See Transferring Calls page 27.
Make conference calls See Making Conference Calls page 30. Set up speed dialing See Speed Dialing page 37, Share a phone number See Using a Shared Line page 40. Use your phone as a speakerphone See Using a Handset Headset and Speakerphone page 50. Change the ring volume or tone See Changing Phone Settings page 52. View your missed calls See Using Call Logs page 54. Listen to your voice messages See Accessing Voice Messages page 60. See softkey and icon definitions Refer to the Quick Reference Card in the front of this guide. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G and 7945G Phone Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6 1 SCCP and SIP. Finding Additional Information, You can access the most current Cisco Unified IP Phone documentation on the World Wide Web at this. http www cisco com en US products hw phones ps379 products user guide list html. You can access the Cisco website at this URL,http www cisco com. International Cisco websites can be accessed from this URL. http www cisco com public countries languages shtml. Safety and Performance Information, Refer to these sections for information about the impact of power outages and other devices on your. Cisco Unified IP Phone,Power Outage, Your accessibility to emergency service through the phone is dependent on the phone being powered.
If there is an interruption in the power supply Service and Emergency Calling Service dialing will not. function until power is restored In the case of a power failure or disruption you may need to reset or. reconfigure equipment before using the Service or Emergency Calling Service dialing. Using External Devices, The following information applies when you use external devices with the Cisco Unified IP Phone. Cisco recommends the use of good quality external devices such as headsets that are shielded against. unwanted radio frequency RF and audio frequency AF signals. Depending on the quality of these devices and their proximity to other devices such as mobile phones. or two way radios some audio noise may still occur In these cases Cisco recommends that you take. one or more of the following actions, Move the external device away from the source of the RF or AF signals. Route the external device cables away from the source of the RF or AF signals. Use shielded cables for the external device or use cables with a better shield and connector. Shorten the length of the external device cable, Apply ferrites or other such devices on the cables for the external device. Cisco cannot guarantee the performance of the system because Cisco has no control over the quality. of external devices cables and connectors The system will perform adequately when suitable devices. are attached using good quality cables and connectors. 2 OL 14622 01, Caution In European Union countries use only external headsets that are fully compliant with the. EMC Directive 89 336 EC,Cisco Product Security Overview.
This product contains cryptographic features and is subject to United States and local country laws. governing import export transfer and use Delivery of Cisco cryptographic products does not imply. third party authority to import export distribute or use encryption Importers exporters distributors. and users are responsible for compliance with U S and local country laws By using this product you. agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations If you are unable to comply with U S and local. laws return this product immediately, A summary of U S laws governing Cisco cryptographic products may be found at. http www cisco com wwl export crypto tool stqrg html If you require further assistance please. contact us by sending email to export cisco com,Accessibility Features. A list of accessibility features is available upon request. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G and 7945G Phone Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6 1 SCCP and SIP. Connecting Your Phone, Your system administrator will likely connect your new Cisco Unified IP Phone to the corporate IP. telephony network If that is not the case refer to the graphic and table below to connect your phone. AUX 10 100 SW 10 100 PC, 1 DC adaptor port DC48V 5 Access port 10 100 1000 PC. 2 AC to DC power supply 6 Handset port,3 AC power cord 7 Headset port.
4 Network port 10 100 1000 SW 8 Footstand button,4 OL 14622 01. Removing the Hookswitch Clip Required, Before you use your phone remove the hookswitch clip from the cradle area With the clip removed the. hookswitch lifts slightly when you pick up the handset. Adjusting the Handset Rest Optional, Cisco recommends adjusting the handset rest particularly when wall mounting the phones as this will. ensure that the receiver will not readily slip out of the cradle See the table below for instructions. 1 Set the handset aside and pull the square plastic tab from the handset rest. 2 Rotate the tab 180 degrees, 3 Slide the tab back into the handset rest An extension protrudes from the top of the rotated tab. Return the handset to the handset rest, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G and 7945G Phone Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6 1 SCCP and SIP.
Adjusting the Footstand Optional, To change the angle of the phone base adjust the footstand while pressing the footstand button. Registering with TAPS, After your phone is connected to the network your system administrator might ask you to. auto register your phone using TAPS Tool for Auto Registered Phones Support TAPS might be used. either for a new phone or to replace an existing phone. To register with TAPS pick up the handset enter the TAPS extension provided by your system. administrator and follow the voice prompts You might need to enter your entire extension including. the area code After your phone displays a confirmation message hang up The phone will re start. Headset Information, To use a headset connect it to the headset port on the back of your phone. Although Cisco Systems performs some internal testing of third party headsets for use with the. Cisco Unified IP Phones Cisco does not certify or support products from headset or handset vendors. Because of the inherent environmental and hardware inconsistencies in the locations where. Cisco Unified IP Phones are deployed there is not a single best solution that is optimal for all. environments Cisco recommends that customers test the headsets that work best in their environment. before deploying a large number of units in their network. In some instances the mechanics or electronics of various headsets can cause remote parties to hear. an echo of their own voice when they speak to Cisco Unified IP Phone users. Cisco Systems recommends the use of good quality external devices like headsets that are screened. against unwanted radio frequency RF and audio frequency AF signals Depending on the quality of. these devices and their proximity to other devices such as cell phones and two way radios some audio. noise may still occur, The primary reason that support of a headset would be inappropriate for the Cisco Unified IP Phone. is the potential for an audible hum This hum can either be heard by the remote party or by both the. remote party and you the Cisco Unified IP Phone user Some potential humming or buzzing sounds. can be caused by a range of outside sources for example electric lights being near electric motors. large PC monitors In some cases a hum experienced by a user may be reduced or eliminated by using. a local power cube or power injector,Audio Quality Subjective to the User.
Beyond the physical mechanical and technical performance the audio portion of a headset must. sound good to you the user and to the party on the far end Sound is subjective and Cisco cannot. guarantee the performance of any headsets or handsets but some of the headsets and handsets on the. sites listed below have been reported to perform well with Cisco Unified IP Phones. 6 OL 14622 01, Nevertheless it is ultimately still the customer s responsibility to test this equipment in their own. environment to determine suitable performance,For information about headsets see. http www vxicorp com cisco,http www plantronics com cisco. http www jabra com, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G and 7945G Phone Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6 1 SCCP and SIP.

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