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Aquaponics Made Easy explains the basics Aquaponics Secrets takes you to the next level and DIY Aquaponics teaches you how to make a kit system These videos are yours to enjoy just for signing up to the course Valued at AU 120 Aquaponics has never been this much fun Weekly Conference Calls Go ahead ask your questions


Welcome to the Aquaponics Course, Welcome to the Aquaponics Design Course This answer all your questions If you have been watching. course is one of a kind being taught by Murray Hal the free videos on murrayhallam com you will know. lam a veteran in the Aquaponics industry Murray what an effective teacher Murray is . has been building researching and teaching Aqua , ponics for over 10 years He has taught Aquaponics Murray s mission is for students to not just study. to hundreds of students all over the world and is re Aquaponics but to act on their knowledge Many. garded as a premier teacher His Aquaponics Master students have taken the course and gone on to great. Classes are much in demand success Some have secured the health of their family. others have prosperous new businesses ,We invite you to join this new extended 8 week. Online course and benefit from Murray s years of Growing pure food and growing food locally is Mur . experience and research in developing Aquaponics ray s passion and he hopes it is yours too We invite you. systems that really work to take this learning journey together and become part. of Murray s world wide Aquaponics family ,From the comfort of your lounge room at a time. convenient to you the course will roll out over suc Registrations open 6th Oct 2019. cessive weeks 8 modules of video lessons You can The course officially starts on the 6th Oct to 1st Dec 2019. start watching as soon as you enroll Join classmates You will have access to course materials for 1 Year. in discussing lessons and Murray will be on hand to. The Magic starts with You , I m a complete beginner Course Requirements.
Is this course for me , A broadband Internet connection for video streaming. The Aquaponics Design Course caters for all skill, is essential The videos are not available for download . levels From an absolute beginner to someone who has. However the beauty of Online training is that you can. been operating their own system for a while and are. watch the videos repeatedly ,ready to scale up , You will need about 3 hours per week to participate. Murray has had people enroll who had just discovered. in the lessons but that is anytime you choose day or. Aquaponics and then wanted to develop a large com . night , mercial system His 4 day Master Class course allowed. The course can be watched on your desktop tablet or. many students to have the skill set and confidence to. mobile device ,head in that direction , The other essential component is enthusiasm and a.
People of all ages have taken Murray s courses success . willingness to learn , fully Schools are developing Aquaponics as part of. their curriculum Some mid career people see it as an. The course is presented using VIMEO If you can, opportunity to start a new business and some people. watch vimeo on your browser you can watch and, just want to learn how to grow their own healthy fish. participate in the course ,and vegetables easily . Some countries such as Indonesia have blocked Vim . No prerequisite qualifications are necessary You will. eo Please check the link to see if you can watch vimeo. be taken through a progression of learning from the. formatted videos https vimeo com home,basics right through to advanced training .
Watch it any , where , Over 200, engaging, lessons that. teach you, aquaponics, from beginner, to advanced . Need Help Have a Question Contact Support at , support aquaponicsdesigncourse net. Thank you Murray and Lee for the great learning journey It has been. an amazing learning for me It really leaves me thinking how I could do. more for healthy eating and how I could share the knowledge with people. around me Seok Ngo Ang, The Many Benefits Of Aquaponics. I want to run a small farm Designing a Commercial. system and sell to my Aquaponics System, community Aquaponics is scalable You can start off with a small.
farm system and scale up as resources and markets. develop , There is a marked difference in operating a system. for profit as opposed to a home system in terms of. productivity and efficiency When you are making a. living decisions are crucial Murray will show you. how to streamline your operation and calculate ratios. and timings for optimum performance , If you want to start a business using Aquaponics Mur . Aquaponics is an ideal system to fill the demand of ray knows it doesn t start at the build There are many. growing numbers of consumers who want pure fresh factors to consider which he will outline and provide. locally grown food Food miles can be few and a diverse you in the course You will receive the tools to make. number of products can be grown informed decisions about your business . Chefs are continually on the look out for niche ingre Murray will explain in depth the components and. dients and seasonal produce with exceptional quality functions in his model for Commercial Aquaponics. Forming a relationship with local restaurateurs is some systems which have been built in various configura . thing Aquaponic entrepreneurs are doing successfully tions throughout the world Graphics and animations. allow you to see exactly how they work Interviews. Farmers markets are booming and offer producers the with students who are successful in business will give. chance to benefit from higher profits by removing the you an insight into what is possible . middleman and selling food directly to consumers , This course will teach you how to build a system for. The rising interest in organic food and its health ethical your situation which will reap you rewards . and environmental benefits has added to the popularity. of farmers markets , Aquaponics farming avoids pesticides and synthetic fer . tilizers and attracts higher prices for produce , People want to know where their food comes from and.
connect with the grower Box systems or CSA s where. people subscribe to weekly deliveries of produce is. another way Aquaponics growers market into their com . munities , Thank you for sharing your knowledge and would love to be able to. spread the word and maybe hold seminars in Vic Deborah Melinger. 4 Aquaponics DIY Projects Indy 11 5 Plan Set Free . to get you started Build your Dream System, To get you started Murray will show you how to build The Indy 11 5 plan set is a popular plan for a large. 4 different home systems We have step by step in home system which contains all the elements of the. structions You will learn what is required and exactly bigger systems Murray usually sells this plan for 197. how to do it Even if you ve never held a hammer or and is giving it to his students for free . operated a saw Murray has designed a small aqua , ponics system that you can build anywhere in the Build this robust and productive aquaponic system. world based on commonly accessible material Why using this comprehensive plan set . not start building one during the course and jump, straight into it Build your home system or make it a The Plan Set contains 16 full colour A3 pages plus. training system before you go on to bigger things over 40 pages of A4 building instructions including a. complete list of materials required , Two different lay outs are covered in the Plan Set one.
with grow beds side by side for a wider space config . uration and another with beds in a straight line for. a longer narrower spaces such as down the side of a. house , This plan has all the elements of a commercial system. and can be used as a basis for many larger designs . Weekly Course PDF,At the beginning of each week you will be given a. chapter of notes you can download for each class mod . ule These you can print and compile into a handbook. as a permanent reference , You can also take the lists of requirements to the hard . ware shop utilize the record sheets and have the facts. at your fingertips They will be a great support to your. learning and you can add your own notes to them , BONUS DVDS 7 Day Money Back Guarantee . We are so confident that you will be delighted with. Murray Hallam s Online Aquaponics Design Course that. we will offer you a full 7 day money back guarantee if. As a special bonus for being part of this course you you find the course is not for you Just email a support. get free access to Murray s top 3 DVDs in streaming ticket advising our staff and we will refund you the full. format Aquaponics Made Easy explains the basics price You get a full 100 refund with no questions. Aquaponics Secrets takes you to the next level and DIY asked How good is that You have nothing to lose . Aquaponics teaches you how to make a kit system , These videos are yours to enjoy just for signing up to.
the course Valued at AU 120 Aquaponics has never, Weekly Conference Calls . been this much fun Go ahead ask your questions ,Lesson Questions. Just like in a classroom you are encouraged to ask. questions after viewing each video lesson so you can. quickly build your knowledge base ,Each video varies from 5 min to 20 mins in dura . tion There are no boring white board discussions in. Murray s course Each lesson is illustrated with video . animation or graphics to illustrate core concepts . Enjoy weekly live calls with Murray Hallam Murray. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you will be on hand to answer your class questions in a live. like beneath each lesson Murray will be on hand to webinar and guide you over any design tips you need. clarify any aspect of the course to know , You ll be advised in our weekly newsletter the exact. You can post your suggestions or comments below time the webinar will be held and if you miss out. each video and read other student responses as well don t worry you ll still be able to gain access and. watch a recorded version later at your convenience . An excellent course Dense and comprehensive but delivered in an. engaging and accessible way Very good value Craig Thorburn. BONUS FREE FIBREGLASS,TANK COURSE WORTH 500,At completion of the Aquaponics Design Course you.
are automatically enrolled in our Fibreglass Tank man . ufacturing Course valued at USD 500 , Fibreglass is one of the most inert and longlasting. materials you can use to build your own dream aqua . ponics system , Murray Hallam as a former boat builder and fibreglass. tank manufacturer will show you all the tips of the. trade how to build the moulds work with resins solve. problems fix leaks and build your own tanks for use in. your own aquaponics systems or to build aquaponics. tanks for sale , Well made fibreglass tanks will last for over 50 years . Unlike plastic tanks they can be repaired if damaged . You will no longer be limited to working with off the. shelf international bulk containers or commercially. available blue barrels when making your own systems . Learn the details of making your own fish tanks sump. tanks grow beds header tank and swirl filters , It s terrific value and a necessary skill for any budding. aquaponics designer , GET ALL THE ANSWERS IN, OUR COMMUNITY FORUM.
Building an aquaponics system from gleaning infor . mation online can be problematic Sourcing fittings . valves pumps and tanks in your country can be very. frustrating when you re just starting out and need.

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