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Building and Surveying Series Building Surveys Reports and Dilapidations IvorH Seeley Building Technology Mr Edward Landor


List continued from previous page, Property Development Appraisal and Finance David Isaac. Property Finance David Isaac,Property Investment David Isaac. Property Management a Customer Focused Approach Gordon. Property Valuation Techniques second edition David Isaac and Terry St. Public Works Engineering Ivor H Seeley, Quantity Surveying Practice second edition Ivor H Seeley. Real Estate in Corporate Strategy Marion Weatherhead. Recreation Planning and Development Neil Ravenscroft. Small Building Works Management Alan Griffith, Sub Contracting under the JCT Standard Forms of Building. Contract Jennie Price, Urban Land Economics and Public Policy fifth edition.
P N Balchin G H Bull and J L Kieve,Building and Surveying series. Series Standing Order,ISBN 978 0 333 71692 2 hardcover. ISBN 978 0 333 69333 9 paperback,outside North America only. You can receive future titles in this series as they are published by placing a. standing order Pleasecontact your bookseller or in the case of difficulty write. to us at the address below with your name and address the title of the series. and the ISBN quoted above, Customer Services Department Macmillan Distribution ltd. Houndmills Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 6XS England,Measurement of.
Building Services,GEORGE P MURRAY,Chartered Quantity Surveyor. Formerly Napier University Edinburgh,macm illan,George P Murray 1997. All rights reserved No reproduction copy or transmission. of this publication may be made without written permission. No paragraph of this publication may be reproduced copied or. transmitted save with written permission or in accordance with. the provisions of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. or under the terms of any licence permitting limited copying. issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency 90 Tottenham Court. Road London W1 P 9HE, Any person who does any unauthorised act in relation to this. publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil. claims for damages, The author has asserted his rights to be identified as the author. of this work in accordance with the Copyright Designs and. Patents Act 1988,First published 1997 by,MACMILLAN PRESS LTD.
Houndmills Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 6XS,and London. Companies and representatives,throughout the world. ISBN 978 0 333 67593 9 ISBN 978 1 349 14282 8 eBook. DOI 10 1007 978 1 349 14282 8,A catalogue record for this book is available. from the Briti sh Library, This book is printed on paper suitable for recycling and. made from fully managed and sustained forest sources. Preface viii,Acknowledgements ix,1 General Introduction 1.
History of Quantity Surveying History of the Measure. ment of Building Services Reasons for Bills of Quantities. Contract Documentation Bill Production Techniques Direct. Billing Group System Basic Quantity Surveying Skills. Metric Units, 2 Rules and Techniques for Measurement of Services 9. Introduction SMM7 General Rules SMM7 Measurement,Code and SMM7 Building Services in SMM7 Basic. Principles of Services Measurement Techniques for Tak. ing Off Building Services Pipelines Repetitive Components. Builder s Work in New Construction Trenches Holes, for Cables Ducts and Pipes Builder s Work in Existing. Buildings Sample Schedule Sample Abstract Sheets,3 Measurement of Disposal Systems 19. Introduction Measurement Rules Sanitary Appliances. Worked Example 3 1 Disposal systems for a detached two. storey house incorporating rainwater soil and waste sani. tary applianceslfittings below ground drainage and land. 4 Measurement of Service Plumbing Work 41, Introduction Measurement Rules Taking Off Pipelines.
Worked Example 4 1 Service plumbing work for a de, tached two storey house inco rpor ating mains water cold. and hot water installations,VI Contents,5 Measurement of Heating Installations 57. Introduction Measurement Rules Pumps Demountable, Couplings Special Locations of Work Taking Off Pipe. lines Boiler Flues and Chimneys, Worked Example 5 1 Small scale heating installation to a. single house unit based on micro bore piping, Worked Example 5 2 Extension of large scale heating in.
stallation of a school based on mild steel screwed piping. Worked Example 5 3 Special locations of work represented. by a boiler room for a larger installation comprising boiler. hot water storage steel and copper piping gas service piping. and boiler flue and chimney, 6 Measurement of Ventilation Air Conditioning Systems 93. Introduction Measurement Rules Special Locations of. Work Taking Off Ductlines, Worked Example 6 1 Air extract system for part of a hotel. including rigid and flexible ductlines with extract fan and. 7 Measurement of Electrical Services 102, Introduction Measurement Rules including measurement. of final circu its on a points basis, Worked Example 7 1 Straightforward electrical installation. to a single shop unit, Worked Example 7 2 More advanced installation involv.
ing an underground main cable serving a new detached. building wh ich incorporates final circu its both measured. in detail and enumerated by points,8 Measurement of Other Services 123. Introduction Less Common Elements of Building Ser, vices Steam Heating Coal and Oil Fired Boilers Electrical. Power Generation Communications Security Control Sys. tems Contractor Designed Services Transport Systems. 9 Measurement of Services in Existing Buildings 127. Introduction Measurement Rules Special Locations of. Work Taking Off Services in Existing Build ings Builder s. Work in Existing Buildings, Worked Example 9 1 Alteration project converting a store. Contents VB, into a toilet in an existing building including drainage above. and below ground plumbing heating and ventilating in. stallations, Worked Example 9 2 Alterations to a large heating instal.
lation within an existing school to accommodate the new. installation detailed in Worked Example 5 2,10 Trade Format Bills 149. Introduction Trade Format in Building Services, Worked Example 10 1 Illustration of trade format bills based. on the Plumbing Work of the detached house project de. tailed in Worked Examples 3 1 and 4 1,Bibliography 154. The principal aim of this book is to assist students studying for degree. examinations in quantity surveying in the specialist area of measurement. of building services within the important subject of building measure. ment No previous text book has been published covering this topic. under the Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works. Seventh Edition SMM7 and this book aims to fill that need. Additionally the book should prove very helpful in the preparation. of bills of quantities for building services by practising quantity survey. ors or services engineers who are unfamiliar with the requirements of. SMM7 and the SMM7 Measurement Code, The book explains concisely the rules and requirements of SMM7 in. relation to the measurement and billing of building services Eleven. worked examples are given in full detail in the format of draft bills of. quantities to demonstrate the practical application of these rules The. worked examples are based on typical modern building services instal. lations and are supported by detailed drawings, To gain the most from this book readers are recommended to have.
copies of SMM7 and the SMM7 Measurement Code at hand for refer. ence while follow ing the text and the worked examples This advice is. given as the rules from SMM7 are not generally repeated in the book. although those rules which require further explanation are dealt with. in considerable depth, After covering the general historical background of quantity survey. ing practice the book leads on to a detailed explanation of the rules. and techniques for measuring building services This is followed by. seven chapters covering the various specialist areas of building ser. vices from disposal systems through to alterations to existing installa. tions The relevant worked examples immediately follow the explanatory. text within the various chapters The final chapter covers a practical. approach to producing traditional trade bills of quantities under SMM7. and details the circumstances where the adoption of such bills may be. appropriate,Edinburgh George P Murray,Spring 1997 FRICS. Acknowledgements, The author expresses his thanks to the Standing Joint Committee for. the Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works for kind per. mission to quote from the Standard Method of Measurement of Build. ing Works Seventh Edition SMM7 and the SMM7 Measurement Code. Mr Edward Landor Head of Education and Training at the Royal. Institution of Chartered Surveyors is acknowledged for his kind perm is. sion to reproduce drawings from past RICS examination papers which. have been adopted for some of the Worked Examples in this book. My grateful thanks are due to Professor Ivor H Seeley the Series. Editor for his friendly advice and constructive critic ism throughout the. writing of th is book It was most reassuring to have his vast experience. of technical authorship and quantity survey ing practice available as. William Goodall and Alastair Lauener colleagues at Napier Univer. sity are thanked for their help in the production of this book the. former for his encouragement and suggestions and the latter for his. assistance in master ing the complexities of word processing on my. Malcolm Stewart of Macmillan Press Ltd is thanked for his assist. ance and patience in this first endeavour on the author s part.

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