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Inverter with Passive Active Regenarative Snubbers International Review of Electrical Engineering IREE Vol 8 Issue 6 Nov Dec 2013 APEC Digest 5 11 Mrs A Sowmiya Asst Prof EEE Dr J Baskaran Prof EEE A Harmonic Based Phase Shifted Control LLC Resonant Converter For Inductively Coupled Power Transfer System International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology Vol 3 Issue 1


APEC Digest,Dear Colleagues, It gives me immense pleasure to present the fifth issue of the bi monthly APEC. Digest for Jan Feb carrying details of activities and achievements of students and faculty. members of the college In this issue activities of the various organs of the college are. classified as below, 1 Faculty publications both presented at conferences and published in journals. 2 Faculty Development Program FDP organised and attended. 3 Guest lecturers organized,4 Faculty interaction with outside world. 5 Industrial visit,6 Participation of students in various events. 7 Presentation of paper by students,8 Student Chapter activities.
9 Alumni Interaction,10 Accolades,11 Awards and Recognition. I am delighted to express here that the College has received ICTACT Academic Partner. Excellence Award 2014 and we have attained the grade of Category 2 in the AICTE CII. Survey of Industry Linked Technical Institution Survey 2013. The Students of our college has received various awards and recognition from renowned. institutions I do hope that the Digest would be of immense value to industries and they. would come forward to utilize this in their activities and also establish continuous contact. with the institute, Expecting a great cooperation in the years to come. Yours Sincerely,Dr V Ramasamy,APEC Digest,A Faculty s Front. I Faculty publication details,a Presented, S No Name of the Author Title Name of the conference Date. National conference on,Challenges in Analysis, Mr T D Ramadasan Conversion of Waste to Design and Construction of.
1 28 02 14, Assistant Professor Building Material Civil Engineering. CHANCE 2014,UCET Thindivanam,Accelerated particle,2nd International. Dr N Senthil kumar Swarm Algorithm the,Conference on Advances. 2 Asst Prof Mech Performance of Multi 06 01 2014,in Industrial Engineering. layered Coated Carbide,Applications,Turning Inserts.
Mr J Sivakumar,Fabrication and Testing Recent Advances in. 3 Mr K Alagar raja, of Fibre Reinforced Mechanical Engineering 07 02 2014. Mr D Thamilselvan,Composite material 2014,Asst Prof Mech. Lower Power and High, Mr J Raja Performance in National Level Conference. 4 20 02 2014,Asst Prof ECE Reversible Sequential on BIOTISC 14.
Mrs P Tamizharasi Harmonic Compensation International Conference 21st 22nd. Asst Prof EEE in Grid Connected Wind on Control February. 5 Dr J Baskaran Energy System using Communication and Power 2014. Prof HOD EEE STATCOM Engineering,An International,SLASE A Secured Login. Mr B Sivakumar Conference on Advanced,6 Authentication System 15 02 2014. Asst Prof IT in Computer Engineering,with Strong Encryption. and Application,b Published, S No Name of the Author Title Journal Name No Page. Mr C Selin International Journal of, Ravikumar Assistant Civil Structural Application of FRP for.
Professor Environmental and Strengthening and 4 1 49 60. Dr T S Infracture Engineering Retrofitting of Civil February 2014. Thandavamoorthy Research and Development Engineering Structures. Professor IJCSEIERD,APEC Digest,Retrofitting of,Dr T S International Journal of. seismically damaged 2 1 11 23,2 Thandavamoorthy Research in Civil. masonry structures February 2014,Professor Environmental Engineering. using FRP a review,Study on Mechanical and,117 2 308 317. Mr A Krishnamoorthi European Journal of Durability properties of. Associate Professor Scientific Research Silica fume based Quarry. January 2014,dust Concrete,Dr R Senthil An Experimental study on.
Prof Mech heat transport American Journal of 584 591 2014. capability of a two phase,4 Dr M Kannan Applied Sciences 11 ISSN 1546. Thermo syphon,Prof Mech charged with different 4 9239. working fluids,Numerical Simulation of,Dr N Senthil kumar Effects of Machining. World Journal of,Asst Prof Parameters and Tool Vol 10 No 1. 5 Modeling and,Mech Geometry Using Deform pp 49 59 2014.
Simulation,3d Optimization And,Experimental Validation. Volume 1 Issue,Effects of Biodiesel Blend International Journal. Mr V Nadanakumar 11 in January,6 on Performance of Low for Scientific Research. Asst Prof Mech 2014,Heat Rejection Engine and Development. International Journal of,Advanced Research in,Vol 3 Issue 1.
Mrs P Radika High Voltage Gain Electrical,7 pp 6902 6910. Dr J Baskaran Interleaved Boost Electronics and,January 2014. Prof EEE Converter Instrumentation,Engineering,International Journal of. Advanced Research in,Mr S A Elankurisil Reduction of Ripple Using. Electrical Vol 3 Issue 1,Asst Prof EEE Filter with DCDC.
8 Electronics and pp 6827 6834,Dr J Baskaran Coupled Inductor. Instrumentation January 2014,Engineering,A High Efficiency DC DC. Journal of Electrical Vol 9 Issue 2,Boost Converter with. 9 Dr P Radika Engineering pp 501 507,Passive Regenerative. Technology 2014, Inverter with International Review of Vol 8 Issue 6.
10 Dr P Radika Passive Active Electrical Engineering Nov Dec 2013. Regenarative Snubbers IREE,APEC Digest,Mrs A Sowmiya A Harmonic Based Phase. Asst Prof EEE Shifted Control LLC International Journal of Vol 3 Issue. 11 Dr J Baskaran Resonant Converter For Engineering Research 1 pp 1125 1131. Prof EEE Inductively Coupled Power and Technology January 2014. Transfer System,An Integrated Four Port International Journal of. Dr J Baskaran,DC DC Soft Advanced Research in,Prof EEE Vol 3 Issue 1. Switching Boost Converter Electrical,12 Miss N Dhivya Devi pp 6843 6850. with SARC for Electronics and,Asst Prof EEE January 2014.
Renewable Energy Instrumentation,Applications Engineering. High Efficiency AC AC International Journal of Volume 3. Mr C Kadhiravan Power Electronic Engineering and Issue 3 pp 87. 13 Mr P Mahendraperuma Converter Applied To Advanced Technology 90 February. n Domestic Induction IJEAT 2014,Multi Objective Reactive International Journal of. Mr J Madhavan, Power Compensation Innovative Research in Vol 2 Issue 1 pp. Asst Prof EEE,14 Using Evolutionary Computer 2571 2580. Mr K R Venkatesan, Programming and Particle and Communication January 2014.
Asst Prof EEE,Swarm Optimization Engineering,Dr A Bhuvaneswari. International Journal of,Mr S Sakthitharan Assessment of Service. Engineering and, 15 Mrs S Uma Composition Plan using ISSN 2319 7242. Computer Science,Mr G Srinivasan Coloured Petrinets. Asst Prof CSE,International Review,Secured and Encrypted.
on Computers and Vol 8 N 10 Oct,Mrs A Latha Data Aggregation with. 16 software 2013 ISSN,Asst Prof CSE Authentication Code in. Wireless Sensor IRECOS,Volume 2 Issue,Mr M V Prabhakaran Moving Foreground Object. 17 IJARCSMS 1Jan 2014,Asst Prof CSE Detection and,ISSN 2321 7782. Mrs R Srividya,18 Privacy Support Based on,Asst Prof CSE.
Dissimilar Clustering in,NCITCS 14 07 02 2014,Ms BangaruKamatchi Distributed Wireless. 19 Sensor Network,Asst Prof CSE,Localized Energy Aware. Mr D Ramkumar,20 Restricted Neighborhood TES ISSN 2347 1964. Asst Prof CSE,Routing in Mesh Network,APEC Digest,Update Beacon Packets For. Ms D Loganayaki,21 Geographic Routing in NCITCS 7 02 2014.
Asst Prof CSE,International Journal of,Security for Green. Innovative Research in,Ms N Elamathi Communication in. 22 Computer And ISSN 2320 9798,Asst Prof IT Heterogeneous Wireless. Communication,Engineering, Dr R Rajasekaran Removal of Reactive 11 4 2013 1824. Prof Chemical Yellow Dye Using Natural International Journal of 1830 2013. Mr G Vijayaraghavan Coagulants in Synthetic Chemical Sciences ISSN 0972 768X. Asst Prof Textile Waste Water,Dr R Rajasekaran Effectiveness of Hybrid.
International Journal of,Prof Chemical Techniques AOP BIO 4 1 102. 24 Chemistry and, Mr G Vijayaraghavan Simulation of Degradation 108 2014. Environment,Asst Prof of Phenolic Wastewater,Mrs G Saraswathy Synthesis of Nano Powder. International Journal of,Asst Prof Chemical From Custard Apple Seeds. 25 Chem Tech 3 1 9 12 2014,Dr N Pappayee for use as Mosquito.
Applications,Prof Chemical Larvicide,International Journal of. Study on Cloud Computing Innovative Research in,Mrs K Kavitha Model and its Vol 2 Issue 1. 26 Computer and,Asst Prof MCA Benefits Challenges January 2014. Communication,Engineering,International Journal of. Study of Computer,Innovative Research in Vol 2 Issue 1.
Mr R Murugan Application Resources,27 Computer, Asst Prof MCA Sharing for Android with January 2014. and Communication,Cloud Computing,Engineering,International Journal of Volume No 4. Studies On Web Based,Mr S Arunkumar Research in Computer 2014 Issue. 28 Management System Using,Asst Prof MCA Application and No 02. Load Balancing,Management February,IJAPBC Vol, Synthesis of 2 Amino 6 International Journal 3 1 Jan Mar.
Ms S Udhayavani,29 Aryl 4 Furan 2yl On Advances In 2014. Asst Prof Chemistry, Pyrimidines obtained by Pharmacy Biology ISSN 2277. Microwave Reaction And Chemistry 4688,APEC Digest,c Book Publication. Name Title Publication ISBN No, S P Ponnusamy System Software Takur Publications 978 93 5163 047 0. II Faculty Development Programme FDP and Workshops. S No Name of the Dept Organization Title Duration Venue. Coordinator Industry, 1 Mr B Prakash CSE TRYST 2014 Robotryst 29 1 2014 APEC.
Asst Prof IIT DELHI, 2 Mr B Sivakumar IT Mr Nagarajan P On Open 15 2 2014 APEC. Asst Prof Founder CEO Mentor and,Soft Smith IIT NPTEL. InfoTech Private Workshop,Mr Subramanian,HR SoftSmith. Infotech Private, 3 Dr N Pappayee Chem Organized a one Online 20 04 2014 APEC. Prof Day Workshop on Workshop,Phython Language Organized in.
For CSE Students APEC, S No Name of the Staff Dept Organization Title Date Venue. 1 Mr M V Prabharan CSE Ramanujar Database 21 2 2014 Ramanujar. Engineering College Management Engineering,System College. III Guest Lectures Organized, S no Department Topic Date Name of the Speakers Affiliation Remark. Designation s,Water proofing Mr E Rajarajan Pedilite. 1 Civil of Residential 27 02 14 Regional Marketing Industrial. and Development Manager Limited,APEC Digest,Commercial Chennai.
Hands on L T ECC,training for Mr LS Kannan AGM Division. 2 Civil 08 02 14,concrete mix Manapakkam,design Chennai. Mr K R Adroitec,Kumarasamyraja Engineering,3 Mechanical based 29 01 14. Country Manager Solutions,Engineering,System Pvt Ltd. Mr D K Jagadesh,Interaction Rane Engine,Head Product.
arranged Valve Ltd,Engineering,between alumni Chennai Alumnus. Mr D Dhivakaran, 4 Mechanical and students of 3 01 14 Japan Gas 1992 96. Piping Design,Mechanical Corporation batch,Consultant. Department HP enterprise,Mr N Srinivasan,program Manager. Innovation of Mr D K Jagadeesh Rane India,5 Mechanical 25 02 14.
Car Industries Manager Ltd Chennai,Expectation of Mr Srinuvasan Vice Axle India. 6 Mechanical 19 02 14,Industries President HR Ltd,HAZOP Studies. and Failure Alumni,Er P Premapiriyan Hydrocarbon,Analysis in 2001. 7 Chemical 24 02 14 Sr Manager Technical s Pvt,Chemical 2004. Projects Limited,Process Batch,Industries,Student affair.
Design of Dr R Ramesh Dept of,February University,8 EEE Electrical EEE. 2014 Guindy,Machines Deputy Director,Wind Energy CWET Cent. Conservation 12th Mr P Kanagavel re For Wind, Technology and February Scientist Unit Chief Energy. Power 2014 In charge Technology,Generation Chennai. 20 02 14 Mr S Ramesh,10 MBA about Mutual SEBI,APEC Digest.
B Student s Front,IV Student publication, S No Name of the Title Name of the conference Date. 1 H Harunkumar SLASE A Secured Login An International 15 02 2014. D Shankar Authentication System with Conference on advanced. M Ibrahim Strong Encryption in computer engineering. Khalelulag IV IT and application, 2 A Shyam Design of Govern Arm IOSR Journal of E ISSN 2278. IV Year Suspension System Mechanical and Civil 1684 p ISSN. Mechanical Engineering IOSR 2320 334X PP,JMCE 47 51. 3 J Archana Scanned Document International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E A E Compression using Hybrid Electronic Communications ISSN 2347. Orthogonal Polynomial Engineering advanced 9329 February. Transform Based Video Research IJECEAR 14 2014, 4 C Muniyakala Secured Data Embedding in International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E A E Encrypted Image Using Electronic ISSN 2347. RDH Algorithm for Communications 9310 February, Multimedia Communication Engineering advanced 2014.
Research IJECEAR 14, 5 J Rajalakshmi Evaluation of Multi Sensor International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E A E Image Fusion using Electronic ISSN 2347. Decimated Bi Orthogonal Communications 9329 February. Wavelet Transform and Engineering advanced 2014,Undecimated Non Research IJECEAR 14. Orthogonal Wavelet, 6 H S Rajyashree VLSI Implementation of International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E A E RC4 Stream Cipher using Electronic ISSN 2347. Hardware Pipelining Communications 9329 February,Engineering advanced 2014. Research IJECEAR 14, 7 R Revathi Secured Power Allocation International Journal of Vol 3 SP 1.
II Year M E A E for Decode and Forward Innovative Research in ISSN 2319. Relay in Wireless Relay Science Engineering and 8753 February. Networks Technology IJIRSET 14, 8 K Sowmiyabenifer Contourlet Transform and International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E A E DPEHS Based Reversible Electronic ISSN 2347. Watermarking Communications 9310 February,Engineering advanced 2014. Research IJECEAR 14, 9 G Srinithya Enhanced Edge Preserving International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E A E Restoration for 3D Images Electronic ISSN 2347. using Histogram Communications 9329 February,Equalization Technique Engineering advanced 2014. APEC Digest, 10 A Aishwarya Design of Pulse Triggered International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1.
II Year M E Flip Flop and Analysis of Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Average Power Communications 9329 February,Engineering advanced 2014. Research IJECEAR 14, 11 N R Divya Logic Complexity Reduction International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E and VLSI Architecture for Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Image Compression using Communications 9329 February. Conventional Adders Engineering advanced 2014,Research IJECEAR 14. 12 U Gayathri Reconfigurable FFT International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E Architecture for OFDM Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Applications Communications 9329 February,Engineering advanced 2014. Research IJECEAR 14, 13 P L Manikandan Design of a Low Voltage International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1.
II Year M E High Speed Double Tail Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Comparator Communications 9329 February,Engineering advanced 2014. Research IJECEAR 14, 14 A Ramkumar Analysis Of MC DS CDMA International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E System for Nakagami Fading Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Channel using Adaptive Communications 9329 February. Spreading Coding Scheme Engineering advanced 2014,Research IJECEAR 14. 15 P Saranya VLSI Implementation of International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E Distributed Arithmetic in Electronic Communications ISSN 2347. VLSI FIR Filter Engineering advanced 9329 February. Research IJECEAR 14 2014, 16 S Saranya Synthesis And Simulation of International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E Hyperbolic Tangent Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Activation Function using Communications 9329 February. Hybrid Approximation in Engineering advanced 2014,VLSI Research IJECEAR 14.
17 M Sathiya Design and Implementation International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E of High Speed MTCMOS Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Using Efficient Code Communications 9329 February. Converter Engineering advanced 2014,Research IJECEAR 14. 18 J Shyamala Power Optimized International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E Capacitorless High Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Performance LDO with Fast Communications 9329 February. Settling Time and Low Engineering advanced 2014,Offset Research IJECEAR 14. 19 U Sivaraju Channel Performance International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E Analysis for MC DS CDMA Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Using Concatenation Code Communications 9329 February. Engineering advanced 2014,Research IJECEAR 14,APEC Digest. 20 M Subalatha Design of Low Leakage International Journal of Vol 2 SP 1. II Year M E High Noise Immune Domino Electronic ISSN 2347. VLSI Circuit for Wide Fan In Communications 9329 February. Gates using Current Engineering advanced 2014,Comparison Based Domino Research IJECEAR 14. V Presentation of Paper by the Students,S N Name Department Title Date Venue.
R Venkateshwaran Department of Civil,Positive use of Pet bottles in. P Muralikannan Structural Engineering,1 IV Year Civil construction and won the. Annamalai University,second prize,Chidambaram,01 03 2014. 2 III Year Civil Bus Rapid Transit System S K P Engineering. College Thiruvannamalai,M Mohanapriya,01 03 2014,M Sharmila Nano Materials in. 3 III Year Civil S K P Engineering,Construction,College Thiruvannamalai.
14 02 2014,R Maheshwari, 4 III Year IT Channel Splitting Technique Saraswathi Velu. Engineering College,Patch Based Image 27 02 2014 28 02 2014. G Ammu II Year M E, 5 Restoration Using Adaptive S A Engineering college. A E Bilateral Filtering,Selection Combining Based, K Balachandar II Year M E Cooperative Diversity with 18 01 2014 19 01 2014. A E Selective Decode and Kerala,Forward Relaying,Outage Probability of Decode.
and Forward Relaying with 10 02 2014 11 02 2014,D Dharani II Year M E. 7 Various Combining Muthayammal College of,Techniques in the Presence of Engineering. Co Channel Interference,Equal Gain Combining Based. S Kirubakaran II Year M E 18 01 2014 19 01 2014,8 Cooperative Diversity System. A E Kerala,using Incremental Relaying,Power Allocation of Wireless.
10 02 2014 11 02 2014,J Nadanarani II Year M E Relay Networks through. 9 Muthayammal College of,A E Energy Harvesting in Non. Engineering,Delay Constrained Traffic,APEC Digest,Frequency Reconfigurable. T Vignesh II Year M E Slotted Micro Strip Patch 18 01 2014 19 01 2014. A E Antenna for Wireless Kerala,Applications,Analysis and Design of. Hybrid Concatenated Code,II Year M E 18 01 2014 19 01 2014.
11 S Saravanakumar for Multi Carrier Direct,VLSI Kerala. Sequence CDMA Using,Energy Efficient Multi,Supply High Speed Level 10 02 2014 11 02 2014. II Year M E, 12 S Sinthuja Shifter with Wide Voltage Muthayammal College of. Conversion Range for SOC Engineering,Applications,Intelligent Decision Support. 24 01 2014,N Thilagavathi Systemf for Retrieval of.
13 III Year IT Pondicherry,S RoslinDeela Patient s Information. Engineering College,Symposium Neura 14,14 02 2014,R MohanaSundari Human Area Network. 14 III Year IT Saraswathi Velu,N Rathika Symposium Defender s14. Engineering College,B Dinesh Kumar 14 02 2014,Market Based Marketing. P Manigandan 15 02 2014,15 III Year IT Information Management.
Chennai Institute of,Technology Chennai,K Sivakumar 23 1 2014 24 1 2014. Hybrid Solar Panel SOLAR, 16 A Krishnakumar IV Year EEE Adhiyamaan college of. V Vignesh engineering, R Vasanthkumar Design Of Copper Oxide 23 1 2014 24 1 2014. 17 S Balaji IV Year EEE Solar Panel SOLAR Adhiyamaan college of. S Vinothkumar Energy engineering,23 1 2014 24 1 2014. P Chandru A Future Of The Moon,18 IV Year EEE Adhiyamaan college of.
K Uthirakumar Solar Energy,engineering,Brain Control Car For. V Sayinivedha III Year CSE V R S College of,19 Disabled Using Artificial. K Varalakshmi Engineering Villupuram,Intelligence,R Sathyayini 23 1 2014 24 1 2014. IV Year CSE Local Certificate Revocation,20 A Vijayalakshmi PEC University. List for Fast Secure VANET,K Sowmya Neura 14,S Kungumavathi Dhanishahemed college of.
21 IV Year CSE LCRL for Secure VANET,R Sathyayini engineering. P Deepa Adaptive Cloud Computing,IV Year CSE SaraswathiVelu. 22 M Muthumari for Gaming Application in,Engineering College. S TamilSelvi Mobile,APEC Digest, R Ramya IV Year CSE Detecting HIV using Nano Saraswathi Velu. A Brindha Robotics Engineering College,An Effective Scheme of 10 2 2014.
Identifying and Allocating Muthayammal College of,24 S Akshaya ME CSE. Resources for Transaction in Engineering Rasipuram. Windows Azure Namakkal,A Scalable Approach for,27 2 2014 28 2 2014. Efficient Multicast Data,25 A R Aswini ME CSE S A EngineeringCollege. Transmission in Wireless,10 2 2014 11 2 2014,A Novel Key Distribution. Muthayammal College of,26 G Babu ME CSE Scheme for Efficient Group.
Engineering Rasipuram,Communication in Manet,10 2 2014 11 2 2014. An Authenticated Neighbor,Muthayammal College of,27 S Bhuvaneswari ME CSE Location in. Engineering Rasipuram,Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,10 2 2014 11 2 2014. Integrated Health Care,Muthayammal College of,28 K Chairmadurai ME CSE System on. Engineering Rasipuram,Pervasive Computing,27 2 2014 28 2 2014.
Learning Based Web Crawl,29 K Hemakumar ME CSE S A Engineering College. 10 2 2014 11 2 2014,An Mkd Src Approach for,Muthayammal College of. 30 S Krishnaraj ME CSE Face Recognition from Partial. Engineering Rasipuram,Reversible Watermarking 10 2 2014 11 2 2014. J Nagaraj Jaya Based on Encryption Image Muthayammal College of. Sridhar Classification and Dynamic Engineering Rasipuram. Color Techniques Namakkal,27 2 2014 28 2 2014,Dynamic Cluster Based. S A Engineering,32 H Shalma ME CSE Energy Controlled Routing in.
Wireless Sensor Networks,A Secure Approach With 10 2 2014 11 2 2014. Muthayammal College of, 33 D Suhashini ME CSE Physical Layer Encryption in. Engineering Rasipuram,Manet Namakkal,10 2 2014 11 2 2014. Localization of Mobile Nodes Muthayammal College of. 34 N Suvedha ME CSE,in Wireless Adhoc Networks Engineering Rasipuram. APEC Digest,10 2 2014 11 2 2014,Efficient and Controlled.
S A Engineering,35 T Theepigaa ME CSE Sharing of Privacy Data in. Social Networks, Elliptic Curve Riddle Hiding 10 02 2014 11 02 2014. Scheme For Preventing Muthayammal College of,36 M D Vasanthi ME CSE. Selective Routes In Engineering Rasipuram,Wireless Mesh Networks Namakkal. G Jagan Charging Battery using,37 IV Year Mech Magna Engineering.
V Santhosh Exhaust Gas from IC Engine,30 09 2013,S Praveen Kumar. Veltech Engineering,V Premsagar T R Alternator Less Battery. 38 IV Year Mech college,Pradeep Charging System,N Ponmozhi. M Sharmila III Year Anaerobic Digestion of Food,39 Kongu Engineering. S Iswarya Chemical Waste for Biogas Production, L V R Jayaprabha III Year Solar Energy for Quality in.
40 Kongu Engineering,P Sujitha Chemical Food Processing Industry. VI Participation of Students in various events,S No Name Department Name of the event Date Venue. R Narendiran, B Sivakanth National Workshop on Real Arunai Engineering. 1 TT Shiva Prakash IV Civil time analysis and design of College. S Vasantha Kumar tall buildings Thiruvannamalai,D Hema Kumar. K Dhanush Modern trends in survey of SCSVMV University. 2 III Civil,AK Abinesh Remote Sensing and GIS Kanchipuram.
A National level technical Department of Civil,symposium SKYLON Engineering Tamilnadu. 3 J Karimulla III Civil,2K14 participated in CAD college of Engineering. Contest Coimbatore,A National level technical Department of Civil. S Raghuram symposium SKYLON Engineering Tamilnadu,4 III Civil. K Vigneswaran 2K14 participated in college of Engineering. Technical Quiz Coimbatore,A National level Technical Department of Civil.
Symposium SKYLON Engineering Tamilnadu,5 R Amirthalingam III Civil. 2K14 participated in college of Engineering,Technical Quiz I Place Coimbatore. APEC Digest,A National level technical Department of Civil. symposium SKYLON Engineering Tamilnadu,6 R Amirthalingam III Civil. 2K14 participated in Model college of Engineering,Making Coimbatore.
S Raghuram,A Anchitgupta,K Vigneswaran Civil Engineering. A Workshop on Cost,7 J Karimulla III Civil Tamilnadu college of. Efficient Management,R Amirthalingam engineering Salem. Raghuram S,Anchitgupta A,Vigneswaran K Civil Engineering. A Symposium on,8 Karimulla J III Civil Tamilnadu college of.
SKYLON 2K14,Amirthalingam R engineering Salem,A Workshop on Construction S K P Engineering. M Mohanapriya,9 III Civil Planning and Management College. M Sharmila,using MS Project Thiruvannamalai,A Anchitgupta. J Karimulla, K Vigneswaran National Level Technical Department of Civil. R Amirthalingam SKYLON 2K14 Workshop Engineering Tamilnadu. 10 III Civil, S Raghuram on New Trends in Civil college of Engineering.
Engineering Coimbatore,8 1 2014 to,H Ramkumar, 11 R Vasanthkumar IV Year EEE ELECRAMA 2014 Bangalore International. T Pradeepkumar Exhibition Centre,III Year CSE Ethical Hacking. 12 S Ashok Kumar MIT,IIT Madras,M Bakiyaraj,G Sasidharan Indian Software Engineering. IV Year CSE,13 D V Mathiarasan Conference,P Karthikeyan Workshop. Android Application,IV Year CSE, 14 P M Kumaresan Development VIT University Vellore.

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