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Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 8 I teach English as a Second Language in Louisville My students just finished reading your story Curtis Aikens and the American Dream in the Hampton Brown Edge series They would be even more inspired to meet you Can we arrange a Skype interview My students are from Kenya Jordon Israel China


Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 2,Acknowledgements. Thank you to my kids Catharine Curtis Jr and Cole Thanks also to those kids I have met and. hope to meet during my journey These people are my motivation I want very much to live and. do work that they are proud of and in turn to motivate them to achieve their goals. Eddie and Mary Ayub you gave me California and showed me the way Thank you to. Kathy and your girls for all their help and support Alison aka Ali Cat you are like another. daughter to me I love you dearly I wish you well, Thank you Madalienne Peters Margaret Golden Jason Searle Rochelle Huppin Nancy. Shor Nancy Klein Libby Hass Silvestri my family Mama Laura Belle Curtis Aikens Eddie J. Jr my big brother for being there for Cole and Jeffery S You are so strong Thanks also to my. sisters Laura Regina Sophia and Portia What would I do without you. Charles B Tunnell thank you for being a great lawyer even better person and friend Dr. Sophia Otis was my therapist then teacher now friend for life Jeffrey Siegel my manager when. there are things to manage we never had a contract just a hand shake true friend Jeffrey. Sophia Chuck and Mom you know more about my ups and down than anyone You are my. Fantastic 4,Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 3. Table of Contents,TITLE PAGE 1,TABLE OF CONTENTS 3. ABSTRACT 6,CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 7,Guide to Harvest 8.
Statement of Problem 10,Purpose Statement 10,Research Question 10. Theoretical Rationale 11,Theory of Human Motivation 12. Assumptions 13,Background and Need 13,Dr Martin Luther King Jr 13. Jimmy Carter 14,Summary 15,CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE 16. Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 4,Introduction 16.
Review of the Previous Literature 16,Academic Motivation and Effect on Achievement 16. Motivating Black Males 16,Motivation For Low Achievement 18. The Educational Dilemma 18,Teachers as Coaches 19,Learning How to Learn 20. Family Structure as an Influence on Attitude 20,Motivation 21. Developing Self Through Coaching 21,Influence of Parents 22.
Between Chaos and Community 22,Schooling and the Future 23. Summary 24,CHAPTER 3 METHOD 25,Introduction 25,Sample and Site 25. Access and Permissions 25,Responses To Open Ended Questions 26. Data Analysis 26,CHAPTER 4 FINDINGS 27,Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 5. Questions for School Administrator 27,Questions for High School Football Team 29.
High School Football Team 31,Speaking Engagements 33. CHAPTER 5 DISCUSSION ANALYSIS 34,Summary of Major Findings 34. Comparison of Findings to Previous Research 34,Limitations Gaps in the Study 34. Implications for Future Research 35,Overall Significance of the Research 35. About the Author 35,Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 6.
It is not what one has in life rather what is left as the legacy Personally I have received many. awards However I feel so much better when I help people receive their own awards Now I. want to use positive language and positive action to help motivate young people encouraging. them to achieve their own success as well as foster success in others. Oftentimes people get wrapped up in personal issues and forget about others The. purpose of this paper is twofold One is to shed light on the issue of self motivation or lack of. self motivation in young people The second and primary purpose of this work is to understand. and to create a framework for others who struggle with being successful on a daily basis and to. discover methods of teaching self motivation, The literature reveals that this type of work is possible Others have this idea and are. trying to put it into practice Young people want to be motivated While there is much work. done in this area there is no cohesiveness to bringing this information together and applying it. operationalizing this information in practice, The present study is qualitative in design using three settings to gather data. Participants included a group of high school football players who agreed to engage in a focus. group following a practice and several games The second source of information came from. discourse on the issue of motivation The third source came from snapshot data following. lectures on motivation in selected school sites in Florida and Kentucky Information was. recorded and analyzed for common themes Results indicated that the act of purposely. motivating others had a positive effect on increasing individual motivation. Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 7,Chapter 1 Introduction. I learned to read at age 26 Since becoming literate I have earned my undergraduate degree. helped create the Food Network have completed my master s degree If I can do this anyone. can do this, The following message to me indicates that what I believed years ago the focus on being. a positive role model has an effect on others,Personal communication Jill N K January 24 2013.
Hello stranger I think that on your birthday I feel the need to tell you how. important you were to my spiritual growth It s taken me a long time to get here. but in reflection when I was young and careless and in need of validation you. believed in me I know now that your faith made me strong and believe in myself. No one in my entire life had ever believed in me And that s the honest truth. You gave me confidence that I carry with me to this day I have been flighty and. incoherent to the things that go on around me all these years but I can say without. reservation that your kindness generosity and faith made me who I am today I m. so thankful that you came into my life although we ve lost touch I will always. carry through in my life the messages that you brought me to have faith in myself. In my darkest places your kind words have always been a light. From Scott W Louisville Public School Kentucky personal communication. January 30 2013,Teacher 10th graders,Message Body,Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 8. I teach English as a Second Language in Louisville My students just finished. reading your story Curtis Aikens and the American Dream in the Hampton. Brown Edge series They would be even more inspired to meet you Can we. arrange a Skype interview My students are from Kenya Jordon Israel China. and Columbia It would take about 30 minutes Interested. Author Amanda personal communication February 12 2013. Your story is an inspiration to a lot of our students here at Liberty High School. Looking forward to your visit,Guide to Harvest, I remember years ago having lunch with Libby Staples the publisher of the. Rockdale Citizen my hometown newspaper which is where I had my first. chance to write We were talking about how people can make you feel good bad. happy or sad I said to Libby that if I had one wish I would wish to spend five. minutes with every person on earth not just saying hello but spending five deep. minutes really letting the one soul share something with me and I hope my soul. would have something to pass on I know that is a wish I will never be granted so. writing is the next best thing I d like to spend few minutes with you right now. telling you about my background in the produce business describing this book. and most importantly explaining why writing this book is so important to my. Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 9, I sold Peachtree Publishers on the idea of this book because in my opinion there. is little in the way of straightforward information for consumers when it comes to. selecting storing and using fresh fruits and vegetables Do you know that the. produce section is one of the most marked up departments in the grocery store It. makes me mad to see shoppers getting ripped off every day So one reason I ve. written this book is to give you the straight scoop on how to get the most for your. produce dollar, My second reason for writing this book is that I wanted to share with you. some great recipes I don t calm to be a world class chef by any meant. However I do know my way around the kitchen and I m proud to say that there. are some recipes in this book that I have prepared for some pretty famous people. So you may pick up a new trick or two if you read carefully. When I was growing up my dad said to me if information dies with. you it was never learned I think that must be one of those old African American. sayings because many of my ancestors couldn t read so they passed on. information verbally This brings me to my final reason for writing this book my. hidden agenda for writing there are more thank 30 million adults in this great. nation who cannot read and until seven years ago I was one of them Soroptimist. International of Novato Aikens 2011 Aikens 1993 p vii. Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 10. Statement of Problem, I notice there is a lack of motivation in many young students This appears to cross all.
boundaries social economic gender and race In my travels through Europe Australia New. Zealand Great Britain throughout Canada the United States and Mexico I notice that people. have gotten caught up in grabbing for me The message I hear is one that reflects the I It is. all about what I want I need As a parent it is hard for me to see that As a caring person we. have to as a society think about the whole world,Purpose Statement. My purpose is to be a good steward one that gives back I have the most joy when I am doing. work for others when I am helping others My purpose is to be a catalyst for positive growth in. my interactions with others in my daily walk I want to be positive for myself This is important. because we are in a time that needs positive movement It is about reaching individuals By. reaching individuals we reach communities and by reaching communities we reach society If. we reach society we change the world This work is an effort to reach out to young people and. help them take charge of their learning by being able to self motivate. Research Question, What are effective ways of teaching self motivation to students and young adults The term. effective refers to practices that can be replicated and then used by others Self motivation. refers to the ability to push oneself without the need for outside influences to achieve one s. Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 11. goals Students and young adults may not know how to self motivate Therefore effective. practices are important to these groups,Theoretical Rationale. The framework for this research reflects the work of Albert Bandura McLeod 2011 People. learn by observing others and behaving as they see others behave This framework provides a. lens for my work in articulating elements of positive motivation by leaders in their interactions. with young people, Until reading about satyagraha Gandhi 2001 loosely translated soul force which is. the teaching that Gandhi brought forth that inspired others also inspires me to tap into my true. force Satyagraha loosely translated as soul force or truth force is a particular philosophy and. practice within the broader overall category generally known as nonviolent resistance or civil. resistance The term satyagraha was conceived and developed by Gandhi 2001 He deployed. satyagraha in the Indian independence movement and also during his earlier struggles in South. Africa Satyagraha theory influenced Nelson Mandela s struggle in South Africa under apartheid. Martin Luther King Jr s campaigns during the civil rights movement in the United States and. many other social justice and similar movements, Satyagraha my soul force something I never knew about much less that I was tapping.
into during my 26 years of illiteracy until undertaking this research I want high school students. to be aware of their own soul force, The obvious is that Dr Martin Luther King Jr is an African American man from Georgia. that made a positive difference not only in his personal world his local community his national. surroundings but also the world we all live in He along with many others not only faced. Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 12. racism in the South but also helped break down the walls and shine the light on that whole. public ugliness of segregation King King Harding 2010. Theory of Human Motivation, In the paper A Theory of Human Motivation Maslow 2000 begins with a review of a previous. paper that includes 13 propositions which would have to be included in any human motivation. theory They are in order integrated wholeness human drive conscious goals unconscious. goals basic needs humans are motivated or motivating needs are set in priority humans are. motivated to satisfy those needs lists are of no use types of motivations should be set based on. goals not drives or behavior motivation theory should be human centered rather than animal. surroundings should be taken into account however field theory cannot take the place of. motivation theory How humans act or react with others and alone must be considered Human. motivation and behavior are determined by our basic needs. Maslow s message is clear that we learn from modeling He also makes it clear that. behavior theory and motivation theory are not the same Motivation is only one of the factors in. setting behavior where as behavior is most likely always motivated Maslow 2000 He. concludes his review by saying there has not been enough research on motivation theory and his. findings should be use as the framework for research to come The intent of this work is to add to. Maslow s framework, Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 13. Maslow has determined there are no fewer than five types of goals that can be called. basic needs Safety physiological esteem love and self actualization are the five and humans. are motivated by these goals The individual goals are related to one another however every. person determines the order of importance of these goals During this work Maslow feels if a. person is kept from her or his basic needs or the chance of being kept from their basic needs. with very few expectations all psychopathology may be partly treated as a threat A person. refrained from basic needs may if he or she wishes be defined as a sick person. Assumptions, My assumptions are that everyone wants to help others Everyone wants to have a good. education I am assuming that no one wants to for lack of a better term hate Through this work. I can create a framework for others to follow,Background and Need.
Gandhi was extremely peaceful humble but very determined The fact is that he was soft. spoken but purpose driven He was totally selfless Gandhi 2001. Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Dr Martin Luther King Jr King King Harding 2010 advocated for non violent change. The situation in the South was so hard so overbearing to African Americans Segregation was. violently enforced People of color were abused killed hung for association with white people. of the opposite sex If a Black man was associated with a white woman or seen alone with her. he became the focal point of violence He could be publically lynched If a Black woman was. Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 14. raped by a white man there was no punishment to the white man The child born from that. rape had no claims on his or her white heritage, Dr King took the approach that one cannot defeat violence with violence It was brilliant. to not combat violence with violence We are going to combat violence with non violence I. remember images from the Ku Klux Klan when I was a child When I think about my feelings as. I recall these times the little boy Curtis recalls the fear. Dr Martin Luther King Jr serves as my role model about positive change. Collaboration white Black Caribbean Jewish he took everyone s teachings he learned from. everyone He is my role model for what I am trying to do He collaborated I want to collaborate. with others When the US made Dr King s birthday a holiday that marked a shift in institutional. thinking Today we have a twice elected African American president. In reflecting on the past since Gandhi s work considering the efforts of Dr Martin. Luther King Jr we are no longer a racist society however racism still exists Dr King s seven. principles of non violence serve as a framework for continued action. Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter serves as another role model for me Jimmy Carter did not say Do what I say He. led by example He always led by example He received degrees from the Georgia State. University and Georgia Tech He became governor of the state and decided to run for president. No one in the country on the national political scene gave him a chance to win the Democratic. nomination much less the general election Carter s strategy was to work hard meet people. share himself and allow the body of work speak for itself He became president however did. not win a second term He has used the platform of former president to go on and build a. worldwide presence and support for peace and institutions such as Habitat for Humanity Jimmy. Leading by Example Positive Change in Education 15. Carter Library Museum 2013 His work serves as the framework for the work I have. undertaken in operationalizing methods of teaching self motivation to young people. What may seem as very complex at the heart of it is simple We all have that force our true self. in side of us that when we tap into it it provides not only motivation for positive change in. ourselves but also in other Ghandi Dr King Jr and Jimmy Carter were three individuals that. adding onto the framework of others to tap into self to motivate self and create positive change. personally in community nationwide and worldwide Everyone s research ends with a.

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