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parts in this manual please contact your John Deere dealer Precautions to be taken before carrying out any operations on the machine Before leaving the tractor or before adjusting maintaining or repairing the machine disengage the PTO drive turn off the engine remove ignition key and wait until all moving parts ha ve come to a complete stop and apply park brake Introduction The machine


DEAR OWNER, In buying a Frontier machine you have chosen wisely Into it have gone years of thought research and. improvement You will find as have thousands of owners all over the world that you have the best that. engineering skill and actual field testing can produce You have purchased a dependable machine but only. through proper care and operation can you expect to receive the performance and long service built into it. This manual contains all the necessary information for you to receive full efficiency from your machine The. performance you get from this machine is largely dependent on how well you read and understand this manual. and apply this knowledge Please DO NOT ASSUME YOU KNOW HOW TO OPERATE AND MAINTAIN YOUR. MACHINE before reading this manual carefully KEEP THIS MANUAL AVAILABLE FOR REFERENCE Pass. it on to the next owner if you re sell the machine. Your John Deere dealer can offer a complete line of original manufacturer service parts These parts are. manufactured and carefully inspected in the same factory that builds the machine to assure high quality and. accurate fitting of any necessary replacements,About improvements. We are continually striving to improve our products We therefore reserve the right to make improvements or. changes when it becomes practical to do so without incurring any obligations to make changes or additions to. the equipment sold previously,Wearing parts, Wearing parts fitted on our machines have been tested in very different situations to optimize their service life. Nevertheless the service life depends highly on the conditions of use products to handle soil weather. conditions etc,Designated use of the machine, The DM1140 mower must only be used for the purpose for which it was manufactured mowing on the ground. of hay fields grass silage fields and improved pastures for the purpose of harvesting fodder for feeding. Dear Owner,Dear Owner 1,Contents 2,Identification of the machine 4.
Front view 4,Rear view 4,Model identification plate 5. Optional equipment 5,Description of symbols used in this document 6. Safety instructions 7, Location and description of safety decals on the machine 16. Machine specifications 21,Description and glossary 21. Technical specifications 22,Sound levels 22,Putting into service 23.
Description of control elements 23,Coupling and uncoupling 23. Instructions for transport 34,Putting the machine into transport position 34. Conformity with the road regulations 36,Instructions for work 37. Putting the machine into work position 37,Adjustments in working position 39. Machine use 42,Optional equipment 43,PTO shaft with free wheel 43.
HD disks 43,Raised skid shoes 48,Maintenance and storage 49. Frequency chart 49,Lubrication 50,Maintenance 53,Storage 60. Troubleshooting guide 61,IDENTIFICATION OF THE MACHINE. 1 Front view,2 Rear view,Identification of the machine. 3 Model identification plate, Please write below the type and serial number of the TY.
SS 6770 KU,E 0 SA H N, machine This information is to be given to your John. Deere dealer for all parts order or warranty claim. Type DM1140,MADE IN FRANCE,DEERE COMPANY MOLINE ILLINOIS USA. 4 Optional equipment, Check the boxes corresponding to the equipment fitted. on your machine,Kit no KN1086060 PTO shaft with free wheel. Kit no KN1016070 HD disks,Kit no KN1016400 Raised skid shoes.
Identification of the machine,1 Description of symbols used in this. This symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation. that if not avoided could result in serious bodily injury. This symbol is used to identify special instructions or. procedures which if not followed strictly could result in. machinery damage,This symbol is used to communicate technical. information of particular interest,2 Safety instructions. Introduction, The machine must only be operated maintained and repaired by qualified persons who are familiar with the. machines operation and understand safety regulations and procedures for preventing accidents. The operator must follow the safety instructions in this manual and in the warnings posted on the machine The. operator is also obliged to respect current legislation concerning accident prevention work safety and public. traffic circulation, The intended use of the machine includes following all operation maintenance and repair recommendations.
given by the manufacturer and using only genuine spare parts equipment and accessories as recommended. by the manufacturer, The manufacturer is not held liable for any damage resulting from machine applications other than those. specified by the manufacturer Any use other than the designated operation is at the risk and responsibility of. the operator, The manufacturer is not held liable for any damage or accident resulting from machine modifications carried out. by the operator himself or by a third party without previous written agreement from the manufacturer. Read and follow the safety instructions, Before using the machine carefully read all the safety. instructions in this manual and the warnings placed on. the machine, Before starting work the operator must be familiar with. all machine controls handling devices and their, functions It is too late to learn once work has been.
Never let anyone operate the machine who is not trained. Should you have any difficulties in understanding certain. parts in this manual please contact your John Deere. Precautions to be taken before carrying out,any operations on the machine. Before leaving the tractor or before adjusting BEFORE ADJUSTING. MAINTAINING OR REPAIRING, maintaining or repairing the machine disengage the THE MACHINE TURN OFF THE. PTO drive turn off the engine remove ignition key and ENGINE REMOVE IGNITION. KEY AND WAIT UNTIL ALL, wait until all moving parts have come to a complete stop MOVING PARTS HAVE COME TO. A COMPLETE STOP,and apply park brake,599 004 20,Precautions to take before using the. Do not wear loose clothing which could become caught. up in moving parts,Wear appropriate protective clothing gloves shoes.
goggles helmet ear defenders etc, Ensure that all operating controls ropes cables rods. etc are placed so as they cannot be operated,unintentionally and cause damage or injury. Before operating the machine check tightness of nuts. and bolts particularly on components that the machine. uses to process material tines forks blades knives. etc Retighten if necessary, Before operating the machine ensure that all the safety. guards are firmly in place and in good condition,Immediately replace any worn or damaged guard. Precautions when driving, Tractor handling stability performance and braking.
efficiency are all affected by weight distribution trailed or. mounted implements additional ballast and driving, conditions It is therefore of great importance that the. operator exercises caution in every given situation. Drive speed must be adapted to ground conditions as. well as to roads and paths Always avoid abrupt changes. of direction, Be particularly cautious when turning corners paying. attention to machine overhang length height and, Never use a narrow track tractor on very uneven or. steeply sloping ground,Never leave the tractor seat while the machine is. Carrying people or animals on the machine when,working or in transport is strictly forbidden.
Precautions when driving on public roads,Dimensions. Depending on the dimensions of the machine contact. the relevant authorities to ensure that it can be legally. transported on public roads, If the machine is over the maximum legal size follow the. local regulations for special transportation of oversize. Gross weight and weight per axle, Check that the tractor s authorized gross weight as well kg kg. as its lift capacity and maximum weight per axle are not. The front axle load 1 must never under any, circumstances be less than 20 of the tractor s unladen. weight If necessary add ballast weights to the front or. to the rear to preserve the steering and braking,efficiency 1.
Transport position, Before transporting the machine on public roads place. the machine into its transport position according to the. instructions in this manual,Lights and indicators, Before transporting the machine on public roads ensure. that all legally required lights and indicators are in place. Ensure that lights and indicators are clean and in good. working order Replace any missing or broken,Always obey current regulations for driving. Maximum speed, Always keep to the legal speed limit for driving a tractor. machine assembly on public roads,Precautions when coupling.
Before attaching the machine make sure that it cannot. accidentally start moving chock the wheels and that the. parking stand is in the right position, The machine must only be attached to the hitch points. provided for this purpose, Never stand between the tractor and the machine when. operating the three point linkage,Do not stand between the tractor and the machine. without ensuring that the parking brake is applied. Hydraulic circuit, Caution The hydraulic circuit is under high pressure. Maximum pressure at work 200 bar 2900 psi,Before connecting hoses to the tractor hydraulics.
ensure that tractor and machine circuits are not under. pressure Before disconnecting a hose depressurize the. hydraulic circuit, To avoid making incorrect connections mark hydraulic. couplers and corresponding hoses with colors,WARNING Functions could be reversed for example. lift lower and cause accidents, Regularly check the hydraulic hoses In case of normal. wear replace the hydraulic hoses every 5 years, Damaged or worn hoses must immediately be replaced. When replacing the hydraulic hoses only use hoses with. the specification recommended by the manufacturer of. the machine, To locate a leak use appropriate means Protect body.
and hands from liquid under pressure,Any liquid under pressure particularly oil from. hydraulics can penetrate the skin and cause severe. injury If injured see a doctor immediately there could. be danger of infection,Before any adjustments maintenance or repairs are. carried out lower the machine to the ground, depressurize the hydraulics turn off the engine remove. ignition key and wait until all moving parts have come to. a complete stop, Use only PTO shafts supplied with the machine or recommended by the machine manufacturer. The protective shield of the tractor PTO stub the PTO shaft guards and the protective shield of the machine. input shaft must always be in place and in good condition. Make sure that the PTO shaft guards are secured with the safety chains provided Check that the PTO shaft. guard can turn freely a full rotation independent of the shaft. Any worn or damaged guards must be replaced immediately A worn guard or an unprotected PTO shaft can. cause a serious or even a lethal accident, Do not wear loose clothing that could be caught in the.
rotating PTO shaft, Before attaching or removing a PTO shaft or before. doing any work on the machine disengage the PTO, drive turn off the engine remove ignition key and wait. for all moving parts have come to a complete stop, If the primary PTO shaft is equipped with a torque limiter. or a free wheel these must be fitted on the machine. Ensure that the PTO shaft is always correctly fitted and. locked into place, Before connecting the PTO shaft ensure that the PTO. speed rotational frequency and direction of rotation are. in line with the machine manufacturer s,recommendations.
Before engaging the PTO drive make sure all people. and animals are clear from the machine Never engage. the PTO drive when the tractor engine is stopped, Do not install any adapter device that results in a portion. of the tractor PTO stub the rotating PTO shaft or the. adapter to be unguarded The tractor master shield shall. overlap the end of the splined shaft and the added. adaptor device as outlined in the table, When uncoupling the machine rest the PTO shaft on the. support specially provided and replace protective shield. PTO type Diameter X splines,on the PTO stub of the tractor. Read and follow the instructions in the operator s manual. provided with the PTO shaft 35 mm 85 mm,1 378 3 35. 35 mm 85 mm,1 378 3 35,45 mm 100 mm,1 772 4 00,Precautions during maneuvers.
When moving the machine from the transport position to. the working position and vice versa make sure that. nobody is within the machine pivoting area,Remote controlled components. Danger of crushing and shearing can exist when,components are operated by hydraulic or pneumatic. controls Keep away from these danger zones,Safety decals. Safety warnings are placed in safety decal form on. various parts of the machine They are there to warn you. of potential dangers and to tell you how to avoid, Always keep the safety decals clean and readable and. replace them when they are worn damaged missing or. Waste disposal, Respect the environment Never spill pollutants oil.
grease filters etc on the ground never pour them, down the drain and never discard them in any other. place where they could pollute the environment Never. throw away or burn a tire Always take waste to,specialized recycling or waste disposal centers. Precautions for maintenance and repair,Before leaving the tractor or before adjusting. maintaining or repairing the machine disengage the. PTO drive turn off the engine remove ignition key and. wait until all moving parts have come to a complete stop. and apply park brake, Rest the machine on the ground release the pressure. from the hydraulic circuit and leave the machine to cool. Make sure that the parts of the machine that need to be. lifted for maintenance or repair work are firmly propped. Before any work is done on the electric circuit or before. any electric welding is carried out on the attached. machine disconnect the machine from the tractor, electrical circuit Also disconnect alternator and battery.
Repairs on elements under pressure or tension springs. pressure accumulators etc must only be carried out by. competent persons with regulation equipment,Wear appropriate protective clothing gloves shoes. goggles helmet ear defenders etc, Do not solder weld or use a blow torch near fluids under. pressure or flammable components, For your own safety and for correct machine operation. only use original manufacturer parts,It is strongly recommended to have your machine. checked by your John Deere dealer after each season.

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