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Matilda 3 Suggestions for Classroom Work Cross curricular Links Maths Children can revise their times tables and play games using them such as Fizz Buzz


Novel Notes, Matilda, 2012 Folens Publishers,First published in 2012 by . Folens Publishers ,Hibernian Industrial Estate ,Greenhills Road . Tallaght ,Dublin 24, Folens books are protected by international copyright laws All rights. reserved The copyright of all materials in this book except where. otherwise stated remains the property of Folens Publishers No part. of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or. transmitted in any form or by any means stencilling photocopying . etc for whatever purpose even purely educational without the prior. written permission of the publisher The publisher reserves the. right to change without notice at any time the specification of this. product , The publisher has made every effort to contact copyright holders but. if any have been overlooked we will be pleased to make any. necessary arrangements To the best of the publisher s knowledge . information in this book was correct at the time of going to press No. responsibility can be accepted for any errors , Contents.
Synopsis 1,About the Author 2,Objectives 2,Cross curricular Links 3. Suggestions for Classroom Work 3,Web Links 4,Pre reading Activities 4. Chapter 1 6,Chapter 2 7,Chapter 3 8,Chapter 4 9,Chapter 5 10. Chapter 6 11,Chapter 7 12,Chapter 8 13,Chapter 9 14. Chapter 10 15,Chapter 11 16,Chapter 12 17,Chapter 13 18.
Chapter 14 19,Chapter 15 20,Chapter 16 21,Chapter 17 22. Chapter 18 23,Chapter 19 24,Chapter 20 25,Chapter 21 26. Book Report Sheet 27, Link to Reading Zone Matilda. The Golden Harp Unit 20 The Ghost, Synopsis, Matilda. M, atilda Wormwood is four years old She lives with her parents Mr and Mrs Wormwood .
and her older brother Michael Mr Wormwood is a crook who sells second hand cars . While he works his wife plays bingo leaving Matilda home alone Matilda uses her time. alone to visit the local library Despite her young age Matilda is an advanced reader Her parents . however do not nurture her talent and instead force her to watch television They are frequently. mean to Matilda She is a clever girl and has a lot of fun getting revenge particularly on her. father who treats her especially poorly , When Matilda starts school it becomes clear to her teacher Miss Honey that she is a genius . Matilda can already do complicated maths as well as read adult novels The school Matilda attends. is called Crunchem Hall Primary School and unfortunately for Matilda and the other students the. headmistress is a particularly unpleasant woman who despises children When Miss Honey brings. Matilda s genius to the attention of the headmistress Miss Trunchbull she refuses to move her to. a higher grade Further she claims that Matilda is evil and must be watched carefully . A frustrated Miss Honey bravely goes to Matilda s parents house to discuss the matter Instead of. finding encouraging parents she meets a hostile environment Miss Honey tries to convince the. Wormwoods that their daughter is exceptionally smart but they disagree and claim that she is a brat . It becomes clear to Miss Honey that she will not find support for Matilda with the Wormwoods . At school Matilda and her new friends are warned about Miss Trunchbull s meanness towards. children Miss Trunchbull enjoys lifting children throwing them and locking them up The. children witness Miss Trunchbull s character when an assembly is called A boy called Bruce. Bogtrotter is made to eat a full chocolate cake in one sitting as punishment for stealing some. from Miss Trunchbull To her surprise and disgust the boy manages to finish the cake . One day Miss Trunchbull visits Matilda s class A child called Lavender secretly puts a newt into. Miss Trunchbull s water This infuriates the headmistress and Matilda gets the blame Amazingly . Matilda realises she has magical powers as she manages to overturn a glass of water onto. Miss Trunchbull After class Matilda explains to Miss Honey that she had made the glass turn. over using her eyes Miss Honey is fascinated and invites Matilda back to her cottage to fully. investigate the extent of her newfound powers , Instead of testing Matilda s powers Miss Honey tells Matilda about her life and how she ended. up being poor Miss Honey lives in poverty in a very small cottage She tells Matilda that when. her parents died her wicked aunt raised her and stole her house and money from her Her. wicked aunt is none other than Miss Trunchbull Matilda hatches a plan to teach Miss Trunchbull. a lesson for her cruelty , At home Matilda spends a week practising her magic Then when Miss Trunchbull returns. to her class Matilda uses her magical powers to write a scary message on the board for Miss. Trunchbull ordering her to return the house to Miss Honey Miss Trunchbull collapses with the. fright of it and agrees to return the house so that Miss Honey can move in . Matilda returns home one day to find her family furiously packing they are moving to Spain . Matilda is upset and asks Miss Honey to care for her instead When her parents agree to this. Matilda gladly moves in with Miss Honey , Themes and issues dealt with in this novel include the relationships between adults and children . neglect abuse childhood and magic , 1, 4th Class Novel Notes.
About the Author, R, oald Dahl is one of the world s most famous children s authors He was born in Wales. in 1916 to Norwegian parents and had a tragic life Many people close to him died. including at an early age his father and elder sister leaving his mother to raise the other. children alone , As a child Dahl loved stories and books He began writing his own stories for children when. his first child was old enough to understand them Some of his most famous novels include. James and the Giant Peach Matilda The BFG The Witches Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. and Fantastic Mr Fox Many of these stories won awards and were made into films Dahl died in. 1990 aged seventy four , Objectives, Curriculum Objectives. The child should be enabled to identify unfamiliar words by reference. to word parts prefixes and suffixes use simple dictionaries effectively . explore new interests and perspectives through reading continue to. develop a range of comprehension strategies to deal with narrative . expository and representational reading materials engage in talk. about books , Learning Outcomes, Draw a picture of some characters from the novel based on their written descriptions . 2 , 2 List some adjectives used to describe various characters in the novel .
2 Write a diary entry from the perspective of Miss Honey . 2 Discuss points for and against Matilda s actions towards Miss Trunchbull . 2 Make a favourite word collage using words from the story . Evaluate the appeal of visiting one of the settings from the novel for a week . 2 , Pretend that you have been selected to write a sequel to this story Write a short summary. 2 , of the sequel Include information about the sequel s plot setting and main characters . Compare the book with the movie version Which version do you prefer Why . 2 ,2, Matilda,Cross curricular Links,Maths Visual Arts. Children can revise their times tables and Children can complete a series of works. play games using them such as Fizz Buzz around the theme of magic For example. magical creatures fairy tales and black magic,History could all be explored Children can create. The class can investigate the life of Roald paintings prints sculptures and so on . Dahl from a historical perspective For,example they can create timelines and Gaeilge.
fortune lines examine what changed in his The children can learn the names of people . life and the causes of change etc e g brother sister mother father teacher . principal ,Science,Children can learn more about the newt its. natural habitat life cycle position in the food,chain etc . Suggestions for Classroom Work, 2 Draw pictures of Miss Trunchbull and Miss Honey based on the descriptions in the novel . 2 W, rite some of the adjectives used to describe a Matilda b Lavender c Miss Honey . d Miss Trunchbull and e Mr Wormwood , 2 I magine you are Miss Honey Write a diary entry to record the biggest shock surprise you.
got out of all the things that happen in the story . 2 D, o you think Matilda was right to scare Miss Trunchbull at the end of the novel Write. reasons for and against scaring Miss Trunchbull , 2 Make a favourite word collage using words from the story . 2 T hink about one of the settings of this story e g Matilda s house the school and so on . Describe it and write about why you would or would not like to spend a week visiting. this place ,2 P, retend that you have been selected to write a sequel to this story Write a short summary. of the sequel Include information about the sequel s plot setting and main characters . 2 C, ompare the book with the movie version Which version do you prefer Why . 3, 4th Class Novel Notes, Web Links, The official Roald Dahl website .
http www roalddahl com , Website for the illustrator of the novel Quentin Blake . http www quentinblake com en , Poems by Roald Dahl . http www poemhunter com i ebooks pdf roald dahl 2004 9 pdf. Trailer for Matilda the movie , http www imdb com video screenplay vi3465871641 . A link to one of Roald Dahl s revolting rhymes based on. Cinderella , http monologues co uk Childrens Favourites Snow White htm. Pre reading Activities, Oral Pre reading Questions.
Chapter 1 Chapter 5, Look at the title of the chapter What do you What do you think arithmetic might have to. think the chapter will be about do with this story . Chapter 2 Chapter 6, What does the title of this chapter tell you How do you think Matilda will get revenge on. about Matilda s father Predict what other her father for calling her a cheat . information we will learn about him in this, chapter Chapter 7. Who do you think Miss Honey is , Chapter 3, What do you think will happen in this Chapter 8. chapter From what you have read so far how do you. think Miss Trunchbull will differ from Miss, Chapter 4 Honey .
Do you think The Ghost is a good title for a, chapter Why Why not Chapter 9. Do you think Matilda s parents are aware that, she is a genius Why Why not . 4, Matilda,Chapter 10 Chapter 16, What might this title refer to What sort of home do you think Miss Honey. will have ,Chapter 11, Predict what will happen next in the story Chapter 17. What might we learn about Miss Honey in,Chapter 12 this chapter .
What do you think this chapter might be,about Chapter 18. What do you think the title means ,Chapter 13, What do you think will happen to Lavender in Chapter 19. this chapter What do you think Matilda will be practising . Chapter 14 Chapter 20, Do you think Miss Trunchbull will pick on Can you recall what Matilda s other miracles. Matilda because Mr Wormwood sold a bad were ,car to her . Chapter 21,Chapter 15 How do you think the book will end .
How else do you think Matilda will use her,powers . Vocabulary, Miss Trunchbull uses many unpleasant terms to describe children such as foul carbuncle . nauseating little warts and ignorant little slug Make a list of ten such terms and then. generate positive phrases in their place For example poisonous little pockmark could be. transformed into pretty little peach Children could use dictionaries and thesauruses to expand. their vocabulary , Matilda Compreh, ension Activity Shee. t1, Comprehension Activity Sheets Chapter 1, The Reader of Book. s , Activity sheet, 1 How is Matilda, different to other.
children , 2 What does Matil, Presented over the following pages are a selection of 1 home . da do on afternoon, s when she is left, alone at, both lower and higher order questions for each section of 3 What is Matil. da s favourite book, this novel which the teacher may choose from library from the children s. section of the, 4 Why does Matil, da read so many. two reasons books do you think, Give at least, 5 If you were to.
recommend a book, be Explain your to Matilda what. answer book would it, 6 How are Matil, da s parents different. to other parents , 6 NAME , Photocopiables DATE , Folens. 5, Matilda Comprehension Activity Sheet 1, Chapter 1 The Reader of Books . Activity sheet, 1 How is Matilda different to other children .
2 What does Matilda do on afternoons when she is left alone. 1 at home , 3 What is Matilda s favourite book from the children s section of. the library , 4 Why does Matilda read so many books do you think Give at least. two reasons , 5 If you were to recommend a book to Matilda what book would it. be Explain your answer , 6 How are Matilda s parents different to other parents .

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