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Suitable for new projects and renovations Clivet AQX air handling units are designed to be employed in commercial civil business applications as far as in hotels congress centres theatres fitness centres Moreover Clivet AQX units are also suitable for critical uses such as hospitals high tech industry clean rooms pharmaceutical or food


Suitable for new projects and renovations Clivet AQX air handling units. Applications are designed to be employed in commercial civil business. applications as far as in hotels congress centres theatres fitness. Commercial and centres, Moreover Clivet AQX units are also suitable for critical uses such as. Industrial hospitals high tech industry clean rooms pharmaceutical or food. industry where the requirements for cleaning and hygiene are. New projects and Clivet high efficiency comfort solutions contribute to attaining Green. Building LEED Certification Clivet is member of Green Building Council. renovation Italy supporting the Association in spreading sustainable building. principles,Total life cycle cost,Standard unit AQX. Maintenance and Service,50 Energy Consumption,25 First investment. When choosing an air handling unit it is very important to look at the. Total life cycle cost Total Life Cycle Cost considering all the variables capital cost ongoing. maintenance cost and energy consumption cost, Rapid return on The energy costs represent on average 70 of the total life cycle cost. mainly due to fan operation, first investment Savings generated by Clivet AQX advanced design and operating.
efficiency guarantee a rapid return on the first investments and lower. energy bills,Eurovent Certification, Since many years Clivet participates in the EUROVENT. Certification Programme which certifies the performance. ratings of air conditioning and refrigeration products AQX units can be selected. according to European and international standards in Eurovent A class. Construction Certification Eurovent Certification according to EN 1886. AQX units are certified by Eurovent for construction Model boxes PU50 RW50. according to the Directive EN 1886 Ventilation for buildings Casing Mechanical Strenght D1 D1. Air Handling Units Mechanical performance The units Maximum relative deflection mm x m 1 4 00 4 00. are designed with great mechanical performances to avoid Casing Air Leakage at 400 Pa L1 L2. Maximum leakage rate f400 l x s 1 x m 2 0 15 0 44,energy loss through casing and structure. Casing Air Leakage at 700Pa L1 L2, Energy Certification Maximum leakage rate f400 l x s 1 x m 2 0 22 0 63. Filter Bypass Leakage F9 F9, Eurovent also certifies the AQX selection software and Maximum filter bypass leakage rate k in of the volume airflow 0 50 0 50. performance according to the Directive EN 13053,Thermal Transmittance T2 T3.
Ventilation for Buildings Air Handling Units Ratings and Thermal Transmittance U W m2 x K 0 5 U 1 1 U 1 4. performance for units components and sections,Thermal Bridging of the casing TB3 TB3. guaranteeing high quality levels and energy efficiency Thermal bridging factor kb W m2 x K 0 45 kb 0 6 0 45 kb 0 6. The certification is periodically tested by Eurovent to assure Acoustic insulation dB. the performance, Frequency 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz 8000Hz. PU50 6 11 12 14 13 29 36, PU50 Double skin polyurethane panel 50mm Thick RW50 11 14 15 20 20 28 36. RW50 Double skin mineral rock wool panel 50mm Thick. Supervision System,total air conditioning control,Chillers Heat Pumps Condensing units. Air source,Water source,Capacity from 5kW to 1700kW.
Terminal units,Capacity from 1 kW to 80 kW, Air handling can be used for direct air conditioning all air system or. The complete integrated in complementary systems whose aim is the thermal load. satisfaction mixed system, air conditioning system In both cases AQX units can rely on the complete system from Clivet. designed for total integration best overall efficiency and ease of. selection and installation, The Clivet system include a wide range of products available with. many versions and options to match with individual applications. The AQX range is developed on 32 standard sizes with air flow from. An answer to any 1 300 to 100 000 m3 h 350 28 000 l s at 2 to 2 5 m s air velocity. Minimum airflow 500 m3 h 140 l s Up to 160 000 m3 h 44 400 l s at 4. needs m s air velocity in suitable applications, According to specific architectural requirements and structural. constraints the unit height and width can be fitted with step 50mm. 32 standard sizes All model configurations are available for indoor or outdoor vertical or. horizontal installation as well as with units on top of each other behind. maximum flexibility each other or next to each other. The product can be further customised according to the specific needs of. and modularity each project always with the maximum attention in the choice of the. best components in order to satisfy the highest quality standards. Thanks to AQX flexibility and modularity the designer can easily. transform the concept into a real plant, The AQX selection tool has user friendly interface complete with a wide.
Selection software range of configuration and customisation options. In a very short time it allows the units to be sized and supplies the. fast and reliable detailed offer with all relevant technical information All parameters are. easily adaptable to adjustments in the design phase. The project can be exported in PDF or RTF format complete with. performance data fan performance curves and price list. The technical draw of the selected unit can be exported in DWG format. Thermal break design, The best thermal performance and the minimum heat losses are assured by the highest level technology frame. Structure with aluminium profiles and ABS gasket for thermal break. Double chamber type profiles so that the fixings screws are totally concealed. Solid connecting corners made of glass reinforced nylon complete with thermal break. Concealed intermediate profile for best thermal break and reduced length. Modular frame for an easier transport and lifting in plant. Section junction realised with ABS profile for a perfect thermal break. The base frame is independent for each section made of galvanized thick sheet steel. Double skin,insulated panel,Plastic profile,thermal bridge. Corner profile,Plastic cap,Double skin panels Heat exchangers. The closing panels are double skin type with double sheet steel and Heating and cooling heat exchangers are available in different types. insulation through either polyurethane foam thickness 50mm density 40 water high temperature water steam and direct expansion. kg m3 or fibrous mineral wool density 90 kg m3 complete with gasket. Standard coils are made with copper tubes and aluminium fins they are. for thermal break, available in different diameters thickness and four types of tubes. External sheet is coated with polyester powder colour RAL 9001 geometry Fins have different shapes and space to increase the thermal. exchange They can be supplied in aluminium copper or coated The. For best individual customisation AQX units can be selected with seven. header in steel or copper can be threaded or flanged. types of materials for the internal and external panels with different. thicknesses Coils are standard supplied with drain pan with thermal insulation. properly sloped to eliminate water stagnation, On request panels can be supplied with doors for inspection and.
service There are solutions with hinges to allow left or right openings or. even the total removal of the door complete with internal and external. handles to assure the maximum safety, The unit can be equipped with double wall portholes made of. polycarbonate and with sealing gaskets With lighting inside. Fans and motors Heat recovery, Ventilation is one of the most important features for the evaluation of The energy contained in the exhaust air can be recovered through a. an air handling unit since it represents the first element of energy suitable equipment. consumption, AQX units can be supplied with different recovery systems. Fans are available in the following types,Cross flow. Forward curved blade Heat wheel sensible or enthalpy hygroscopic type. Backwards curved blade Run around coils,Backwards curved aerofoil blade.
Available in different construction configurations mounted rubber or. spring isolators coupled to folding bellows joints for quiet operation. They can be directly coupled to electrical motor or with belt pulley. transmission,Motors are available in the following types. Asynchronous three phase motor,Electronically controlled EC. Inverter driven, Electric motors are compliant to IEC 60034 30 and European. Regulation EC 640 2009 They are rated IE2 High Efficiency. Air filters Accessories, The indoor air quality is threatened by external and internal pollutants Steam humidifier. that affect our health and building For this reason filtration is essential Electrode boiler steam humidifier. Water to waste evaporating wet deck humidifier, AQX can be equipped with different types of filters with high filtration.
efficiency G2 to HEPA H14 according to CEN EN 779 and 1822 according Heating auxiliary options with electric heaters or gas burner. to design and installation requirements module, All inside metalwork available in galvanized steel aluminium. Prefilters AISI 304 or AISI 316,Soft bags Sound attenuators. Rigid bags Further customization,HEPA filters,Active absorber carbon. SE13C001I 00, Air quality is a critical issue in buildings like hospitals high tech. Configuration industry clean rooms pharmaceutical or food industry where high. hygiene standards are required, for high hygiene AQX units can be equipped with a specific frame with completely.
smooth inner surfaces without edges or screw connections They. standards feature full access to internal components for easy cleaning. All materials have been chosen to guarantee the highest quality. Full control system, AQX units are available with in built control package. Control packages It can include,Electric power panel. Microprocessor control unit, speed up design Sensors for air temperature relative humidity air quality. pressure and flow rate,Control valves and actuators. and installation, Two way or modulating humidification control valve.
Shutter valve servo controls,with best reliability Safety equipment. All control components are factory installed and tested. TECHNICAL DATA,DF13D001I 00,SIZES EXTERNAL SECTION 11. AQX Height x Width mm 10,4 720x870 5,5 720x920 4,6 720x1 020 3. 7 820x970 2,8 820x1 020, 9 820x1 170 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000 m3 h. 0 278 555 833 1111 1389 1667 1944 2222 2500 2778 l s. 10 920x1 120,11 920x1 220,12 1 070x1 220 22,13 1 070x1 370 21.
14 1 170x1 370 20,15 1 170x1 570,16 1 320x1 570,17 1 420x1 620. 18 1 420x1 770 15,19 1 520x1 820 14,20 1 520x2 070 13. 21 1 670x2 120, 22 1 770x2 220 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000 40000 45000 m h. 1389 2778 4167 5555 6944 8333 9722 11111 12500 l s. 23 1 920x2 370,24 2 020x2 470,25 2 120x2 620 32,26 2 270x2 820 31. 27 2 270x3 170 30,28 2 270x3 570 29,29 2 270x4 020 28.
30 2 270x4 570 27,31 2 270x5 170,32 2 270x5 870,Height without basement 140mm 23. 25000 50000 75000 100000 125000 150000 175000 m3 h. 6944 13889 20833 27778 34722 41667 48611 l s,2 2 m s 2 5 m s 4 0 m s. Air flow rate range according to the speed Air Flow. CLIVET SPA CLIVET NEDERLAND B V CLIVET MIDEAST FZCO. Via Camp Lonc 25 Z I Villapaiera 32032 Feltre BL Italy Siliciumweg 20a 3812 SX Amersfoort Netherlands Dubai Silicon Oasis DSO High Bay Complex Ind Unit No 3. Tel 39 0439 3131 Fax 39 0439 313300 info clivet it Tel 31 0 33 7503420 Fax 31 0 33 7503424 PO BOX 28178 Dubai UAE. info clivet nl Tel 9714 3208499 Fax 9714 3208216 info clivet ae. CLIVET ESPA A S A, Parque Empresarial Villapark Avda Quitapesares 50 CLIVET GmbH CLIVET AIRCONDITIONING SYSTEMS P LTD. 28670 Villaviciosa de Od n Madrid Espa a Hummelsb tteler Steindamm 84 22851 Norderstedt 3C3 Gundecha Onclave Kherani Road Saki Naka Andheri. Tel 34 91 6658280 Fax 34 91 6657806 info clivet es Germany East Mumbai 400 072 India. Tel 49 0 40 32 59 57 0 Fax 49 0 40 32 59 57 194 Tel 91 22 6193 7000 Fax 91 22 6193 7001. CLIVET UK LTD info de clivet com sales india clivet com. 4 Kingdom Close Segensworth East Fareham Hampshire. PO15 5TJ United Kingdom CLIVET RUSSIA, Tel 44 0 1489 572238 Fax 44 0 1489 573033 Elektrozavodskaya st 24 office 509 107023 Moscow Russia. info clivet uk co uk Tel 74956462009 Fax 74956462009 info ru clivet com.

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