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parishes might leave this for the regular money counters while larger parishes may have vol unteers or members of the Subcommittee on Stewardship for Children and Youth handle these procedures Provide information on stewardship for children and youth in the parish booklet racks


Table of Contents,Introduction A letter from Bishop Baker Page 3. A Special Note to Pastors Page 5, A Note to DRE s Religious Education Coordinators Page 5. Religious Education Catechists,What is Stewardship Page 6. Before You Begin,Role of the Pastor Page 7,Role of the Program Coordinator Page 7. Role of Parish Advisory Council Page 8,Role of the Parish Stewardship Committee Page 8.
Role of Other Parish Staff Page 9,Role of the Parents Page 11. Reinforcement to Children s Commitments,Activities and Resources Page 12. Suggested Timeline Page 15, Coordinating Effort with Parish Stewardship Program Page 15. Stewardship Opportunities Pre School Through High School. Pre School Stewardship Opportunities Page 16,Elementary Stewardship Opportunities Page 16. Middle School Stewardship Opportunities Page 17,High School Stewardship Opportunities Page 18.
Presenting the GOD JAR at Mass Page 18, Stewardship for Children and Teens Stewardship Resources Page 20. Speakers on Children s Stewardship Page 22, Publishers with Children s Stewardship Materials Page 22. Children s Stewardship Story Books Page 23,Sample Envelopes Page 25. Sample Newsletters Page 27,Children s Stewardship Song Page 31. Photo ready Graphics page Page 32, Sections re printed with permission from the International Catholic Stewardship Council s.
Children s Stewardship Manual,A Special Note to, The material in this guidebook is designed to be a resource for you and your parish lead. ers to promote and nurture the spirit of Stewardship for children and youth This is not a. program or a campaign which we are asking you to embark on Our Parish Guide to. Stewardship for Children and Youth is simply a collection of best practices which may be. useful to your parish, Ideally your parish should have a Stewardship Committee If you do not have one it. might be a good idea to appoint a person within the parish to spearhead your stewardship. efforts The diocesan Office of Stewardship and Mission Advancement would be more. than happy to meet with you your committee or individuals involved in your parish stew. ardship efforts to get things started, In order for our children to grow up and become good and faithful stewards of their time. talent and treasure it is necessary for them to begin a stewardship way of life early in. their lives Please use this guide to continue to nurture and promote the spirit of steward. ship within your parish Together we will Build up the Kingdom here in South Carolina. Religious Education Directors,Catechists and Religious. Education Coordinators, There is no need to panic because you have been asked to teach stewardship to your stu.
dents All children learn about their call to discipleship through baptism As their relation. ship with God is formed they begin to understand their responsibility to live as Jesus lived. and to acknowledge God s many gifts God works through them while serving the poor. spreading the Good News and taking care of everything God has given them Therefore. as disciples they are stewards of everything God entrusts to them. This life of stewardship is presented in most texts according to the children s age and. stage of development Most likely your children are already involved in one or two stew. ardship deeds such as donating canned food at Thanksgiving This is one facet of stew. ardship As you help nurture the children s Christian formation your challenge will be to. teach them to live a life of stewardship every day beginning today. What is Stewardship, At the base of stewardship is a strong emphasis on public and private prayer including the ado. ration of the Blessed Sacrament A strong spirituality is at the base of this successful stewardship. The ability of our diocese to reach where needed depends on the spirit of stewardship rekindled. in our hearts by the Lord,Bishop Robert J Baker, Stewardship is based on the idea that all we have and all we are comes from God. In order to thank God for our many blessings we must give back a portion of the time talent and. treasure that God has blessed us with, Stewardship is not a program rather it is an attitude a way of life. Stewardship calls for us to share ourselves to be a holy people to step up and to take the risk of. walking with our savior Jesus Christ, W e are all called to be disciples and caretakers of God s many gifts. Stewardship is not about tithing sacrificial giving or fund raising. Stewardship is about conversion and discipleship,Before You Begin.
Role of the Pastor, A pastor will be successful in fostering stewardship among the children and youth of his. parish if he is committed to promoting stewardship as a way of life for himself and the rest of. the parish adults With the pastor and the rest of the parish actively committed to a steward. ship way of life the children and youth will be witnesses to stewardship in action In addition. to making his own personal commitment to stewardship visible to the children and youth of. the parish the pastor can, Pray that the children and youth will embrace stewardship as a way of life and that they will. experience spiritual growth as they follow in Jesus footsteps. Visit the children s Faith Formation classes on a regular basis to spend some time in prayer. with them while encouraging them to be good stewards of their time talent and treasure. Take advantage of the Sunday Scripture readings that are reflective of a stewardship way of life. and include some ways in which children and youth can respond to that scripture reading in their. Meet with the parish and school staff and leadership to promote and encourage stewardship. education for the children and youth of the parish. Encourage the parish Stewardship Committee to form a subcommittee to coordinate the chil. dren s stewardship efforts, Personally participate and encourage parish and school leadership to participate in diocesan. in service programs for children s stewardship education. Encourage the inclusion of children and youth in all annual parish stewardship renewals. including prayer ministry sacrificial giving and the Bishop s Stewardship Appeal. Role of the Parish Advisory Council, As the primary advisory council to the pastor regarding matters of a pastoral nature the Parish. Pastoral Council needs to avail itself of every opportunity to understand the theology and spiritual. ity of stewardship the practical aspects of stewardship and the process of stewardship education. in the parish To this end the Parish Pastoral Council should be encouraged to invite a member of. the Stewardship Committee to report on the ongoing awareness activities throughout the year. which should include information on stewardship for children and youth As part of its own ongo. ing formation the Pastoral Council should consider attending diocesan Stewardship Days and. workshops Many dioceses now include a session on stewardship for children and youth. Parishes may want to consider sending members of the Pastoral Council to the International. Catholic Stewardship Council s Conference each year An informed Pastoral Council will be better. able to support stewardship activities in the parish. The enthusiasm and support of the Parish Pastoral Council often determines the success of many. parish projects Stewardship for children and youth is no exception It is important that the members of. the Pastoral Council understand and encourage others in the parish to embrace stewardship efforts for. the young people,Role of the Parish Stewardship Committee.
Since the Parish Stewardship Committee is responsible for the ongoing education and commit. ment of parishioners to the stewardship of time talent and treasure then it is ultimately their. responsibility to coordinate the activities of stewardship for children and youth When a parish. makes the decision to include children s stewardship it is advisable to form a subcommittee of the. Parish Stewardship Committee to handle the details of this effort The Children s Stewardship. Subcommittee should include two or three members of the Stewardship Committee who are inter. ested in promoting stewardship among the children and the youth Other members of the sub. committee might include a youth representative the DRE the School Principal a catechist youth. minister and concerned parents The responsibilities of the Subcommittee on Stewardship for. Children and Youth can include the following, Include children and youth in the annual stewardship renewals Invite the children to participate. in the lay witness talks the signing of commitment cards and the presentation of the cards at. the offertory, Recruit children youth to share their personal feelings about stewardship with the other chil. dren of the parish, Keep a list of current time and talent opportunities for the children and youth In many cases. children would be welcome participants in adult ministries Be sure to include those on the list. Ensure that those children who sign a commitment card are contacted This is especially. important where children are concerned because we are forming their future perception of. stewardship as well as their current participation. Publicize some of the children s time and talent gifts in the parish bulletin or newsletter. Develop counting and accounting procedures for the children s envelopes Some smaller. parishes might leave this for the regular money counters while larger parishes may have vol. unteers or members of the Subcommittee on Stewardship for Children and Youth handle. these procedures, Provide information on stewardship for children and youth in the parish booklet racks. Keep up with the latest resources for stewardship education for children and youth and pro. vide updated information to youth ministers and catechists. Include a children s stewardship profile or article in the parish newsletter several times a year. Provide in service education for members of your subcommittee Take advantage of diocesan. and national stewardship gatherings Stewardship for children and youth is almost certain to. be one of the agenda items,Role of Other Parish Staff.
Parish Stewardship Director, Many larger parishes have found it beneficial to hire a full or part time staff member to oversee. the parish stewardship effort coordinate the time and talent components of the stewardship effort. and keep ongoing awareness activities alive in the parish The Parish Stewardship Director would. work with the directors of the various children s ministries to be sure that those children who vol. unteer are contacted,Director of Religious Education and Staff. The parish DRE is responsible for the entire Religious Education program which includes the ele. ment of stewardship in the curriculum The religious education staff can foster stewardship in a. number of ways, Provide education opportunities on stewardship for the children and youth Help the children. understand the meaning of stewardship and the role that it has in their own lives. Provide education and training to parents so that they are able to share the gift of their. Catholic faith with their children, W ork with parish staff to implement a stewardship focus in all areas of parish life. Model good stewardship of parish religious education resources funds materials and facili. Foster connections with neighboring parishes especially through the deanery vicariate. structure to enhance networking in the area of stewardship. Provide opportunities for families to work together as good stewards of time and talent. Change the words service hours to stewardship time The term service hours tends to. denote a requirement for the completion of a course of study Use of stewardship will place. service in a spiritual context of gratitude to God for all He has given. Identify and establish a stewardship focus person for the religious education program This. might be a catechist who would also serve on the subcommittee for children s and youth. stewardship or a person who would serve as a liaison between the religious education staff. and the diocesan stewardship director This person would be responsible for providing updat. ed resources for the rest of the catechists, Respect and incorporate the talents and gifts of all cultural traditions Celebrate the cultural.
diversity found in our country by recognizing and affirming the gifts of all nationalities and eth. nic groups,Director of Youth Ministry, The Director of Youth Ministry is responsible for the catechetical social and service opportunities. provided for the middle and high school youth of the parish The teenage years can be both chal. lenging and fruitful in promoting stewardship Ways in which the Director of Youth Ministry can. help foster stewardship include the following, Be educated about stewardship Attend workshops and seminars to stay personally informed. about stewardship, Model examples of stewardship in their own lives Teenagers are more apt to embrace steward. ship if their youth ministers are living examples of what it means to be a good steward of God s. many gifts, Provide stewardship education opportunities for the youth Include a mini course on steward. ship as part of the curriculum Include a discussion of the role stewardship plays in their lives. Provide meaningful time and talent stewardship opportunities for the youth. Advocate youth involvement in all areas of parish life Promote youth as lectors Eucharistic. ministers greeters and ushers Encourage parish commissions to invite youth to participate. as active members, Encourage tithing proportionate giving by youth to parish offertory parish projects special.
collections and other charitable organizations Many teenagers have jobs with more dispos. able income than many adults do They should be encouraged to give back with gratitude. Encourage youth to tithe a percentage of the money they raise in fundraising activities to the. parish or other causes Most parish youth groups raise enough money on their car washes. bake sales or candy sales to return some of the profits to help those in need and still have. enough to fund their social activities, Encourage family participation in stewardship time and talent activities. Focus on prayer Encourage the youth to be good stewards of their time by including time for. formal prayer each day Provide prayerful retreat experiences for the youth Be sure to. incllude young people if the parish sponsors an annual stewardship of prayer commitment. The School Principal, As the chief catechist in the school the principal has the responsibility of promoting stewardship. among the students and staff The school principal may foster stewardship in some of the follow. Provide resources and or schedule workshops for teachers to learn more about the theology. of stewardship The diocesan director of stewardship has resources that can be made avail. able to teachers Stewardship workshops are often included at diocesan education confer. Integrate a children s stewardship prayer into various areas of Catholic school programs. Liturgy morning prayer assemblies etc, Promote the concept of community service and service hours as stewardship opportuni. Choose a theme for a month promoting stewardship acknowledging existing activities and cul. tivating new ideas, Network with social service and outreach organizations to promote opportunities for students. to give of their time talent and treasure, Promote stewardship activities within school staff campus ministry development director.
religion coordinator and volunteer coordinator,Role of the Parents. The example of the parent is the primary way a child learns to give Giving is one of those values. that is caught rather than taught Parents need to be living models of stewardship for their chil. dren In addition to modeling the stewardship way of life for their children they should tell them. why they are giving of their time talent and treasure Make the children aware of the joy peace. and happiness that come with a commitment to stewardship Children should be asked and. encouraged to join their parents in some of their stewardship activities Some specific ways that. parents can foster stewardship in their children might include. Provide their children with a vision of a sharing generous accountable way of life 1992. U S Bishops Pastoral Letter Stewardship A Disciple s Response. Instill in their children an attitude of gratitude by reminding them that all we have are and will. be is a gift from God, Make prayer a part of the daily family life especially prayers of gratitude. Discern nurture and share their own gifts so that they can model a stewardship way of life. for their children, Guide their children in discerning their own gifts and provide them with opportunities in which. to share them thereby building up God s Kingdom, Fulfill their promise as stewards of baptized children to educate them in their Catholic faith. teaching them that they are part of the Universal Church. Grow spiritually as faithful stewards by participating at Mass and by receiving the sacraments. Encourage their children to give a proportionate amount of their allowance cash gifts and. earnings to the parish and or other charitable organizations. Reinforcement to Children s,Commitments, Like adult education programs ongoing reference to the concept of stewardship is vital It can.
serve as an important reminder to children These references can be in different forms If children. see and hear this message around them through the actions of their parents teachers religious. men and women and clergy or read about it in newsletters or bulletins they will be more inclined. to live this life themselves In a subtle way the stewardship educational process converts our chil. dren to the way of life that Jesus taught, Children can also recognize stewardship or at least the personal need to be good stewards by. associating this concept with worldwide and local events Children can become more cognizant of. society around them by learning what is just and unjust As they consider their own stewardship. now at a young age they will have the strong faith foundation to make a difference in their adult. As in the case with the suggested class activities found in this manual there is unlimited potential. in devising creative methods with which to instruct our children The goal should be to remind the. children of their responsibility to God and to others Some of these activities are as follows. Children s Stewardship Corner in Parish Bulletin, Some of the ways that the children are expressing their stewardship of time and talent could be. listed on a regular basis in the bulletin The personal experiences shared by the children can be. touching and humorous The children often like to continually read the parish bulletin to check if. their gifts of time or talent are listed A report regarding their collective financial support should. also be noted in the bulletin in a similar fashion as the traditional adult reporting Other items that. can be noted include an invitation for new families to get children s envelopes from the church. and suggested stewardship oriented activities One such activity is a Time and Talent Salute. wherein a different parishioner is profiled each week for his or her contributions of time and talent to. the parish Children certainly should be included in this ritual. Children s Liturgy, The celebrant of the children s daily weekly Liturgy can be reminded about coordinating the. Biblical concept of tithing with the readings or Gospel of the day Liturgy Planners should be. aware that this is the easiest method in which to continually remind the children A parallel can. always be drawn between this life style and Holy Scriptures. Guest Speakers, Periodically during the class year invite missionaries to speak in the classroom about their Third. W orld assignments The diocesan Propagation of the Faith office may be a possible resource in. scheduling missionaries Also invite parents or individuals who have provided stewardship wit. ness in church to describe what stewardship means to them. Materials from H C A or S P O F, Utilize any resource material available from your diocesan representatives or from the national.
offices of the Holy Childhood Association HCA and the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. SPOF These resources are helpful in promoting the stewardship concept while raising con. sciousness about the world around us Such materials include the SPOF video On Mission the. H C A video In Search of Sudan and the HCA publication It s Our World. Poster Competition, Year round poster competition can be initiated based on everything the children have learned dur. ing the process The children can provide an illustration of the experiences they have recorded on. their offertory envelopes in recent weeks Also allow the Stewardship Posters to remain hanging. in the classrooms throughout the year,Verbal Reporting of Time and Talent Experiences. Periodically have the students recall their most outstanding expression of stewardship of time or. talent from past offertory envelopes Have each child report on or describe his or her experience. There are many benefits to this exercise gives child public speaking experience serves as per. sonal witness to others similar to the adult program subtle reminder to use the children s. envelopes on a regular basis and encourages careful and prayerful consideration of their weekly. gifts of time talent and treasure when recording these items on their envelopes.

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