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Simply watch join in have fun get fit and learn With routines designed to energise pupils in the classroom as well as an MFL section in French and Spanish amp Time2Chill mindfulness routines Check them out to get one of their 14 day free trials to our online subscription service as well as a special discounts for GESS delegates


3 New Products Launching Exclusively at GESS Dubai. 7 Start up Pavilion,8 Innovation Pods,9 Innovate my School. 11 Inspirational STEAM products to make students today the leaders of tomorrow. 17 LEGO Education Innovation Studio Workshops, 18 Experience 21st Century Learning Environments at GESS Dubai 2018. 19 Professor Peter Barrett s Top 10 Ways to Innovate the Primary School Classroom. 21 Furniture ideas and advice for your classroom,25 Are you a Leading Light in Education. 27 G Suite for Education Leadership Focussed Workshops. 28 School Management Suppliers, 35 Effective Training and Professional Development. 37 Digital and e Learning Resources,40 Multimedia and ICT.
43 Play Engage Learn,46 Expand your mind and learn something new. 48 School Uniforms and Workwear,54 GESS Dubai Speakers. 61 GESS Dubai Conference Programme,69 Finnish Pavilion. 2 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W,NEW PRODUCTS LAUNCHING. EXCLUSIVELY AT GESS DUBAI, With more than 100 of our exhibitors launching products at the event this year it s the place to source the latest.
and most innovative products for your classroom Here s just a taste of the new to market brands and products. you can see first exclusively at GESS Dubai,ATLAB STEM ACADEMY B10. The first ever digital curriculum integrated STEM,Learning solution for Schools designed to cater. for STEM learning requirements of international CONNECT P31. curriculum including NGSS IB and IGCSE based on, hands on learning and competency skill assessment Connect are launching new avatars for their virtual. Providing an integrated STEM approach in the school reality training platform C Live which operates in. timetable visit the stand to get a hands on demo as real time and is not pre recorded As well as giving. well as complimentary limited term content access teachers confidence by allowing them to practise. their classroom strategies avatars are controlled, by simulation specialists and interact directly with. participant,DELTA SOFT E74, CENTURY TECH Q61 Drossey is an educational environment that.
mixes live lessons videos activities and test for,CENTURY Tech will be launching its artificially. K12 education It increases interaction between, intelligent learning platform that learns how every. teacher and student through both synchronous and, brain learns into the UAE at GESS It instantly creates. asynchronous learning, a personalised learning path for every student and. automates routine tasks for teachers using algorithm. based adaptivity and advances in big data AI machine. learning and neuroscience to form learning journeys. as unique as each student CENTURY will be offering. a free trial of the platform for schools as well as 10. discount for attendees of GESS,3 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W.
DFROBOT G63, Boston kit a STEM education tool cultivates students creativity with hands on experience It s a powerful kit with. electronic blocks that develop logical and creative thinking With a simple set up process the possibilities are. endless Special discounts are available onsite at GESS Dubai. EMILE EDUCATION Q63 GAUSS SEATING CO LTD M1, Emile is launching at GESS developed with Launching at GESS is the auditorium chair with A3. Manchester Metropolitan University to be the most tablet and customisable power ticket One of the. engaging maths resource Filled with games inspired leading manufacturers of auditorium seating in. by Angry Birds Tetris Frogger children will want to Taiwan China and Vietnam with seating that can we. play If you want to find out how fun Emile is come and used in theatres cinemas concert halls schools or. play the games on the stand any public areas,4 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W. GRAPHEAST T54,Ever wanted to go to Mars Now you can with. Skriware 2 education solution mission to Mars,launching this year at GESS You can also find.
affordable quality STEAM solutions and special priced NASCO L61. Corel Education Products Get hands on their stand See Nasco s new launch of their BioQuest. as well with STEAM solutions and Adobe product Inflatable Lungs Comparison Kit now available using. demonstrations sheep lungs it s an impressive and unforgettable. educational product Students and teachers can, benefit from hands on learning materials for almost. any classroom from SEN maths science P E and,Art making classroom instruction more engaging. interactive and meaningful,IBTIKAR EDU TECH SOLUTIONS S10. Unique to the region is the launch of the Maker a, locally designed circuit board that fits into the palm. of your hand with 12 incredible features An all in one. board that challenges the learner to explore navigate. and create with the world of micro programming, and electronics Visit Ibtikar s stand to take part in.
workshops to introduce the Maker and to get hands PHONIC BOOKS LTD P51. on with this new and innovative product, Amber Guardians is the new series in Phonic Book s. exciting quest adventures aimed at both beginners,and catch up readers These age appropriate. fantastically illustrated stories are specifically. designed to engage and excite reluctant readers Visit. the stand to get a demo of their exciting Talisman. card game and get a free sample of their reading,books to try out with your learners. 5 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W,RED PANDA LEARNING R31. Red Panda Learning is launching in the Middle East market at GESS it s a bespoke curriculum that allows. children to grow learn and achieve A unique early years programme combining a tailor made curriculum easy. assessment tools and expert consultancy support An innovative product that focuses on development phase. rather than age Discounted rates will be offered for anyone who commits to the Red Panda Learning package. during the show,SILVA EDUCATION P62,Launching Arabia Readers an exciting range.
of graded readers written specifically for young, learners of English in the Middle East Our products. promote traditional values and cultural heritage,through engaging stories and activities They can. complement any core course material Come and get, to know the characters that will enchant your primary. students and get free samples and discounts for bulk. 6 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W, We know it s important to you to source the latest. educational products out there in fact more than 60. of you told us that you came to the event to keep up to. date with new products and services We re excited to. announce this year our first ever Start Up Pavilion. and all the fresh to Dubai launch products find it at. Avidia Labs will be showcasing Virtual Reality Kits AR. and 3D Printers,Nischint for education is a dedicated device.
Browzly for schools is an app to connect school management system for schools that easily converts. communities to read socially while allowing readers any device to an education device during class hours. to post book reviews and take comprehension quizzes in real time Ensuring distraction free classrooms. An innovative social way to encourage reading whilst with inbuilt cybersecurity for kids so you won t need. helping measure progress and attainment on reading to invest in a firewall Parental Control features. levels and comprehension Schools that sign up during Ecosystem for management of digital device They will. GESS Dubai can have a free trial until Sep 2018 be giving away free subscriptions at the show. Education 1st will be launching learning and Parents FC LLC is a software for teachers and parents. development courses including Teacher and Principal to save time optimise communication and share. licensing in the UAE As well as providing information information This international platform allows you. about TELSUAE support and training you can also find to save money in your educational establishment. out about their recruitment and consultancy services and is designed for use from nursery to primary. And for those visiting their stand you can enter and win school Make sure you check out their product to take. fantastic prizes advantage of special prices for new customers. IDENTIGY is redefining how the education sector Robotrack by Brain Development will be showcasing. benefits from technology Single platform multiple equipment and educational programmes in robotics. services one ID and driving digital transformation for neurotechnology. over 3000 major institutions around the world The, platform adds value for teachers and students through Smart Apps Creator helps students and teachers. access management student smart ID cashless produce mobile app in minutes No coding skill. services workforce management time attendance required and is especially great for STEM Visit them. student incentives rewards and visitor management at GESS Dubai for demonstrations giveaways and. Kamkalima brings together AI and Arabic in an, e learning platform that meets the needs of teachers Wolfcodes will be exhibiting interactive digital. and students it s smart learning that s fun The digital computer science coursework for efficient teaching. library offers high level readers with interest whilst learning process and an adaptive learning system. being aligned with national Arabic learning standards and performance analysis These products offer. to cover all core language skills Visit Kamkalima state of the art technologies that are easily adaptable. today for a virtual tour and an exclusive 20 discount anywhere rather than tech that may not be accessible. for your school to many,7 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W. Make sure you visit our new and exciting Innovation. Pods area stand F60 featuring the brightest new,companies that have never exhibited at GESS. Dubai before From STEM to Digital Interactive learning led praise led news doesn t add extra work. Technology Games and Online e learning resources to staff and gives school leaders control It s a great way. there s a range of products to inspire your students for your school to engage with parents with a simple. set up and gives parents the information they want. 5 a day Fitness is the ultimate fun fitness resource. for primary schools Increase daily physical activity MegaExams is an evaluation platform that helps. with their online 5 minute routines that are designed teachers automate examinations creating papers. specifically for projection onto whiteboards There s suited to the strengths and weakness of each student. no teacher preparation required Simply watch join quickly Students can get an in depth analysis of their. in have fun get fit and learn With routines designed performance and improve Already having made a big. to energise pupils in the classroom as well as an impact in India they are looking for the right partners. MFL section in French and Spanish Time2Chill to expand into the Middle East market. mindfulness routines Check them out to get one of MyTutor matches school pupils with inspiring tutors who. their 14 day free trials to our online subscription service are currently studying at the UK s leading universities. as well as a special discounts for GESS delegates in our innovative online lesson space With all content. Clicker 7 is an award winning literacy tool for exclusively online pupils can access tuition from. Primary and Special Needs DocsPlus is a new exceptional tutors regardless of location Currently. innovative exam friendly secondary writing tool working with over 100 schools and universities visit them. The Clicker family provides speaking listening to meet the co founder and find out how the product can. reading and writing support on computers iPads and enrich your pupils and support your teachers. Chromebooks DocsPlus is examination ready Come ScienceScope The IoT School exploratory is an. and see their products to experience the best literacy online resource designed to bring the Internet of. software available anywhere and every visitor will be Things IoT concept into the classrooms through. entered into a draw to win free software device date ScienceScope are also showcasing. See GCSEPod in action meet one of the founders and Micro bit designed to make programming accessible. if you subscribe at GESS you ll get 250 vouchers plus and straight forward to teach and learn. extra time free terms and conditions apply Currently. being used in more than 1 200 schools in 29 countries. with proven impact on progress and results via online. GCSE IGCSE subject knowledge on any device The,innovative features include Unique Pods 3 5 min.
focused topic knowledge for 20 subjects filtered by. exam auto generated knowledge gap Boost playlists,and much more. MarvellousMe is launching in the Middle East at,GESS and is looking for trailblazers and partners. It s a fun and consistent way for your whole school to. engage parents in their children s learning character. development rewards and praise With an innovative,approach it gives parents positive personal and. 8 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W,INNOVATE MY SCHOOL SPEED NETWORKING. WHAT IS IT, Hosted by Innovate My School and taking place during GESS Dubai these five.
sessions will bring together educators from across the Middle East and introduce. them to a handpicked selection of the most forward thinking international edu innovators Delegates get to. experience a vast range of products and services in an engaging timed setting this supports them to achieve. their objectives for attending GESS Dubai more effectively Please note the Speed Networking sessions are. separate sessions as part of GESS Dubai delegates attending GESS will need to register in advance for the. Speed Networking sessions to ensure that their place is booked prior to the event. WHERE IS IT TAKING PLACE, The speed networking arena will be located at F70 at the back left of the hall a short walk from the. GESS Talks arena,WHEN IS IT TAKING PLACE, For all education professionals you can select to attend any of the three following Speed Networking sessions. Tuesday 27th February 11 30 12 30,Wednesday 28th February 11 30 12 30. Thursday 1st March 11 30 12 30, For GESS VIP Club members you can select to attend any of the two following Speed Networking sessions. Tuesday 27th February 16 00 17 00,Wednesday 28th February 16 00 17 00.
Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes before the Speed Networking session is due to start. WHO SHOULD GO, These morning sessions are open to any education professional attending GESS Dubai who want to learn from a. selection of the most forward thinking companies that will help them innovate their school. VIP Sessions These afternoon sessions are open to GESS VIP club members only who want to learn from a. selection of the most forward thinking companies that will help them innovate their school. 9 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W,HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO ATTEND. This event is free of charge but as the Speed Networking is taking place during GESS it will be extremely busy. and tickets will go fast so book yours in advance,WHO ARE THE PROVIDERS. This is a surprise Each of the suppliers have been selected based on the most leading edge products in the. education industry with the aim of supporting schools to innovate in multiple areas across the curriculum. This will be through a range of areas such as school fitness school information management systems SIMS. educational videos assessment safeguarding literacy visitor admin tutoring and much more. WILL I NEED TO REGISTER TWICE TO ATTEND GESS DUBAI. No Registering for a Speed Networking session will also automatically register your details to attend GESS Dubai. the event organisers will be in touch following your Speed Networking booking with your official show badge. SIGN UP NOW,10 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W. INSPIRATIONAL STEAM PRODUCTS TO MAKE,STUDENTS TODAY THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW.
STEAM education is vital in preparing the students of today for the jobs of tomorrow It is highly likely that many. of the jobs the students sitting in your classrooms will go on to do don t even exist yet STEAM education covers. a wide range of subjects giving students the power to think critically and use their initiative to problem solve. and become the leaders of tomorrow Keep reading to find out how these STEAM products from our exhibitors. can help you effectively implement an inspiring STEAM curriculum in your school. AL MAZROUI MEDICAL GROUP K10 L10, Visit the stand to see the new launch of the science. catalogue and see a wide range of products that BYTRONIC LTD P20. provide complete solutions for customers Including. design and technology product from tech soft which is Launching at GESS is Process Control Automation. made and customised as per British curriculum and Systems and Field Bus Technology all of which are. high quality products for schools and universities to essential to drive the modern manufacturing process. help them do experiments in practical hands on ways of tomorrow Come to their stand to see full product. demonstrations from BEETEG Bytronic Cussons,Technology Lj Create Mechatronics and RJH. AMATROL C40 CUSSONS TECHNOLOGY P20, Amatrol will be displaying their portable training With the launch of their new range of Modular. systems full scale versions available as well as their Structures Teaching products these three new. new Skill Boss training system An Amatrol learning structures teaching products and software that. system contains everything you need to teach the making teaching and learning about structures. subject a trainer either equipment based or virtual efficient and enjoyable The products are easy to. and curriculum assemble and set up with new and innovative plug. and play computer interface included as standard,11 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W. DATA HARVEST GROUP Q24,ELIZLABS S63,See the latest in STEM innovation with the launch.
of Wireless Smart Sensors A Bluetooth solution Launching Physics Easy is an integrated innovative. that integrates seamlessly into the classroom PC solution for studying and performing experiments in. Mac Tablets Phones It s a fully integrated range physics which includes 4 sets of equipment integrated. of sensors and loggers Visit the stand to build and with student papers and video lessons It makes. control real robots with Scratch studying physics easy visit the stand to see live. experiments,FUN ROBOTICS A2, Offering innovative training solutions that provide. the latest stem and robotics education See different. EDX EDUCATION D62 Robotics and STEM Platforms showcasing Fun. Robotics unique training services that are offered to. With early years primary education and mathematics schools and teachers. resources being a focus this year Edx Education will. launch a fun2play system learnbyplay With sand,and water trays accessories mathematics resources. games kits and so much more to view With the, right learning tools in a classroom you can motivate. students to engage play that will extend their learning. in the classroom find out how first hand and have a. hands on experience of all their educational products. 12 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W, KICKTEK PROJECTORLAMPSFORSCHOOLS CO UK TEACHTECH XYZ Q62. With products hand selected to bring you the best STEM based teaching aids from coding kits to Robots and. everything between Teachtech are experts in educational aids in technology and pride themselves on their ability. to source virtually any educational materials you need in the classroom. LABTECH G30 LJ CREATE P20, Delivering TVET training solutions for use in the Visit to see the launch of Hybrid Vehicle Technology.
classroom to impart employable skills to students and SCADA Industrial Controls With over 10 000. the very core of their designs are modular enabling interactive lessons available on the cloud for STEM. students to connect concepts and schools to save on career development and interactive on screen. costs by combining technology components Make simulators to match our vocational learning hardware. sure you check out their stand for a demo of how to it s a must see especially as visitors to GESS can get. teach TVET using Virtual Reality one month online access to their STEM library. 13 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W,OPTIKA SRL E30. All products are made in Italy and include Van De,MOHAN BROTHERS M60. Graaff Air track Ripple tank Photoelectric effect, With innovative and cost effective solutions that deliver apparatus and ballistic pendulum with a team of. high performance reliability and ease of operation physicists and biologists working to meet market. you can see the launch of the Farm Tractor working demands by designing and producing durable user. demonstration model friendly educational scientific lab equipment. RJH FINISHING SYSTEMS LTD P20,RJH machines are designed specifically for the. NTL FRUHMANN GMBH C30 teaching of valuable hands on skills such as grinding. Presenting the latest addition to the range of Student polishing sanding and drilling RJH machines are. Experiment Kits and a compilation for experiments built to the highest safety and quality standards and. for the topics Work Power and Efficiency The are designed to be easy and safe enough for students. products are simple fast and safe to use with large to use themselves Learning these hands on skills. documentation for experiments and a high quality and is one of the foundations of D T and engineering. long life circle See first hand how the machines on the stand can. facilitate this,14 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W.
SEABERY WP5,SCI TECH UK A3,Presenting Augmented Training methodology. Check out their innovative DAQ and SCADA based which includes Augmented Reality to enhance the. trainers and apparatus one of the few companies training and acquisition of skills and designed for the. making unique trainers Vocational Market The Augmented Reality simulation. trains welders saving costs and time reducing risks. and emissions, STEM REVOLUTION MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT TRAINING LLC E54. STEM Revolution offers professional development for STREAM education along with student summer camps. Taking education to the next level by focusing on collaboration leadership and innovation With innovative STEM. Buses that reach over 40 000 students a year and encourage hands on learning for STEM education Come. experience the latest in STEM learning technology through hands on activities including virtual reality robotics. and even photo opportunities,15 W W W G E S S D U B A I C O M P R E V I E W.

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