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Biodata of Dr Prakash D Raut 1 Personal Details 1 Name Dr Prakash D Raut 2 Address Resi 1897 B E ward Aishwarya Residency 10th lane


2 Academic Details, Examination passed Subject Year of Percentage Name of the Board. Subjects with Passing of Marks University,specialization awarding. Certificate Degree,1 B Sc Zoology 1980 70 84 Shivaji University Kop. 2 M Sc Zoology 1982 67 84 Shivaji University Kop,3 Ph D Zoology. Endocinological,Title of Ph D thesis approach to male.
fertility in bonnet Mumbai University,monkey Macaca 1993 Mumbai. Testostyerone,Shivaji University Kop,Education 1984. 4 D H Ed 56 84,Shivaji University Kop,5 B Ed 56 1,1996 Mumbai University. 6 M Ed Education Mumbai,51 25 CDAC Pune,7 Diploma in Information 1999. Technology 85,8 P G diploma in Environment Inst of Environment.
Environment Ecology Ecology Ecology New Delhi,9 Diploma in Education 2004. Education SNDT Women s,Management University Mumbai. Management 74,2007 Bombay Natural History,10 Biodiversity Leadership Biodiversity. Course Qualified,11 Diploma in Remote 2008, Sensing and GIS Remote Sensing Edu SAT DST New Delhi. 3 Area of Specialization Environmental Ecology,Environmental Toxicology.
Environmental Biotechnology,4 Teaching Experience, Govt Name of College Univ Designation Junior From To No of Years. Non Senior, Non Annasaheb College of Arts Lecturer Senior Dec 1982 1 year. Govt Commerce and Science To,Otur Dist Pune Nov 1983. Non New Arts Commerce and Lecturer Senior Nov 1983 8 months. Govt Science College To,Ahmednagar June 1984, Non Shree Pancham Khemraj Lecturer Senior July 1984 1 Year. Govt Mahavidyalaya To,Savantwadi June 1985, Govt Elphinstone College Lecturer Junior 12th July 12 Years.
Mumbai and 1985 to,C H B 27th Aug,Senior 1997, Govt The Institute of Science Sr Lecturer Senior 28th Aug 9 Years. Mumbai P G 1997 to, Univ Shivaji University Reader P G 1st June 7 years. ersity Kolhapur Maharashtra Selected 2005 to, Univ Shivaji University Professor P G 1st June 7 years. ersity Kolhapur Maharashtra Selected 2005 to,Faculty Development Programs attended. Program Year Duration Subject Place, Orientation 2000 21 days General Orientation Mumbai.
Course University,Refresher 1999 21 days Zoology Institute of. Course Science Mumbai,Ph D 1990 93 4 Years Zoology Institute of. Science Mumbai,Endocrinology,Research 2001 15 days UNU Mangroves CAS in Marine. Training UNESCO Biodiversity Biology,Portonova TN,International. 2004 1st June to 31st Animal Cell Culture National Institute. June 2004 of Virology Pune,5 Research Experience Training.
Research Experience,i 3 years as Ph D Scholar,ii 21 years independent research. Ph D Thesis, Endocrinological approach to male fertility in bonnet monkey Macaca radiata Testosterone enanthate. 4 Ph D M Phil M Tech and M Sc by Research Awarded, Sr No Name of the Regd Date of Year of Branch and Brief title of Remarks. student For M Registratio award research,regd Sc M n of. Phil Degree, 1 Ms Vaidehi Ph D 27 04 04 2007 Zoology Effect of nickel on Awarded.
Mayekar the neuroendocrine physiology,of the female crab Scylla. serrata Forskal, 2 Mr Manoj Ph D 23 02 04 2007 Zoology Studies on the Awarded. Khushwah Methyl farnesoate induced,biophysiochemical changes in. various tissues of the crab,Scylla serrata Forskal. 3 Mr V J Ph D 05 05 04 2008 Zoology Stress effects of Awarded. Kulkarni cadmium metal ions and,influence of serotonin on the.
endocrine physiology of the,blood clam Cardiata antiquata. 4 Ms S D M Phil 1 07 06 2008 Environmental Science Awarded. Diwan Environmental impact of,Ganesh idol,immersion a case study of. 5 Ms J R M Phil 1 07 06 2008 Environmental Science Awarded. Kambale Studies on toxicological,impact of tannery waste. 6 Mr J P M Phil 1 07 06 2009 Environmental Science Awarded. Kashid Studies on the physicochemical,parameters of inshore waters at. Malvan Dist Sindhudurg,7 Ms A S M Phil 1 06 06 2008 Zoology Awarded.
Injal Lead Pb toxicity studies in,the fresh water bivalve. Lamellidens marginalis,8 Ms P S M Phil 1 07 06 2008 Zoology Awarded. Bavalekar Impact of Lead Pb on,reproduction of fresh water. bivalve Lamellidans,marginalis, 9 Mr J S Patil M Tech 2008 Environmental Science and Awarded. Technology,Application of root zone,technology for dairy wastewater.
10 Ms Vaidehi M Sc 18 01 99 2003 Zoology Awarded,Mayekar PPR Some aspects of endocrine. physiology of the crab Scylla,serrata Forskal, 11 Ms Mansi M Tech 2010 Environmental Science and Awarded. Pawar Technology,Design and maintenance of,constructed wetlands for textile. industries, 12 Mr Yadav M Tech 2011 Environmental Science and Awarded. Subhash Technology,Performance analysis of Surface.
constructed wetland with water, 13 Mr V V Ph D 1 01 2007 2013 Environmental Science Awarded. Jadhav Toxicity study and risk,assessment of Bisphenol A. 14 Ms Bharati Ph D 1 07 2007 2013 Zoology Awarded,S Wali Physiological evaluation of. female workers in relation to,work and stresses in Tobacco. 15 Ms Sonal G Ph D 1 07 2007 2013 Environmental Science Awarded. Chonde Studies on degradability of,polyamide based plastic waste.
by Biological methods, 16 Ms Deepali M Phil 1 07 2009 2012 Environmental Science Awarded. D Biraje Studies on assessment of,Physio chemical and microbial. characteristics of Municipal,Solid Waste MSW of,Kolhapur and Sangli city. 17 Ms Yojana Ph D 1 07 2008 2013 Environmental Science Awarded. Y Patil Studies on demographic,surveillance and water. resources utilization in and,around Jaitapur Tal Rajapur.
Dist Ratnagiri, 18 Mr M Tech 2013 Removal of phosphorus from Awarded. Mansingh sewage effluent by adsorption,Patil on Laterite. 19 Ms Maske M Tech 2013 Performance evaluation of Awarded. vegetated vermin filtration,system for treatment of. domestic wastewater,Ph D M Phil M Sc M Tech by Research submitted. Sr Name of the Regd For Date of Year of Branch and Brief title of research Remarks. student M Sc Registrati award,No regd M Phil on of.
Ph D Degree,1 1Mr B G M Sc 11 12 02 Zoology Submitted. R Biodiversity of zooplankton in relation,to mangrove ecosystem of Mumbai. 2 2Mrs V H M Sc 5 02 03 Zoology Submitted,R Role of some steroids in reproductive. endocrinology of the female crab Scylla,serrata Forskal. 3 3Mr C A Ph D 1 07 2006 Environmental Science Submitted. Chandagade Bioremediation and toxicological studies. of effluents from textile industry, 4 4Mr V N Ph D 1 7 2009 Environmental Science Studies on Submitted.
Patil Toxicity of Organophosphorus and,Neonicotinoid pesticides in. Invertebrate animal model,5 Ph D M Phil M Tech and M Sc by Research working. Sr Name of the student Regd For Date of Branch and Brief title of research Remarks. No registered M Sc M Registrati,Phil Ph D on, 1 Mr Shantaram D Surve Ph D 1 07 2008 Environmental Science GIS Working. based studies on Ecology of Gaur,Bos gauras with special reference. to habitat utilization in Radhanagari,WLS Maharashtra India.
2 Mrs Priya P Loni Ph D 1 07 2009 Environmental Science Working. Evaluation of ground water quality,in Karvir taluka Dist Kolhapur. 3 Mrs Pallavi R Bhosale Ph D 1 07 12 Environmental Science Working. Studies on extraction of sugarcane,wax from pressmud and application. of pressmud as compost in,agriculture, 4 Mrs Rasiya C Padalkar Ph D 1 07 12 Environmental Science Working. Studies on the potential of soil,carbon sequestration in agro. ecosystem by using improved,agricultural practices.
5 Ms Rachana R Ingawale Ph D 1 07 12 Environmental Science Working. Studies on degradability of,polyethylene based plastic by. biological methods, 6 Mrs Manjusha R Jadhav Ph D 1 07 12 Environmental Science Working. Evaluation of veterinary drug,residues in major foods of animal. 7 Mr Ganesh H Kadam Ph D 1 07 12 Environmental Science Working. Study of silver nanoparticles,AgNP in the crab Paratelphusa. jacquemontii, 8 Mr Nandkishor B Gaikwad M Phil 1 07 12 Environmental Science Working.
Geochemical characterization of,major and trace elements in. groundwater soil and mudflates,around Malvan coast district. Sindhudurg, 9 Mr Anil R Dhas M Phil 1 07 12 Environmental Science Working. Studies on impact of dry sugarcane,leaf mulching on soil quality in. Karveer taluka of Kolhapur district, 10 Mr Vinay Patil M Tech 2013 Environmental Science and Working.
Technology,Study of adsorption of heavy,metals from industrial. wastewater by using coal fly ash, 11 Mr Kulkarni Mahesh M M Tech July 2011 Environmental Science and Working. Technology,Treatment of pharmaceutical,wastewater by Fenton s reaction. 12 Ms Gaikwad S L M Tech July 2012 Environmental Science and Working. Technology,Removal of heavy metals from,industrial wastewater using. bioabsorbent, 13 Ms Teli P M M Tech July 2012 Environmental Science and Working.
Technology,A model based optimization of an,anaerobic treatment for industrial. wastewater treatment, 14 Ms Patil A D M Tech July 2012 Environmental Science and Working. Technology,Treatment of textile wastewater by,Fenton s process as advanced. oxidation process, 15 Ms Shinde M P M Tech July 2012 Environmental Science and Working. Technology,Studies on simultaneous removal of,Hexavalent Cr and Nitrate from.
simulated wastewater using,selective filter media, 16 Ms Rajaram Supriya S M Tech July 2012 Environmental Science and Working. Technology,Optimization of anaerobic digestor,of Sugar industry. 6 Research Publications, Sr no Name of Year of Title of the Paper Name of ISSN Vol Page Impact. Author s publica Journals No No factor, 1 Raut P D 1997 Serum biochemistry of Bioresearch 0895 1 2 16 21. and male bonnet monkey Journal 4356,Bhiwgade D Macaca radiata treated.
A with testosterone, 2 Raut P D 1998 Effect of testosterone Trends in 2231 13 1 33 36. and enanthate on a few Life 6345,Bhiwgade D testicular enzymes in Sciences. A bonnet monkey Macaca, 3 Avari K M 1998 Effect of DMPA and TE on Trends in 2231 13 2 59 69. Bhiwgade D anterior pituitary and Life 6345,A and Raut accessory glands of male Sciences. P D albino rats Ultrastructural,and biochemical approach.
4 Avari K M 1999 Effect of Depot Trends in 2231 14 13 22. Raut P D Medroxyprogesterone Life 6345 1,Kadam V K acetate Testosterone Sciences. and enanthate on the histology,Bhiwgade D of the testis and the. A reproductive tract of the,adult male albino rats. 5 Borkar 2000 Cytoarchitecture of the U P 20 3 209. Manoj adenohypophyseal Journal of 212,Mantri U U folliculostellate cell of male Zoology. Avari K M flat headed bat Tylonycteris,Raut P D pachypus TEMMINCK.
Bhiwgade D, 6 Raut P D 2001 Ultrastructural observations Biochem 0972 1 1 35 40. and of gonadotroph cells and Cell Arch 5075,Bhiwgade D hormonal studies after. A testosterone enanthate,treatment in male bonnet,monkey Macaca radiate. 7 Bhiwgade D 2001 Study of clinical biochemistry Biochem 0972 1 61 69. A Vaishali in DMPA TE treated male Cell Arch 5075,Kadam and albino rat. 8 Raut P D 2003 Biochemical observations Biochem 0972 3 17 22. and on the prostrate and seminal Cell Arch 5075 1 2. Bhiwgade D vesicle of testosterone,A enanthate treated bonnet.
monkey Macaca radiata,Geoffroy Biochem, 9 Pawar S S 2003 Effect of 5 HT treatment on Bior 09719 4 2 1 7. Raut P D the carbohydrate metabolism Research 660,Tope J R of the crab Scylla serrata Journal. and Venktesh Forskal,10 DA 1998 DMPA TE Bull Of V17A 69 81. Bhiwagade Endocrinological approach to pure and 2,PD Raut male fertility in rats applied sci. and Bellare, 11 Mayekar 2003 Bioaccumulation studies in BioResearc 09796 4 2 8 7.
Vaidehi different tissues of the crab h Journal 60. Pawar S S Scylla serrata Forskal,and Raut P exposed to cadmium. 12 Chandagade 2007 Textile effluents and its Macmillan ISBN 1 270. C A Manoj impact on urban ecosystem Advance No 273. Kushwah and in the proceedings of Research 10,Raut P D International Conference on Series 230. Urban Planning and 63066,Environment Strategies and 9. Challenges, 13 Injal A S 2008 Effect of lead and calcium Journal of 0971 20 245. and Raut P chelation therapy on Ecotoxicolo 0965 249. D behaviour of fresh water gy,bivalve Lamellidens,marginalis.
14 Kashid J P 2009 Seasonal variation in some Nature 0972 8 2 261. Patil A K heavy metals of inshore Environmen 6268 266. Samant J S waters of Malvan t and,and Raut P Maharashtra Pollution. Technology, 15 Injal A S 2009 Remedial effect of Calcium Journal of 09724 9 77 84. and Raut P on Lead induced alterations Ecophysiolo 397. D in proteins and phosphatase gy and,activities in gill and mantle of Occupation. freshwater bivalve al Health,Lamellidens marginalis. 16 Kamble J R 2009 Alterations in the enzyme Journal of 1864 24 131. Jadhav V V activities in Lamellidens Aquatic 7790 138. Chandagade marginalis exposed to Biology,C A and tannery wastewater.
17 Injal A S and 2010 Bioaccumulation of lead Journal of 09724 10 21 26. Raut P D Ecophysiolo 397 1 2,Pb and remediation by gy and. calcium chelation therapy in Occupation,the gills and mantle of fresh al Health. water bivalve Lamellidens,marginalis, 18 Pandian M 2010 Quantification of Bioresource ISBN 1 367. Prabhu Histamine Content in Tuna s for Food 93804 372. Nilima Thunnus species During Secutity and 28197,Pawar S S Processing Rural. and P D Livelihood, 19 Meshram 2010 Study on the occurrence of Bioresource ISBN 2 257.
Leena N Human Pathogenic Bacteria s for Food 93804 263. Pawar S S in Trichiurus Spp During Secutity and 28197. and Raut P frozen storage Rural,D Livelihood, 20 Patil V N 2010 Assessment of the status and Journal of 0971 13 P 20. Patil A K ecological impact of Rab Advances in 9563 1 29. Samant J S burning cultivation in some Science and. and Raut P villages of Shahuwadi tehsil Technology. D of Kolhapur District, 21 Y Y Patil 2010 Studies on the status of open Journal of 0971 13 1 P. and P D wells in Kolhapur city Advances in 9563 165. Raut Science and 170,Technology, 22 P P Loni A 2010 Studies on groundwater Journal of 0971 13 1 p p. K Patil and quality from different wards Advances in 9563 193. P D Raut of Kolhapur city Science and 202,Technology. 23 D D Biraje 2010 Studies on status of solid Journal of 0971 13 1 p p. A K Patil waste management of Advances in 9563 130. and P D Kolhapur city Science and 136,Raut Technology.
24 Sartape 2010 Efficient Adsorption of Adsorption 0263 28 6 547. Ashish S Chromium VI Ions from Science 6174 560 0 559. Raut Prakash Aqueous Solution onto a Technology,D Kolekar Low cost Adsorbent. Sanjay S Developed from Limonia,acidissima,Wood Apple Shell. 25 Lad R J 2011 Study of Noise pollution Indian 2230 Vol I pp. Patil V N during Deepawali festival in Stream 7850 82 83 0 2105. Raut P D Kolhapur city of Maharashtra Research,26 Rao T B 2011. Environmental Audit of,Universal 2249 Vol 51,Chonde S G Journal of 0256 1 57. Sugar Factory A case study,Bhosale P R Environment.
Jadhav A S of Kumbhi Kasari Sugar al Research,and Raut P D Factory Kuditre Kolhapur and. Technology,27 Patil Shilpa 2011,Study of physicochemical and. Advances in 0976 2 6 505,G Chonde Applied 8610 519. biological characteristics of, Sonal Goroba lakes from Shivaji University Science. Jadhav Campus Kolhapur Research,Aasawari Maharashtra.
28 Rao T B 2012,Environmental Audit of,Journal of 0972 Vol 141. Chonde S G Nature 6268 11 145,Distillery Factory A case. Bhosale P R Environment Issue,study of Kumbhi Kasari. Jadhav A S and pollution 1,Distillery Factory Kuditre. and Raut P Technology,29 Yadav S B 2011 Performance evaluation of.
Universal 2249 Vol 435,Jadhav A S surface flow constructed 0256 1 441. Journal of,Chonde S G wetland system by using Issue. Environment,and Raut Eichhornia crassipes for 4,al Research. P D wastewater treatment in an,institutional complex. Technology, 30 Patil Trupti S 2012 An Analysis of Energy Indian 2230 Vol 1 pp 1.
Chonde S G Stream 7850 4,Consumption pattern in 0 2105. Jadhav A S Research,Shivaji University Campus,and Raut P. Kolhapur Maharashtra Journal, 31 Darure M V 2012 Effect of residual Annals of 0976 3 1 192. Chonde S G concentration of Endosulfan Biological 1233 195. Bhosale P R on the nitrogenase enzyme Research,and Raut P D activity in Arachis hypogea. 32 Patil Shilpa 2012 Impact of Physico Chemical Research 2277 Vol 56. G Chonde Characteristics of Shivaji Journal of 2502 1 2 60. Sonal G University lakes Recent,Jadhav Sciences,Aasawari S on Phytoplankton.
and Raut Communities Kolhapur,Prakash D India, 33 Mangale 2012 Use of Moringa Oleifera Research 2277 Vol 31. Sapana M Drumstick seed as Natural Journal of 2502 1 3 40. Chonde Sonal Absorbent and an Recent,G and Raut,P D Antimicrobial agent for Sciences. Ground water Treatment, 34 Mangale S 2012 Study of Moringa oleifera J Nat Prod 2231 2 1 89. M Chonde S Drumstick seed as natural Plant 3184 100. G Jadhav A Absorbent and Antimicrobial Resource,S and Raut agent for River water. P D treatment, 35 Jadhav V V Genotoxicity of Bisphenol Asian 0972 9 No 39 43 0 2.
Chandgade A on root meristem cells of Journal of 9860 1. C A Patil A 2012 Allium cepa a cytogenetic Water,K and Raut approach Environmen. 36 Chonde Sonal 2012 Studies on degradation of International 0976 Vol 2435 0 1. G Chonde synthetic polymer Nylon 6 by Journal of 44 2 No 2442. Sachin G fungus Trametes versicolor Environment 3,Bhosale NCIM 1086 al Sciences. Nakade D B,and Raut P, 37 Chonde Sonal 2012 Studies on degradation of Journal of 0973 Vol 709. G Chonde synthetic polymer Nylon 6 by Environment 6921 6 No 714 0 157. Sachin G lignolytic fungus al Research 3A,Bhosale Phanerochaete and. Pallavi R and Chrysosporium NCIM 1073 Development, 38 Chonde SG 2013 Studies on degradation of Int J of 2279 V4 4 362.
Chonde synthetic polymer Nylon 6 Emerging 0055 369. Sachin G Raut and nylon 6 6 by P techno In,aeruginosa NCIM 2242. PD Computation,al and app, 39 Bhosale P R 2012 Studies on extraction of Journal of 0973 Vol 715. sugarcane wax from press 0 157,Chonde S G Environment 6921 6 No 720. and Raut P mud of sugar factories from al Research 3A. Kolhapur district,Maharashtra,Development, 40 Loni P P 2012 Studies on the Groundwater Int J of 2277 Vol 224. Raut P D Quality from Six Villages of Applied 9442 1 No 231.

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