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1 aac no 4 of 2017 dated 10 july 2017 government of india civil aviation department director general of civil aviation airworthiness advisory circular


appropriately approved for the maintenance of the particular aircraft type and to be. assessed by appropriately qualified and designated assessors. 2 2 Objective The objective of OJT is to gain the required competence and experience in. performing safe maintenance, 2 3 Content OJT is required to cover a cross section of tasks as given in Appendix II to. AMC to CAR 66 and acceptable to the DGCA The OJT tasks is required to be. representative cross section of the aircraft and systems both in complexity and in the. technical input required to complete that task While relatively simple tasks may be. included other more complex maintenance tasks should also be incorporated and. undertaken as appropriate to the aircraft type Each task are required to be signed off. by the student and countersigned by a designated supervisor The tasks listed should. refer to an actual job card work sheet etc It should have been started and completed. within the 3 years preceding the application for a type rating endorsement. 2 4 The final assessment of the completed OJT is mandatory and required to be performed. by a designated assessor appropriately qualified,3 Documentation of On the Job Training Programme. 3 4 The approved maintenance organisation should detail the procedures in their MOE. Part 3 Chapter 3 14 to 3 16 which should address the following. a procedures for on the job training as per Section 6 of Appendix III to CAR 66. a competence assessment of personnel, b procedure for the issue of the recommendation to DGCA for the issue of a. CAR 66 licence, c Qualification and experience requirement of OJT Supervisor and Assessors. d Procedures for documentation of OJT,4 OJT Supervisor OJT Assessors.
4 1 The OJT supervisor and OJT assessor are required to be designated by the AMO and. accepted by DGCA, 4 2 OJT Supervisor The following minimum qualification and experience is. recommended for acceptance by DGCA, a Type rated AME holding full scope authorization in applicable category. B1 B2 on applicable aircraft, b Minimum 3 years of maintenance certification experience on applicable family. of aircraft,c Should be competent to perform the function. 4 3 OJT Assessors The following qualification is recommended for the OJT Assessors. a Type rated AME holding full scope authorization in applicable category. B1 B2 on applicable aircraft, b Minimum 5 years of maintenance certification experience on applicable family.
of aircraft,c Should be competent to perform the function. 4 4 The Practical Assessor and OJT Assessor may be same person for assessment of. Practical element as well as OJT elements for the organization holding MTO as well. as AMO approvals, 4 5 Depending upon the size of the organization the position of OJT Supervisor and OJT. assessor may be same person,5 Approval of OJT Programme. 5 2 The maintenance organisation desirous of providing on the job training to the. prospective candidates should include procedure in details in their exposition as. specified in the para 3 above and submit the same to the Regional Airworthiness. Office for approval The proposal should also include the list of nominated OJT. supervisors and assessors in accordance with Para 4 above along with their. credentials, 5 3 Upon receipt of the proposed amendment to MOE the RAO may evaluate the. proposal and if found satisfactory should approve the amendments to MOE The. approval of amendment of MOE should be intimated in writing to the AMO. 5 4 The following items need to be evaluated by RAO before accepting the proposal. a Adequacy of the proposal with regard to resources available with the AMO. b The task defined are as per the appendix III to AMC of CAR 66 applicable to. the specific type of aircraft, c Procedure for issue of work order for specific on job training task is clearly.
documented by AMO, d Qualifications and experience of OJT supervisors and OJT assessors are. clearly defined and the proposed personnel should meet the requirements. e Responsibility for record keeping and maintenance of AME log book is clearly. documented, 5 5 The RAO may accept the proposed OJT Supervisor and OJT Assessors if he she. meeting the essential qualification and experience requirements and is considered. competent to function as supervisor assessor as applicable Further guidance on. the assessment and assessor is detailed in Appendix III to AMC of CAR 66. 6 Recording of On Job Training Tasks, 6 2 The approved maintenance organisation should ensure that every trainee should. maintain an OJT booklet A Sample format of OJT booklet is provided in Appendix. D of Chapter 9 of the Attached Document, 6 3 The OJT booklet should cover all representative tasks under ATA chapters as. reflected in Appendix II to AMC to CAR 66 covering type of aircraft such as Piston. Engine Turbo Prop Turbofan Rotary wing aircraft as relevant For endorsement. with type rating the candidate is required to complete at least 50 of the approved. OJT syllabus for the applicable aircraft, 6 4 The following data should be addressed on the OJT worksheets logbook.
a Name of Trainee,b Date of Birth,c Approved Maintenance Organisation. d Location, e Name of supervisor s and assessor including licence number if applicable. f Date of task completion, g Description of task and job card work order tech log etc. h Aircraft type and aircraft registration,i Aircraft rating applied for. 6 5 In order to facilitate the verification by the DGCA demonstration of the OJT shall. consist of i detailed worksheets logbook and ii a compliance report demonstrating. how the OJT meets the requirement of CAR 66, 6 6 Each AMO should customize this OJT booklet applicable to the scope of.
maintenance tasks on their fleet of aircraft, 6 7 In case of first AME licence endorsement type rating within a given category sub. category this OJT booklet should serve as a compact and portable reference. document which would reflect the completion of the candidate s on job training as. applicable This OJT booklet should be constructed in a way to guide the candidate. to gain minimum relevant basic practical maintenance experience that represents a. cross section of maintenance activities in applicable ATA chapters. 6 8 For endorsement of additional aircraft in same category the requirement of OJT will. depend on the training need analysis For endorsement of aircraft in additional. category sub category requires completion of On Job Training. 7 Accomplishment of On the Job Training Programme, 7 2 The AMO should clearly identify a nodal post holder who will be responsible for. overall execution of the OJT Plan The nodal post holder may be training. manager base maintenance manager line maintenance manager or another. person specifically designated for such role The nodal post holder should make. complete plan of OJT before the start of same of trainee and assign the OJT. Supervisor and Assessor The nodal officer should monitor the progress of the. on job training, 7 3 The OJT should include one to one supervision and should involve actual work. task performance on aircraft components covering line and or base. maintenance tasks, 7 4 The OJT for applicable task ATA Chapter wise on the aircraft should be. completed by the trainee under OJT Supervisor Each OJT task is required to. be completed and signed by the trainee and OJT supervisor. 7 5 In case of non availability of adequately qualified OJT Supervisor Assessors. the OJT programme may be sub contracted to another appropriately approved. maintenance organisation with prior approval of DGCA. 7 6 After completion of OJT the candidate should submit the completed OJT booklet. to OJT Assessor The OJT assessor will scrutinize to ensure the following. a The candidate has completed the applicable OJT tasks. b The tasks have been signed by the candidate as well as the OJT supervisor. c For the purpose of independent assessment the trainee should carry out at. least two core task randomly selected by the assessor under the supervision. of the assessor The assessment may be carried out for the trainees as per. the following weightage, i Adherence to the Warning and Cautions weightage 10.
ii Performance of the two selected core tasks B1 B2 proficiently. weightage 70, iii Use of Aircraft Maintenance Data Documentation and completion of. records weightage 20, 7 7 The OJT assessor will declare the candidate as pass in case he she has scored. minimum 75 marks The result will be recorded in the Assessment Sheet at the. end of the OJT booklet, 7 8 In case the candidate has been declared as Fail the OJT Assessor will identify. the additional OJT task that need to be completed by the candidate before his re. assessment, 7 9 The successful candidates should submit the copy of OJT booklet and assessment. result while submitting their application in DGCA for issue endorsement on AME. licence as applicable through Quality Manager,8 Routine Audits by AMO.
8 2 The Quality Manager of approved maintenance organisation should develop. procedure to carry out periodical planned and unplanned audit to ensure proper. implementation of the above procedures, 8 3 A report should be raised each time an audit is carried out describing what was. checked and the resulting findings against applicable requirements procedures etc. 8 4 If any finding of serious nature Level 1 is detected during the routine audits the. same should be intimated to the concerned RAO immediately The responsible. manager should take appropriate action to mitigate the finding The root cause. analysis along with the measures taken to prevent such finding in future should be. intimated in writing by Quality Manager to RAO, 8 5 In case there is any violation of the approved procedures the Quality Manager is. required to investigate the same and take necessary action under intimation to RAO. 9 Oversight by DGCA, 9 2 The respective Regional Sub regional Airworthiness office will carry out planned. and unplanned surveillance inspection to ensure proper implementation of the OJT. procedures including functioning of OJT Supervisor and OJT Assessors. 9 3 A report should be raised each time an audit is carried out describing what was. checked and the resulting findings against applicable requirements procedures and. 9 4 In case there is any violation of the approved procedures the RAO should. investigate the same and take necessary action as per the procedure detailed in the. Enforcement Policy and Procedure manual against Nodal post holder OJT. Supervisors OJT Assessors and the organisation responsible for the compliance of. OJT plan as appropriate,10 Maintenance of Records, The RAO should maintain the records related to approval of MOE and documents. related to Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and oversight of the organisation. K P Srivastava,Deputy Director General of Civil Aviation.
For Director General of Civil Aviation,Appendix A,GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. THE DIRECTOR GENERAL OF CIVIL AVIATION,THE CAR 66 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE. ENGINEER S LICENSING,GUIDANCE DOCUMENT,Revision 1 February 2019. The CAR 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer s Licensing Guidance Document has. been designed to assist Aircraft Maintenance Engineer s and those involved with. aircraft maintenance engineering by providing detailed guidance to existing. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licensing requirements. This document includes details on the implementation of CAR 66 the conversion. of Section 2 Series L licences to CAR 66 and details on the addition of type. ratings to an existing licence, It should be noted that this document is for guidance only and the main reference. points such as Aircraft Rules CAR 66 and DGCA web sites for application forms. etc shall always be referred to obtain latest requirements related to CAR 66. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence,K P Srivastava.
Deputy Director General,10th July 2017,THE CAR 66 AIRCRAFT. MAINTENANCE ENGINEER S July 2017,GUIDANCE DOCUMENT. TABLE OF CONTENTS,TABLE OF CONTENTS 3,Chapter 1 General Information 4 14. Chapter 2 Conversion of Protected Rights 15 24,Chapter 3 Category A Licence 25 35. Chapter 4 Category B1 Licence 36 43,Chapter 5 Category B2 Licence 44 50.
Chapter 6 Category B3 Licence 51 55,Chapter 7 Category C Licence 56 59. Chapter 8 Extension of Licence Privileges to include another category 60 63. Chapter 9 Type ratings 64 129, Chapter 10 General Examination Requirements and Procedures 130 143. Chapter 11 CAR 147 and Approved Maintenance Training Organisation 144 148. THE CAR 66 AIRCRAFT,MAINTENANCE ENGINEER S July 2017. GUIDANCE DOCUMENT,GENERAL INFORMATION,1 1 Introduction. 1 2 Transition to CAR 66,1 3 Requirement to Hold a Licence under CAR 66.
1 4 How to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer under CAR 66. 1 5 Medical,1 6 Proof of Identity,1 7 Privileges, 1 8 Validity periods and Renewal of Licences CAR Section 2 Series L. 1 9 Validity periods and Renewal of licences CAR 66. 1 10 Protected Rights,1 11 Logbooks of Aircraft Maintenance Personnel. 1 12 The Logbook Assessor, 1 13 CARS 66 Application Forms and Guidance Documents. 1 14 Administrative Procedures,1 15 Complaints and Appeals. Appendix A List of Application Forms,THE CAR 66 AIRCRAFT.
MAINTENANCE ENGINEER S July 2017,GUIDANCE DOCUMENT. GENERAL INFORMATION,1 1 INTRODUCTION, The Directorate General of Civil Aviation DGCA is Competent Authority for the purposes of. formulating regulation and guidance document to be used by the personnel engaged in the. field of civil aviation It includes Regulation on the continuing airworthiness of aircraft and. aeronautical products parts and appliances and on the approval of organisations and. personnel involved in these tasks, This guidance document explains the procedures and guidelines to obtain CAR 66 AME. licence issued by the DGCA This document also explain the procedure to be followed by the. approved maintenance organisation to provide on job training to the personnel engaged in. the maintenance of the aircraft required to meet one of the criteria for the issue of licence. 1 2 TRANSITION TO CAR 66, In order to harmonize Indian requirements for licensing of aircraft maintenance engineers with. international standard CAR 66 Rev 0 dated 11th November 2011 was introduced This CAR. is issued on the basis of amended Rule 61 6th amendment of the Aircraft Rules 1937 as. notified vide GSR 1001 E dated 22nd December 2010, The CAR 66 is applicable to all personnel Organizations engaged in maintenance and or.
certification of aircraft registered in India It establishes the training examination knowledge. and experience requirements for the issue and extension of an aircraft maintenance. engineer s license conditions of its validity and use. It also has a provision for converting the valid aircraft maintenance engineer s AME license. issued prior to the CAR 66 coming into force Further information is available on our web site. www dgca nic in ftppub CAR 66 pdf,1 3 REQUIREMENT TO HOLD A LICENCE UNDER CAR 66. In order to be granted authorisation to issue certificates of release to service by CAR 145. CAR M Subpart F approved organisation a person must hold a valid licence issued in. accordance with CAR 66 The applicant must have passed 10 2 examination in Physics. Chemistry and Mathematics from a recognized board or university or its equivalent The. minimum age to hold a CAR 66 licence is at least 18 years. THE CAR 66 AIRCRAFT,MAINTENANCE ENGINEER S July 2017. GUIDANCE DOCUMENT, 1 4 HOW TO BE AN AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE ENGINEER UNDER CAR. A CAR 66 aircraft maintenance licence confirms that the person to whom it refers has met. the CAR 66 knowledge and experience requirements for any aircraft basic category and. aircraft type rating specified in the document, The licence is divided broadly between Mechanical and Avionic trade disciplines although in. view of the various technologies and combinations applicable to certain aircraft the. Mechanical licence category is further subdivided In addition there are various levels within. the licence that allow the holder to be authorised to perform certain roles within line and or. base maintenance These reflect different levels of task complexity and are supported by. different standards of experience and knowledge An individual may hold a combination of. licence categories, The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence is issued in the following categories.
Category A,Category B1,Category B2,Category B3,Category C. Licences other than Category A is endorsed with the type of aircraft the holder is entitled to. exercise the privileges upon,1 4 1 Category A, Category A is further divided into sub categories as follows. A1 Aeroplanes Turbine,A2 Aeroplanes Piston,A3 Helicopters Turbine. A4 Helicopters Piston, The experience demonstrated on application must be relevant to the sub category of licence. being applied for and must satisfy certain criteria in respect of recency of experience For. further information on Category A please refer to Chapter 3 of this document. 1 4 2 Category B,The sub categories for Category B AME licence are.
B1 1 Aeroplanes Turbine,B1 2 Aeroplanes Piston,THE CAR 66 AIRCRAFT. MAINTENANCE ENGINEER S July 2017,GUIDANCE DOCUMENT. B1 3 Helicopters Turbine,B1 4 Helicopters Piston,B2 Avionics no further sub division. B3 Piston engine non pressurised aeroplanes of 2000 kg MTOM and below. The wider privileges of the Category B licence and the role of the AME in defect diagnosis. and rectification and system inspection require a more detailed knowledge than that for. Category A This requires a longer period of experience and examination at a higher level. than for Category A For further information on Category B1 please refer to Chapter 4 For. further information on Category B2 please refer to Chapter 5. 1 4 3 Category C, The Category C can be issued to a B1 or B2 licence holder with a prescribed period of. certifying experience For further information on Category C please refer to Chapter 7. 1 4 4 Knowledge Requirements and Examinations, An applicant for an aircraft maintenance engineer s licence is required to demonstrate by.
examination a level of knowledge in the appropriate subject modules The basic knowledge. examinations are conducted by Central Examination Organization of DGCA The content of. the examinations vary both in range and complexity according to the licence category being. The training courses and examinations are required to be passed within 10 years prior to the. application for an aircraft maintenance licence or the addition of a category or subcategory. to such aircraft maintenance licence, For further information please refer to the relevant licence Section in this document and also. to Chapter 10,1 5 MEDICAL, The holder of AME s Licence must not exercise the privileges of the licence and related ratings. at any time when he she is aware of any decrease in medical fitness which might render. him her unable to safely and properly exercise these privileges. 1 6 PROOF OF IDENTITY, For all CAR 66 initial issue applications proof of identity and date of birth is required For. proof of identity any photo identity card issued by the Government will be accepted In all. cases if the personal details provided on the licence application form conflicts with the. evidence of identity the application will be returned to the applicant without assessment. THE CAR 66 AIRCRAFT,MAINTENANCE ENGINEER S July 2017. GUIDANCE DOCUMENT,1 7 PRIVILEGES, The Certifications are made in accordance with the procedures of the CAR 145 or CAR M.
approved maintenance organisations within the scope of the issued authorisation s. Certifying staff qualified in accordance with CAR 66 and holding a valid aircraft maintenance. licence with where applicable the appropriate type ratings will be eligible to hold one or more. of the following categories,1 7 1 Category A, Category A licence holder to issue certificates for release to service after minor scheduled. line maintenance and simple defect rectification within the limits of maintenance tasks. specifically endorsed on the authorisation issued by a maintenance organisation approved. under rule 133B for the broad category of aircraft endorsed on the licence and the certification. privileges shall be restricted to the work carried out by the licence holder himself in the. maintenance organization that issues the authorisation. 1 7 2 Category B1, Category B1 licence holder to issue certificates for release to service and act as support staff. following the maintenance performed on aircraft structure power plant mechanical and. electrical systems work on avionics system requiring simple tests to prove their serviceability. and not requiring trouble shooting in respect of an aircraft type endorsed on the licence. Note Category B1 include the appropriate sub category of Category A. 1 7 3 Category B2,Category B2 licence holder to issue. a certificates of release to service after maintenance on avionic and electrical systems. avionics and electrical system within engine and mechanical systems requiring only simple. tests to prove their serviceability of aircraft type endorsed on the licence. b certificates of release to service after minor scheduled line maintenance and simple defect. rectification within the limits of tasks specifically endorsed on the certification authorisation. issued by an approved maintenance organisation of aircraft type endorsed on the licence and. this certification privilege shall be restricted to work that the licence holder has personally. performed in the maintenance organisation which issued the certification authorisation and. limited to the rating already endorsed on the licence. 1 7 4 Category B3, Category B3 licence holders to issue certificates of release to service after maintenance on. aeroplane structure engine and mechanical and electrical systems work on avionic systems. THE CAR 66 AIRCRAFT,MAINTENANCE ENGINEER S July 2017.
GUIDANCE DOCUMENT, requiring only simple tests to prove their serviceability and not requiring troubleshooting of. piston engine non pressurised aeroplanes of 2000 kg Maximum Take off Mass and below. 1 7 5 Category C, Category C licence holders to issue certificates of release to service after base maintenance. in respect of an aircraft of the type endorsed on the licence The privileges apply to the aircraft. in its entirety including all systems, 1 8 VALIDITY PERIODS AND RENEWAL OF LICENCES CAR SECTION 2. In accordance with Rule 61 of aircraft Rule 1937 an applicant may be issued with AME. Licence in old format till 31st December 2016 Section 2 Series L licences will be renewed. for a period of 2 years however as of 31st March 2016 this licence cannot be used to certify. aircraft even if the validity period of the renewed licence exceeds this date. Licence privileges relating to the maintenance and certification of aircraft may be converted. to CAR 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer s Licence, 1 9 VALIDITY PERIODS AND RENEWAL OF LICENCES CAR 66. CAR 66 licences are valid for 5 years from the date of issue or last renewal. 1 10 PROTECTED RIGHTS, Protected rights are the entitlement to have licence qualification or type ratings that were.
valid at a qualifying date transferred to a CAR 66 aircraft maintenance engineer licence The. conversion process confers the privileges exercised by an AME Licence holder prior to the. introduction of CAR 66, Categories Ratings held on the existing Licences are transferred with or without limitation. under appropriate category or Section XIV a of the CAR 66 licence In conversion from a. CAR Section L licence to CAR 66 Licence all existing Type rated AME Licences are. converted into either full or restricted CAR 66 AME Licence depending upon the type ratings. already endorsed on these licences Where an applicant does not meet the full requirements. the converted Licence are issued with Limitation s. Endorsements of Type Ratings in existing A B D and X Category of Licences covering. Gliders Balloons Aircraft Engine Propeller and items of equipment that are not covered by. CAR 66 and are also transferred to Section XIV a of the CAR 66 AME licence However. in order to exercise the privileges to issue CRS ratings are required to be transferred to. Section XII XIII of AME licence in appropriate category.

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