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Each lesson in this workbook corresponds to a chapter in Book Yourself Solid which makes it easy to use the workbook as you read the book Furthermore just like the book


Book Yourself Solid Workbook,Book Yourself Solid,The Fastest Easiest and Most Reliable. System for Getting More Clients,Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate. Marketing and Selling,Complimentary,Michael Port, Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved ii. Book Yourself Solid Workbook, All rights reserved No part of this workbook may be reproduced or transmitted in any. form or by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying recording or by. any information and retrieval storage system without written permission from the author. except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. Copyright 2006 by Michael Port All rights reserved First edition 2006. Published in the United States of America, Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved iii.
Book Yourself Solid Workbook, Introduction to the Book Yourself Solid Workbook 1. Your Foundation 2,The Red Velvet Rope Policy 3,Why People Buy What You re Selling 11. Develop a Personal Brand 16,How to Talk About What You Do 26. Building Trust and Credibility 29,Who Knows What You Know and Do They Like You 30. The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle Process 33,The Power of Information Products 44.
Super Simple Selling 49, The Book Yourself Solid 7 Core Self Promotion Strategies 53. The Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy 54, The Book Yourself Solid Direct Outreach Strategy 60. The Book Yourself Solid Referral Strategy 64,The Book Yourself Solid Web Strategy 69. The Book Yourself Solid Speaking and Demonstrating Strategy 75. The Book Yourself Solid Writing Strategy 80,The Book Yourself Solid Keep In Touch Strategy 87. Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved iv. Book Yourself Solid Workbook,Introduction to,the Book Yourself Solid Workbook.
This downloadable workbook includes all of the Written Exercises and Booked Solid. Action Steps contained in Book Yourself Solid Keep this workbook by your side as your. read through the book Every time you get to a Written Exercise record your thoughts in. this workbook Then you ll be ready to take the Booked Solid Action Steps necessary to. fill your business with as many clients as your heart desires. Each lesson in this workbook corresponds to a chapter in Book Yourself Solid which. makes it easy to use the workbook as you read the book Furthermore just like the book. each exercise builds on the previous one and should be done sequentially No skipping. around please, Ultimately this is where the rubber meets the road All the information you need to get. booked solid is laid out in the pages of my book Will you do the work and take the. action steps needed to get you out in the world in a bigger and more positive way Of. course only you know the answer And it s is up to you and you alone as is your. success You are responsible for the way in which today s activities enhance or detract. from your emergent success To me that s an exciting prospect. If you have any questions please email us at questions bookyourselfsolid com We are. happy to serve in any way we can, If you would like additional support and personal coaching from me and my team please. consider joining one of our inspired and connected Book Yourself Solid 15 Week. Intensive group coaching programs Click here to learn more about how we can serve. you and help you get booked solid,Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 1. Book Yourself Solid Workbook,ONE Your Foundation, To be booked solid you need a solid foundation That foundation begins like this. Choose your ideal clients so you work only with people who inspire and energize. Understand why people buy what you are selling, Develop a personal brand so you re memorable and unique.
Talk about what you do without sounding confusing or bland. The exercises in Module I step you through the process of building your foundation so. that you have a platform on which to stand a perfectly engineered structure that will. support all of your business development and marketing and dare I add personal. Building your actual foundation is a bit like putting a puzzle together We re going to. take it one piece at a time and when we re done you ll have laid the foundation for. booking yourself solid,Module One is made up of these lessons. Lesson 1 The Red Velvet Rope Policy, Develop your own red velvet rope policy that allows in only the most ideal clients the. ones who energize and inspire you,Lesson 2 Why People Buy What You re Selling. Learn four steps to understanding why people buy what you re selling an essential. component in creating relentless demand for your services. Step 1 Identify your target market, Step 2 Understand the urgent needs and compelling desires of your target market. Step 3 Offer investable opportunities, Step 4 Uncover and demonstrate the benefits of your investable opportunities.
Lesson 3 Develop a Personal Brand, Develop a plan for deciding how you want to be known in your market. Lesson 4 How to Talk About What You Do, Create a dynamic dialogue for telling people who you are and what you do. Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 2,Book Yourself Solid Workbook. 1 The Red Velvet Rope Policy, 1 1 1 Written Exercise To begin to identify the types of clients you don t want consider. which characteristics or behaviors you refuse to tolerate. What turns you off or shuts you down, What kinds of people should not be getting past the red velvet rope that protects you.
and your business,Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 3. Book Yourself Solid Workbook, 1 1 2 Written Exercise Now take a good hard look at your current clients You must be. absolutely honest with yourself Who among your current clients fits the profile you ve. just created of people who should not have gotten past the red velvet rope that protects. you and your business, 1 1 3 Booked Solid Action Step Dump the dud clients you ve just listed in the above. exercise It may be just one client or you may need another two pages to write them all. down Did I warn you that I d push you to step out of your comfort zone If I didn t then. I am now Is your heart pounding Is your stomach churning at just the thought Have. you broken out in a cold sweat Or are you jumping up and down with excitement now. that you ve been given permission to dump your duds Maybe you re experiencing both. sensations at the same time that s totally normal,Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 4. Book Yourself Solid Workbook, 1 1 4 Written Exercise Define your ideal client List the qualities you d like your ideal.
clients to possess,What type of people do you love being around. What do they like to do,What do they talk about,With whom do they associate. What ethical standards do they follow,How do they learn. How do they contribute to society,Are they smiling outgoing creative. What kind of environment do you want to create in your life. And who will get past the red velvet rope policy that protects you. Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 5,Book Yourself Solid Workbook.
1 1 5 Written Exercise Now let s look at your current client base Write down the. names of clients or people you ve worked with whom you love to be around. Whom do you love interacting with the most,Whom do you look forward to seeing. Who are the clients who don t feel like work to you. Who is it that you sometimes just can t believe you get paid to work with. Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 6,Book Yourself Solid Workbook. 1 1 6 Written Exercise Get a clear picture of these people in your head Write down the. top five reasons that you love working with them What about working with them turns. Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 7,Book Yourself Solid Workbook. 1 1 7 Written Exercise Now go deeper If you were working only with ideal clients what. qualities would they absolutely need to possess in order for you to do your best work. with them Be honest and don t worry about excluding people Be selfish Think about. yourself For this exercise assume you will work only with the best of the best Be brave. and bold and write without thinking or filtering your thoughts. 1 1 8 Written Exercise What filters do you want to run your perfect clients through. Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 8,Book Yourself Solid Workbook. 1 1 9 Written Exercise Fill out the Client Ranking Worksheet Divide your current. clients into three groups ideal clients duds and everyone else Don t hold back. Ideal Clients Duds Everyone Else,Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 9.
Book Yourself Solid Workbook, 1 1 10 Written Exercise Brainstorm your own ideas for reigniting these mid range. clients Contemplate the ways in which you may albeit inadvertently have contributed to. some of your clients being somewhat less than ideal clients Go ahead turn off your. left brain logical mind for a moment and let your right brain creativity go wild. Are there ways in which you can light a new fire or elicit greater passion for the work. you do together, Do you need to set and manage expectations more clearly right from the beginning. Can you enrich the dynamics between you by challenging or inspiring your clients in. Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 10. Book Yourself Solid Workbook,2 Why People Buy What You re Selling. Step 1 Identify Your Target Market, 1 2 1 Written Exercise Take a few moments to think about the following questions and. to jot down whatever comes to you Doing so will provide you with clues to the target. market you re best suited to serve Your passion your natural talents and what you. already know and want to learn more about are key, Who are all the different groups of people who use the kind of services you provide.
Which of these groups do you most relate to or feel the most interest or excitement. about working with, Which group s do you know people in or already have clients in. Which group s do you have the most knowledge about or on the flip side would. you find fascinating to learn more about, What are you most passionate about as it relates to your work. What natural talents and strengths do you bring to your work. What aspects of your field do you know the most about. Michael Port Associates LLC All rights Reserved 11.

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