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2011 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management IEEM 2011 Pages 1 968 1 2 Table of Contents Decision Analysis amp Methods 1 Profitability Analysis Using Data Envelopment Analysis Discriminant Analysis an Empirical Study Hung Tso LIN Yin Chi HUANG 1 Comparison of Neural Network and Regression Techniques for Nonlinear Prediction Problems Usha Anantha


Table of Contents,Decision Analysis Methods 1, Profitability Analysis Using Data Envelopment Analysis Discriminant Analysis an Empirical Study 1. Hung Tso LIN Yin Chi HUANG, Comparison of Neural Network and Regression Techniques for Nonlinear Prediction Problems 6. Usha Anantha KUMAR Mukta PALIWAL, A Decision Analysis on Flexible Scale of Green Logistics under Limited Carbon Emission with Real 11. Options Concept,Tyrone T LIN Mong Tien CHAN, Integration Model of Fuzzy C Means Clustering Algorithm and TOPSIS Method for Customer 16. Lifetime Value Assessment, Amir Hossein AZADNIA Muhamad Zameri MAT SAMAN Kuan Yew WONG Abdul Rahman HEMDI.
A Modified Algorithm to Find a Representative Capacity with Evenness Consideration for Non 21. additive Robust Ordinal Regression, Roghayeh HEMMATJOU Nasim NAHAVANDI Behzad MOSHIRI I NAKHAI. Established the Evaluation Structure of the Investment Benefit of the Doubling Tourist Arrivals 26. Plan in Taiwan,Huey hsi LO Pei cheng WEN,Decision Analysis Methods 2. Analyzing Newsvendor Problems by One Shot Decision Approaches with Considering Regret 32. Peijun GUO Yating YANG, Simplification of Decision Making Matrix in Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making 36. Zhi PEI Li ZHENG, A Petri Net Approach to Resource Allocation in Brand Management Systems 41. Hongwei LIAO Min LU, Optimal Determination of Simulated Annealing Parameters using TOPSIS 46.
Fateme FOTUHI, Merger and Acquisition Decisions Analysis with Sustainability Operation Concept 51. Tyrone T LIN Yi Shun HUANG, Simulation Based Operational Decision Analysis at Decoupling Point in MTS MTO System 56. Feng Yu WANG Laura Xiao Xia XU Ronald LIM E W LEE Michal ZARZYCKI. Decision Analysis Methods 3, Applying Green Goodwill for Project Management on Green Economics Concept 61. Tyrone T LIN Wei Cheng WU, A Fuzzy based Integrated Framework for Monitoring Stochastic Demand in a Supply Chain 66. Environment, Henry LAU Premaratne SAMARANAYAKE Dilupa NAKANDALA.
A Multicriteria Decision Model for Managing Business Processes 71. Ana Carolina CAMPOS Adiel ALMEIDA, Reducing Violence A Proposal Based on Multicriteria SMARTS Method 76. Andre GURGEL Caroline MOTA Dario ALOISE, Selection and Ranking of Improvement Approaches in Construction Companies SMARTS Method 81. Renata Maciel de MELO Denise MEDEIROS Adiel ALMEIDA. Innovative Support of Creation by Analogy based Searching of Potential Needs 86. Takayuki SUZUKI Taro TEZUKA Atsushi AOYAMA Fuminori KIMURA Akira MAEDA. Insurance Pricing Reinsurance and Investment Decision Based on the Mutual Benefit of the Insurer 91. and the Customer,Hong MAO Krzysztof M OSTASZEWSKI, Enhancing Tool Availability in the Forging Industry by Adjusting PPC and Tool Maintenance 96. Anis SELAOUTI Sven BAUMGARTEN Jens Michael POTTHAST Rouven NICKEL. Operations Research 1, Robust Optimization for Resource constrained Project Scheduling with Uncertain Activity Durations 101. Roel LEUS Christian ARTIGUES Fabrice TALLA NOBIBON. EPSO for Solving Non oriented Two dimensional Bin Packing Problem 106. Mohamed K OMAR Kumaran RAMAKRISHNAN, Equivalent Relationships of Problem Formulations Optimizing Forecast Accuracy 111.
Xue Ming YUAN Wee Meng YEO Joyce M W LOW, Multi heuristics Based Genetic Algorithm for Solving Maritime Inventory Routing Problem 116. Nurhadi SISWANTO Daryl ESSAM Ruhul SARKER, A Heuristic Algorithm for Substrates Testing in MCM 121. Keisuke MURAKAMI, Nash Equilibruim Retail Prices in a Linear Duopoly Market 126. Tomoki HAMAGUCHI Koichi NAKADE, Cross Docking Scheduling with Delivery Time Window and Temporary Storage 131. Dwi AGUSTINA Carman Ka Man LEE Rajesh PIPLANI,Operations Research 2.
A Stochastic Formulation of Successive Software Releases with Faults Severity 136. Ompal SINGH Pramod Kumar KAPUR Adarsh ANAND, Capacitated Hub Location Problems with Waiting Time at Hubs 141. Arsham ATASHI Mostafa ABEDZADEH, Evaluation on Operation Management of Cascade Hydropower Stations 146. Y ZHENG X D FU Jia Hua WEI Xiang LI, A Review of Data Envelopment Analysis Models for Handling Data Variations 151. Chuen Tse KUAH Kuan Yew WONG, Order Batching and Picking in a Synchronized Zone Order Picking System 156. Li PAN Joshua Zhexue HUANG Sydney C K CHU, Evacuation Route Scheduling Using Discrete Time Based Capacity Constrained Model 161.
Mojahid F Saeed OSMAN Bala RAM,Operations Research 3. A Hospital Admission Planning Model for Emergency and Elective Patients Under Stochastic 166. Resource Requirements and No shows,Phongchai JITTAMAI Thirapan KANGWANSURA. Multi processor Job Shop Scheduling with Due Windows 171. Rong Hwa HUANG Shun Chi YU, Spreadsheet Approach for Solving Complex Flowshop Scheduling Problems 176. Mohamed K OMAR, A Pseudo efficient Frontier Method for Solving Two Phase Packing Problems 181. David RAZ Arik SADEH, Moral Hazard Resolved in Communication for S4n Logic Acyclic Communication Network Case 185.
Takashi MATSUHISA, Optimization of Multi Periods Inventory Routing Problem Model with Time Varying Demand 190. Noor Hasnah MOIN, A Math heuristic Approach for Integrated Resource Scheduling in a Maritime Logistics Facility 195. Hua Xing CHEN Hoong Chuin LAU, A Tabu Search Algorithm for Integrated Inventory and Vehicle Routing Problem in One Depot and 200. Multicustomers Distribution System,Anchalee SUPITHAK. Supply Chain Management 1, Effective Design of the Construction Supply Chain A Case of Small Buildings in Thailand 206.
Sataporn AMORNSAWADWATANA, Simply Structured Policies for a Dynamic Pricing Problem with Constant Price Elasticity Demand 211. Chia Shin CHUNG James FLYNN, Governance Mode in Reverse Logistics a Research Framework 216. Qing LU Mark GOH Robert De SOUZA, Developing an Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Inventory Routing 221. Problem with Direct Shipment, I NAKHAI Seyed Hessameddin ZEGORDI Ali HOSSEIN MIRZAEI. Risks Assessment of Lower Tier Suppliers Using Operational Reliabilities and Product Availabilities 226. Gopal AGARWAL Piyush SINGHAL Murari LAIMITTAL, EOQ Model Development for Perishable Items under Stock Dependent Demand and Time Dependent 231.
Partial Backlogging by Using Intelligent Packaging. Narges KHANLARZADE I NAKHAI B YOUSEFI, A Study on Lean Supply Chain Performance Measures of SMEs in the Automotive Industry 237. Farzad BEHROUZI Kuan Yew WONG Farshad BEHROUZI,Supply Chain Management 2. An Exploratory Research on Educational Supply Chain Management 242. Md Mamun HABIB Veena TEWARI VVR RAMAN, Production and Distribution Planning Model for Hinterland Supply Chain 247. Shi Tao ZHAO Xue Ming YUAN Shih Fu LING, The Application of Vendor Managed Inventory in the Supply Chain Inventory Model with 252. Probabilistic Demand, Yosi Agustina HIDAYAT Ika DEEFI ANNA Arlene KHRISNADEWI.
A Logistics Execution Method for the Regional Distribution Center 257. Yuan Kuei HUANG Wei Jun LU Jun Der LEU, Research on Measuring Method of Supply Chain Resilience Based on Biological Cell Elasticity 264. Ying SHUAI Xinping WANG Lindu ZHAO, Critical Success Factors of Total Productive Maintenance Implementation A Review 269. Kam Choi NG Gerald Guan Gan GOH Uchenna Cyril EZE,Supply Chain Management 3. Designing the Optimal Strategies for Supply Chain Financing under Warehouse Receipt Pledging 274. with Credit Line,Nina YAN Tian TIAN, A Framework for Integrated Assessment of Sustainable Supply Chain Management 279. Farzad DEHGHANIAN Saeed MANSOOR Mahboobeh NAZARI, A Multiobjective Evolutionary Approach for Integration of Location Inventory and Vendor Selection 284.
Chia Lin HSIEH, Selection of Distribution Centers with the Time Value of Money and the Loyal Customer Effect 289. Alireza AMINI Reza TAVAKKOLI MOGHADDAM Armand BABOLI. Coffee Waste Management A Case Study 293, Virginia MACHADO Ana Paula BARROSO Carolina SANTOS Virgilio CRUZ MACHADO. A Buffer Stock Model to Ensure Price Stabilization and Availability of Seasonal Staple Food by 298. Empowering Producer Using Warehouse Receipt System. Wahyudi SUTOPO Senator NUR BAHAGIA Andi CAKRAVASTIA T M A ARISAMADHI. Conceptual Model for Information Systems of Sustainable Supply Chain Management 303. Majid AARABI Muhamad Zameri MAT SAMAN Mohammad Reza KHOEI Kuan Yew WONG Hooshang M. BEHESHTI Norhayati ZAKUAN, Using an Artificial Neural Network and a Mathematical Model for Sugarcane Harvesting Scheduling 308. Surached THUANKAEWSING Supachai PATHUMNAKUL Kullapapruk PIEWTHONGNGAM. Production Planning Control 1, Optimum Quantities of Make and Buy in Multi Item Manufacturing Firms with Restriction in 313. Production Capacity,Mohammadal A Pirayesh NEGHAB Saeed POORMOAIED.
Study and Application of Scheduling Method for Just in time Production in Flexible Job Shops 318. Wei WENG Shigeru FUJIMURA, Order Selection of Processed Chicken under Production Capacity Constraints 323. Pachara CHATAVITHEE Kullapapruk PIEWTHONGNGAM Supachai PATHUMNAKUL. Clustering Variables Selection in Mass Customized Scenarios Affected by Workers Learning 327. Michel ANZANELLO Flavio FOGLIATTO, Interactive Online Process Management and Quality Control for Cross Sited Production Process 332. Peter BECKER Robert SCHMITT, Periodic Virtual Cell Manufacturing P VCM Concept Design and Operation 337. Jannes SLOMP Dimitry KRUSHINSKY Rahul CAPRIHAN, A Novel Virtual Design Platform for Product Innovation Through Customer Involvement 342. Xingyu CHEN Chun Hsien CHEN Kah Fai LEONG,Production Planning Control 2.
Adaptive Scheduling by Means of Product specific Emergence Data 347. Gunther REINHART Florian GEIGER, A Worker Assignment for Machine Cluster in the Manufacturing Cell 352. Suksan PROMBANPONG Waraporn SEENPIPAT, Optimal Production Policy of Production System with Inventory level dependent Demand in 357. Segmented Market,Yogender SINGH Kuldeep CHAUDHARY P C JHA. Heuristic Decomposition and LP based Scheduling in Make and Pack Production 362. Philipp BAUMANN Norbert TRAUTMANN, Robust Optimization Model for Fan Coil Production Planning under Supply Uncertainty 367. Jamshid NAZEMI Roja ZAKERI, An Application of Network Topology to Understand The Signal in Process Variability A Case Study 372.
in Petrochemical Industry,Shamshuritawati SHARIF Maman DJAUHARI. Human Factors, Monitoring and Classifying Evidence Based Workload for Profiling Manual Handling Occupations 377. Jan Pieter CLARYS Jonathan TRESIGNIE Aldo SCAFOGLIERI Erik CATTRYSSE. Measurement of Handgrip Force of the Dominant Hand at Pre selected Force Levels for Males 382. Kai Way LI, Lumbosacral Bending Moment Assessment and Parameter Optimization Using Taguchi Design 385. during Lifting Task in a Steel Rolling Mill,Sarbjeet SINGH Sunand KUMAR. A Perspective on Human Factors Contributing to Quality Requirements a Cross case Analysis 389. Annlize MARNEWICK H C PRETORIUS Leon PRETORIUS, Occupational Stress Knowledge Sharing and GSD Communication Barriers as Predictors of Software 394.
Engineer s Creativity, Aamir AMIN Shuib Bin BASRI Mohd Fadzil HASSAN Mubashir REHMAN. Miners Tacit Knowledge A Unique Resource for Developing Human oriented Lean Mining Culture 399. in Deep Mines,Mohammed Aminu SANDA Jan JOHANSSON Bo JOHANSSON. Identifying the Meaning of Information Signs in Traffic Facilities 405. Hsien Yu TSENG Bor Shong LIU, Analysis of Design and Purchase Decision of Central Dust Collection System 410. Yeasin BHUIYAN A l KHAN,Global Manufacturing and Management. Role of Knowledge Management in World Class Manufacturing an Empirical Investigation 415. Abhijeet DIGALWAR Kuldip Singh SANGWAN, Statistical Quality Control Measurement on Furniture Manufacturer 420.
LAURENCE Christine PUTERI UTAMA Jessica HANAFI, The Influence of Geothermal Environment to the Quality of Porcelain Insulator A Correlation 424. Syahidah YUSOFF Maman DJAUHARI, Learning Organisation in New Zealand and Malaysian Manufacturing Companies 428. Affandi MOHD ZAINAL Jane GOODYER Nigel GRIGG Jafri Mohd ROHANI. Integration of Production and Supply Chain Strategic Planning for Renewable Resources under 433. Sustainability Considerations Teakwood Case Study,Bobby KURNIAWAN Muhammad HISJAM Wahyudi SUTOPO. On Work Performance for the Labor intensive Manufacturing 438. Shin Guang CHEN,Engineering Education and Training. In House Industrial Training for Mechanical Engineering Students a Multidisciplinary Approach 443. S K LI KK LAU Vincent LI, RFID Aided Manufacturing Training System and Localization 447.
Seng Fat WONG W I HO Zhixin YANG C T KWOK, Students Experiences in Different Forms of Support during Doctoral Studies 452. Katja LAHENIUS Salla MAATTA, Educational Game Concept for the Transfer of Results from the Transdisciplinary Research to the 457. New Scientific Generation,Florian G H BEHNCKE Moritz KING Udo LINDEMANN. Quantitative Analysis of International Mobility of Robotics Researchers and Characteristics of 462. Domestic Robotics Research, Takao FURUKAWA Nobuyuki SHIRAKAWA Kumi OKUWADA Kazuya SASAKI. Green Design Principles and Trends of Using Them among Bangladeshi Consumer Goods 467. Manufacturers,Md Shahriar Jahan HOSSAIN Nafis AHMAD.
Intelligent Systems,Evolutionary Based Support Vector Machine 472. R J KUO C M CHEN, The Effectiveness of Hybrid Negative Correlation Learning in Evolutionary Algorithm for 476. Combinatorial Optimization Problems, Ronnachai SIROVETNUKUL Parames CHUTIMA Warin WATTANAPORNPROM Prabhas. CHONGSTITVATANA, A New Guillotine Placement Heuristic Combined with an Improved Genetic Algorithm for the 482. Orthogonal Cutting Stock Problem,Slimane ABOU MSABAH Ahmed Riadh BABA ALI.
Intelligent System for Wind Generating Plant 487,Yoko AMANO. Collaborative and Non Collaborative Dynamic Path Prediction Algorithm for Mobile Agents 493. Collision Detection with Dynamic Obstacles in a Two dimensional Space. Elmir BABOVIC, Component Integrated Sensors and Communication for Gentelligent Devices 499. Ludger OVERMEYER Lutz RISSING Marc C WURZ Michael DUMKE Stefan FRANKE Tim GRIESBACH. Alexander BELSKI, Data Mining Application for Customer Segmentation Based on Loyalty An Iranian Food Industry 504. Case Study,Ali HAJIHA Reza RADFAR Samira Sarafi MALAYERI. Technology and Knowledge Sharing Strategy in Systems Engineering Practice performed by 509. Indonesian Expatriate Engineers,Ika WINDIARTI Timothy FERRIS Matthew BERRYMAN.
Poster Session 1, An Integrated Multi Agent Based Model to Find the Most Agile Supplier 514. Hoda GHAHREMANLOO Mohamad Jafar TAROKH, Measuring Supply Chain of Packed Milk from Consumer Perspective in Pakistan 519. Fariza KAMRAN Osman BABAR Muhammad ASIM, Impact of Product Design Decisions within Product Development on the Supplier Selection Process at 524. the Automotive Industry,Florian G H BEHNCKE Katrin ABELE Udo LINDEMANN. A Measurement Model for Collaboration between Suppliers and Manufacturers 529. Pingyuan ZOU Hao ZHANG, An Optimization Model for Global Supplier Selection 534.
Ramzi HAMMAMI, Service Supply Chain Practices from the Perspective of Malaysian Tourism Industry 539. T K HONG Suhaiza ZAILANI, Optimal Selection of Location for Distributed Generations to Ensure a Competitive Advantage Using 544. Fuzzy Analytical Network Process, Mahdiyeh MONTAZERI Mohammad Saleh OWLIA A MOGHIMI Mohamad KAMALZADEH. A Self Crossover Genetic Algorithm for Job Shop Scheduling Problem 549. Shiwang HOU Yongjiang LIU Haijun WEN Yuepeng CHEN, A Solution to the Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem 555. Zhicong ZHANG Weiping WANG Shouyan ZHONG Kaishun HU. Non cooperative Game Decision for Capacity Evaluation under Output Demand Uncertainty 560. Ting YANG Dinghua ZHANG Bing CHEN Shan LI, Losses Caused by the Presetting of Tools by the Manual Method 565.
Milton Vieira JUNIOR Jose Martinele A SILVA Ivan CORRER Nivaldo L COPPINI Elesandro A. Feature Fatigue Analysis Based on Behavioral Decision Making 570. Mingxing WU Liya WANG, Value Stream Mapping Simulation Using ProModel Software 575. Nivaldo L COPPINI Luiz C BEKESAS Elesandro A BAPTISTA Milton Vieira JUNIOR Wagner C. Simulation for Implementing RFID EPC in Reverse Supply Chain Based on Consumer Market 580. Qiaolun GU Tiegang GAO, The Use of Artificial Neural Network ANN for Modeling of Diesel Contaminated Soil Remediation 585. by Composting Process, Mehrdad KHAMFOROUSH M Javad RAHI Tahmas HATAMI Kourosh RAHIMZADE. Integrated Development of Space Systems Design for AIT Design for Assembly Integration and 590. Testing of Satellites D4AIT,Adalberto Coelho SILVA Geilson LOUREIRO. Using Structural Complexity Management for Design Process Driven Modularization 595. Harrys DANIILIDIS David HELLENBRAND Wolfgang BAUER Udo LINDEMANN. Study on Dynamical Properties and Simulation of a Four Dimensional Nonlinear Discrete Dynamics 600. Jing PENG Zehua MIAO Luoping ZHENG, Organizational E Readiness Impact on E Procurement Implementation 605.
Naseebullah LANGOVE Shuib Bin BASRI P D D DOMINIC Muhammad JEHANGIR. Technological Economic Study for Ocean Energy Development in China 610. Tianqi WANG Peng YUAN, Profit Generation in a Machining Service Provider Optimization Combining Theory of Constraints 615. and Contribution Margin Concept, Elesandro A BAPTISTA Wagner C LUCATO Nivaldo L COPPINI Milton Vieira JUNIOR Luiz C. Understanding Project Success The Four Level Project Success Framework 620. Eskander HOWSAWI David EAGER Ravindra BAGIA, Probabilistic Sustainable Design Using Multiobjective Optimization Model 625. Jui Sheng CHOU Thanh Son LE, The Role of Time Cost and Quality in Project Management 630. Nurul Izah ANUAR Poh Kiat NG, A Study of Measuring the Impact of Employee Perception on Business IT Alignment via Neural 635.
T C WONG Shing Chung NGAN Felix T S CHAN Alain Y L CHONG. New Insight into Technology Licensing Strategy and Innovation Performance Evidence from 639. Chinese Latecomers in High tech Industries,Yang Yang ZHAO P K WONG A M SUBRAMANIAN C C HANG. Functional Semantic Retrieval for Effects Knowledge Base 644. Hongtao WU Jinling ZHANG Jianhong MA Runhua TAN, Constructing a Dynamic Evaluation Model for Corporate Diversification The Thin film Solar Cell 649. Chang Lin YANG Rong Hwa HUANG, A Study of Inter firm Network and Knowledge Integration Impact Mechanism on Absorptive 654. Zhigang FAN Shuai GENG Xiaoying PENG, Adoption of Hierarchical Structure for Web Document Analysis in Knowledge Management System 659. Rozlini MOHAMED Junzo WATADA, Activities and Problems in New Product Development Process in the Networking Industry A Case 664.
of Different Business Models,Min Sun WUANG Shu Min CHIANG. A Case Study on the Importance of Knowledge Management in Creative Product Development 669. Poh Kiat NG Nurul Izah ANUAR,Improving a Model for New Service Development 674. Alireza SHEIKHZADEH Hamed HEIDARI, HSR Buying Behavior Modeling Taiwan High Speed Railway Case 679. Hsiao min CHUANG Chihpeng CHU Yu tzeng LIN, An Approach of Quality Management in the Small Business Environment of South Africa 684. Bingwen YAN Li ZHANG,Decision Analysis Methods 4, Genetic Algorithm for the Project Scheduling Problem with Fuzzy Time Parameters 689.
Yilun HUANG Yongyi SHOU Linda ZHANG, Detection and Improvement of Deficiencies and Failures in Public Transportation Networks using 694. Agent Enhanced Distribution Data Mining, Eugene LEVNER Avishai CEDER Amir ELALOUF Yuval HADAS Dvir SHABTAY. Forecasting the Exchange Rate between ASEAN Currencies and USD 699. Tien Chin WANG Su Hui KUO Hui Chen CHEN, Pricing Annuity Insurance Integrating Mortality Improvement Risk Interest Rate Risk Insolvency 704. Risk and Insurance Demand,Hong MAO Krzysztof M OSTASZEWSKI Yuling WANG. Possibilistic Programming Decision Making in Modality Perspective 709. Arbaiy NUREIZE Junzo WATADA, Towards a Lifecycle oriented Planning of a Platform Portfolio 714.
Sebastian A SCHENKL Robert ORAWSKI Fatos ELEZI Udo LINDEMANN. Decision Analysis Methods 5, About Combined Non Expansive and Potentially Expansive Properties of a Class of Self Maps in 719. Metric Spaces,Manuel DE LA SEN, A Preliminary Study About the Application of Multicriteria Decision Aid to the Evaluation of the 727. Road Projects Performance on Sustainable Safety,Renaud SARRAZIN Yves DE SMET. Exploration of Product Value Characteristic Relationship Partial Least Squares Path Modeling for 733. Product Design and Development, Chathura WITHANAGE Taezoon PARK Truong Ton Hien DUC Hae Jin CHOI. Comparison between Regression Analysis and Artificial Neural Network in Project Selection 738. Oludolapo OLANREWAJU Adisa JIMOH Pulek KHOLOPANE, Application of TOPSIS Method for Evaluating the Temporal Dimensions of Marand City in Urban 742.
Maliheh HASHEMI Mehdi AMIRI AREF, Production and Raw Material Ordering Management for a Manufacturing Supply Chain with 747. Uncertainties,Wei XU Dongping SONG Michael ROE, Features Selection Approaches Combined with Effective Classifiers in Credit Scoring 752. Chia Ching LIN Chin Chih CHANG Feng Chia LI Tzu Chin CHAO. Manufacturing Systems 1, Integrated Optimisation of Facilities Layout and Material Handling System 758. Dhamodharan RAMAN, Model of Spine Configuration Assembly Line Design for a Product Family 763. Dida DAMAYANTI Isa Setiasyah TOHA, Multi objective Assembly Line Balancing Problem with Bounded Processing Times Learning Effect 768.
and Sequence dependent Setup Times, Nima HAMTA Seyyed Mohammad Taghi FATEMI GHOMI M HAKIMI ASIABAR P HOOSHANGI. Optimization and Modeling of Turning Process for Aluminium Silicon Carbide Composite Using 773. Artificial Neural Network Models,R JEYAPAUL S SIVASANKAR. A Framework for Evaluating Lean Implementation Appropriateness 779. Diogo AURELIO Antonio GRILO Virgilio CRUZ MACHADO, Measuring Efficiency of Production Lines Based on Maintenance Factors Using DEA 784. Sahar ABBASI Hadi SHIROUYEHZAD, Comfort Study of Work Environment of Apparel Industry 789. Wathavana Vithanage Randika KOSALA Nimesha VILASINI Janaka GAMAGE. Hybrid Solving Algorithm for Complex Machine Scheduling Problem 794. J BEHNAMIAN Seyyed Mohammad Taghi FATEMI GHOMI M ZANDIEH. Quality Control Management 1, Developing a Framework for Six Sigma in Financial Service Institutions Empirical Evidence from 799.
Expert Interviews,Ayon CHAKRABORTY Michael LEYER, Improve Burnishing Formation Yield Applying Design For Six Sigma 804. Jianjun WU Yizhen WANG Qizhong ZHANG Pengpeng HUANG. Robust Monitoring of Process Mean Vector in Female Shrouded Connector Production An 809. Experience in Malaysia,Rohayu MOHD SALLEH Maman DJAUHARI. Research of Relationship between Tolerance Allocation and Machine Movement Chain 814. Jiping LU Shuiyuan TANG Guanghe LU Hao SONG, Implementation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness in Wire Mesh Manufacturing 819. Ratapol WUDHIKARN, Strategic Management of the Triple Constraint Trade off Dynamics a Polarity Management 824. C Jurie VAN WYNGAARD H C PRETORIUS Leon PRETORIUS,Project Management 1.
Total Productive Maintenance in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Firm An Empirical Analysis 829. Kam Choi NG Gerald Guan Gan GOH Uchenna Cyril EZE, Innovation Project Portfolio Management the Case of Philips Research 834. Sergey FILIPPOV Herman G MOOI,Project Risk Management a New Approach 839. Stefan CREEMERS Erik DEMEULEMEESTER Stijn VAN DE VONDER. Exploring Close optimal Solutions for the Time Constrained Scheduling Problem in Project 844. Management, Christos KIRIKLIDIS Konstantios KIRYTOPOULOS Elena ROKOU. Application of Real Options in Project Portfolio Selection 848. Chengchao WANG Yongyi SHOU, Risk Factors Influencing Time and Cost Overrun in Multiple D B Projects in Malaysia a Case Study 854. Ramanathan CHIDAMBARAM Narayanan SAMBU POTTY Arazi BIN IDRUS. Project Management 2, Do Project Managers Need an Operations Research Support Indeed A Survey on Polish Project 860.
Managers Attitude towards Operations Research Methods and Tools. Tomasz BLASZCZYK, Dynamic Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Contract Management in Project Department 865. Yunna WU Yong HUANG Wenjun CHEN, Particle Swarm Optimization for Preemptive Project Scheduling with Resource Constraints 869. Fei LI Changtao LAI Yongyi SHOU, An Optimization Model for the Control of Complex Turnkey Projects in Plant Engineering 874. Egon MUELLER Ralph RIEDEL Manuela KRONES Henrik VAY. Team Communications and Academic R D Performance A Case of National Telecommunication 879. Program of Taiwan, Chia Liang HUNG Jerome Chih Lung CHOU Shan Jan KUO. Prioritizing Activities on a Building Site Project 884. Luciana ALENCAR Adiel ALMEIDA Caroline MOTA, A Multi Objective Optimization and Fuzzy Prioritization Approach for Project Risk Responses 888.
Ebrahim REZAEE NIK Seyed Hessameddin ZEGORDI Ahad NAZARI. A Serial Scheme for Minimizing the Duration of Resource Constrained Projects within Microsoft 893. Norbert TRAUTMANN Gianluca BRANDINU,Supply Chain Management 4. Reverse Logistics Implementation in the Industrial Sector of Ecuador 898. Arun KUMAR Christian VELOZ Roesfiansjah RASJIDIN, Performance based MRO Service Contracts with Two Customer Classes 903. Niak Wu KOH Roland Y G LIM, An Effective Heuristic for Yard Template Design in Land Scarce Container Terminals 908. Mingkun LI Shiying LI, How the Effect of Country of Origin on Store Brand Moderates Customer s Affection Conation Link 913. toward Multinational Retailers, Yung Hsin CHEN Shuo Chang TSAI Yi Shuang WU Shu Min LI.
Information Sharing in Supply Chain Modeling the Barriers 918. A A PUJARA R KANT M D SINGH, Service Impact on Customer Demand and Member Profit in a Supply Chain 923. Rasul JAMSHIDI Seyyed Mohammad Taghi FATEMI GHOMI,Supply Chain Management 5. The Resilience Paradigm in the Supply Chain Management A Case Study 928. Ana Paula BARROSO Virginia MACHADO Virgilio CRUZ MACHADO. Minimizing the Vulnerabilities of Supply Chain A new Framework for Enhancing the Resilience 933. Umang SONI Vipul JAIN, Reducing Risk in Supply Chains with Forecasting An Analysis 940. Richard LACKES Markus SIEPERMANN, A Supply Chain Coordination Mechanism with Credit Option Contract Considering Backordered 945. Demand of Customer,Reza HASANI Farid KHOSHALHAN, An Effective Lean Supply Inventory Management Model using VMI Hub 950.
Weidong LIN,A New Approach in Supply Chain Modeling 955. M PAZOKI Seyyed Mohammad Taghi FATEMI GHOMI Fariborz JOLAI. Safety Security Risk Management, Management Process Quality and Safety at Organizational Level A Case Study at an International 959. Mohammad SHAHRIARI Lennie EDMAN K HAMDANI Pedro AREZES. Emergency Exposure Limits for Toxic Chemicals in Major Hazard Installations of China 964. Optimal Risk Response Plan of Project Risk Management 969. Amnon GONEN, Modeling a Constraint based Design Risk Management Tool An Empirical Study for Collaborative 974. Product Design,Jian RUAN Sheng Feng QIN, IT Can Improve Healthcare Management for Patient Safety Minimizing risk of blood transfusion 979. with Point of Act System,Masanori AKIYAMA Atsushi KOSHIO.
Occupational Safety Health OSH Performance of SMEs A Structured Framework 985. Enrico CAGNO Guido Jacopo Luca MICHELI Celeste JACINTO Donato MASI. A Clustering Approach to the Operational Resilience Analysis of Key Resource Supply Chains 990. KRSC the Case of Fast Moving Consumer Goods,Paolo TRUCCO David WARD. Electrostatic Hazards of Polypropylene Powders in the Fluidized Bed Reactor 995. K S CHOI K T MOON J H CHUNG X BI J R GRACE,Information Processing and Engineering. Coordinating Time Constrained Multi Agent Resource Sharing with Fault Detection 1000. Shieu Hong LIN, A Method for Identifying Process Reuse Opportunities to Enhance the Operating Model 1005. Marne De VRIES Alta Van Der MERWE Paula KOTZE Aurona GERBER. Dynamic Partitioning for Enterprise Applications 1010. Martin GRUND Jens KRUEGER Juergen MUELLER Alexander ZEIER Hasso PLATTNER. Pitfalls of Information Technology Management Systems 1016. Raj SIRIRAM, Fuzzy Hierarchical Clustering based on Fuzzy Dissimilarity 1024. YaQiong LV Carman Ka Man LEE, A Comparison of Technology Trajectories between the Global and the United States in Smart Grid 1028.
Siou Zih LIN Ssu Han CHEN Chun Chieh WANG Dar Zen CHEN. Technology and Knowledge Management 1, Knowledge Management Implementation Analytic Hierarchy Process Methodology 1033. R KANT A ANAND D P PATEL M D SINGH, Shared Resources Capabilities and Inclusive Growth of Clustered SMEs A Multiple Case Study in 1038. Yilin FAN Guowei WAN, Applying K means Clustering and Technology Map in Asia Pacific Semiconductors Industry 1043. Chin Yuan FAN M F LAI T Y HUANG C M HUANG, Roadmapping an Emerging Technology in Clean Energy Industry A Case Study of Dimethyl Ether 1048. Development in China, Yuan ZHOU Guannan XU Jun SU Tim MINSHALL Qiang ZHI.
Structure of International Research Collaboration in Wind and Solar Energy 1053. Ichiro SAKATA Hajime SASAKI Toshihiro INOUE,Technology and Knowledge Management 2. A Methodology for Tracking the Impact of Changes in re Designing of the Industrial Complex 1058. Nattawut JANTHONG, Dynamic Interactions between Knowledge Creation and Resource Mobilization in R D 1063. Management A Case of the Inkjet Innovation in Japan. Ken HASHIMOTO Shuzo FUJIMURA, Evaluation of the Sci tech Service Industry Based on Factor Analysis A Demonstration Study of 30 1068. Provinces in China,Hongtao YANG Huiling HUANG, Using Methodologies to Embed Knowledge into the Information Systems Development Process An 1073. Investigation into the IT Sector in China,Younes BENSLIMANE Zijiang YANG.
The Impact of Openness on Innovation Performance of China s Firms from the Perspective of 1078. Knowledge Attributes,Xiaoting ZHAO Liang LIANG, Measurement and Improvement of Individual e Business Capability 1083. Chui Young YOON Byung Hwan KIM, Relations between Corporate Philanthropy and Antecedent Variables Based on the Empirical Data 1088. Xueying TIAN, Key Performance Indicators for Sustainable Manufacturing Evaluation in Automotive Companies 1093. Elita AMRINA Shari MOHD YUSOF,Facilities Planning and Management. A Fuzzy Set Covering Clustering Algorithm for Facility Location Problem 1098. Rashed SAHRAEIAN Mohammad Sadeq KAZEMI, The Scenario Based Regret and Min Max Regret Approach for Location allocation Model of 1103.
Distribution Center with Uncertain Parameters,Mahdi BASHIRI Amir MOSLEMI. Warehouse Storage Assignment the Case Study of Camera and Lense Manufacturer 1108.

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